I Hate Myself, But it’s Something I Can’t Control (Orange Car Radio) Lyrics


That driveway means way too much
Memories hold like brake and clutch
Don’t leave me, why be in a rush?
So hush
Unfinished downstair’s level’s smell
I saw the paint dry and crumble down
Why would you want matching sleeves in brown?
I already told you we’d meet in Hell
My hobbies and interests are completely inexistent now
It’s like my life with my priorities turned right back around
I was betrayed, but one person stayed
They sat sad with me, and they drove me away
All is distractions
From what had happened
Take all my sadness
Put me into action
What’s understood
It was only a fraction
You’re Armageddon, I won’t share my rations
I cannot do it when I am without you
So, I hope you know that I need you now
Du, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu
I don’t know what the fuck I tried to say
I just know you won’t love me either way
Such fluffy hair and a posture like Wybie
They hated me so that others can like me
She turned around, oh, the sight of the highbeams
Pushing you further and acting so kindly (Oh)
I couldn’t see your face
I still loved you either way
Tear me in all the right places
Face it, face it, face it
Forget my face and all of my love
Forget all the times we pranced under the sun
The current’s too strong, I can no longer run
The sight of me was the birth of your fun
I chased you baby, oh, I was so clueless
Thinking you loved me was simply foolish
Church lights at night with an open trunk
I wasn’t-I wasn’t enough

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