NO OPPS Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
You know the fuckin’ ?

Hope you ain’t fuckin’ opps like you used to (Nah)
Got them boys in a box, they’ll screw you
Couple shooters at the top watchin’ cops like it’s YouTube
Boy, fuck them other sides, I don’t fuck with them new dudes
Couple niggas in a pen, they’d kill for some jay pay
Know they grippin’ on the steel and they lurking all on pay day
Steady huntin’ for the bag and more funds since the eighth grade
Hollow tips made her go, yeah, they breakin’ through your breastplate
Hop out designеr, you swear I’m a icon
My bitch a junkie, keep Perc’s just to bitе on
Attire the leather, we shoot through your nylon
Get that ho off my dick, I still ? by the ?
She want the best of me
Cookin’ dope, my junkie’s favorite recipes
Pretty Ricky, my bitch got that pleasure P
Stop that talking ’cause we havin’ extra clips
He a bitch, I think he filled with estrogen
Got no son then we gon’ kill his next-to-kin
Got them bricks selling, bitch, come and bring it in
Fuck the gang shit, I’ll kill him if you need him
Fuck assist, nigga, all my niggas shootin’ above the rim
I’m a real trap bro, gimme racks, I’ll double it
Got some killers on my line, they’ll tell me where the trouble is
If it’s cold, fuck a coat, yeah, you know I’ll bubble it
He a bitch, say it with your chest, he over there mumblin’
Hundred shots in the gun, yeah, he over there stumblin’
Said he need some love; well, the bullets, they’re huggin’ him
I’m a war vet dog, I’ll give the Glock a muzzle
Hmm, fat ass nigga bit the block, he a humbler
That bitch wan’ go to GUCCI
You say, “Ooh, I love you, I love you, GUCCI”
She either a actor or playin’ stupid
‘Cause you can’t get shit, better work at Hooters
So I guess that she done ’cause this ain’t a movie
I’m a pirate, no robbing, you know we loot him
No lying, no boxing, I’d rather shoot him
Got my liar on fire, she suckin’ stupid

2: Kevin Kazi
I don’t love her, I fuck her, I pull my Cupid
Rocking Prada, she pull up, she stunt like hula
Who’d’ve thought I got bitches off makin’ music?
Who woulda thought I put bands in these fuckin’ Ksubis?
I got me a rocket, finna pull with a AK
I got me some bitches tryna fuck me, ooh, okay
Hundred round drum got these niggas sinking, may-day
Got a white bitch, suck dick like KK
Smokin’ dope, nigga, I be off the KK
Where the cake? Got these bitches tryna suck dick
Pull up in a Maserati, not a Humvee
Said she want me, baby, you don’t even love me
Got a bright bitch ?
If we part ways, baby girl, I wish you well
Pussy wetter than a whale
Slow niggas got me movin’ like a snail
Big booty, shawty jiggle very well
I love the way these bands falling (What)
She never want me, she callin’ now
Crush up the molly, dissolve it
Baby girl, you know I’m rollin’ out
Bitch, I’m rolling loud, not a Rolling Loud
Once she see the clout, she gon’ go down
I ain’t have to try but I’m the man of my town
I ain’t have to try and she got her ass out
Ayy, huh, yeah, ooh, yeah, I’ma cash out
Ballin’ on these niggas like a fuckin’ coach ?
Got a couple snow bitches and they, uh, coked out
New day, new money, I be doin’ shows now

Boy steady on my dick, thinkin’ he can sign to me
Think I need a couple mill’, think I am the son of Meek
And we off a couple pills, think I need a couple freaks
I’m in love with the green, yeah, I’m smoking on these trees
Said she in love with me (Uh-uh), yeah, she want all the D
Got them shooters lookin’ down ’cause we steady at the peak
Yeah, I love money, I could never love a B
Got some niggas in the west, got some killers in the east
the-break it down, the gases is all ?
Hit the gas on and I’m gettin’ fast, get to it
I’m in the GT dressed down in all Truey’s
He wanna be me, lame nigga can’t do it
Come in line if you want the bands
Be quiet, stay still like you surfin’?
? ass bitch ?
Off the lean and the drugs, goddamn, I’m illiterate (Illiterate, ayy)

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