Keeping You Close Lyrics


Keeping you close
I don’t know
What’s behind mt dreams
Every time
I’ve been thinking on someone
Every time

Throwing myself off the ledge
On the edge
And I’m screaming
What’s real as I fly through the air
Everything I once knew passing by with each tear
Falling faster and faster
Year after year

Fear after fear
I watch as they replay
Every decision I made
Thought I had a say
Every choice that brought me here
Where I am today
Don’t know if I’m proud
I really couldn’t say

Bygones be bygones
Only really works when I be gone
Never really thought that I was the one
Never really thought that I would last long
If I left now would you move along
If you left now would I really belong
Can I open my eyes
Or have I been falling all along

Nightmares or flashbacks
Always make me feel detached
Am I really dreaming or can I
Really not go back
I’m always drowning out the noise
Replaying all my choices
Wondering if I’ll ever know who I am
Wonderin if anyone actually cares
Am I falling or dreamin’
I don’t know what I was thinking
Am I falling or dreaming
Always feel like I’m sinking
Wish I could go back
But I won’t know until I hit the ground

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