I’m up in Tokyo countin’ up yen
I count a check again and again
She wanna ride but I want her friend
Walk down with a big boot, some’ like Timbs
On a boat eating shark fin soup, I’m rich
I’m a big great white, these niggas be shrimps
Get close, I grip this Glock, I’m tense
No DJ Khaled, boy got remixed

2: Kevin Kazi
Ayy, I can’t fuck if the thots gon’ touch
In the automatic whip, I don’t need no clutch
Tryna shop with me, he said, “It’s too much”
Bad bitch tryna smoke my dick like Runtz
My nigga, who are you talking to?
I’m with my dawgs, posted up like Marmaduke
I’ma beat that pussy just like his momma do
African plug, I think his name is Mamadou
Ayy, and I don’t gotta scam no more
Fuck that bitch on the GoPro POV
And she just tryna suck me slow
Met me at my show and she in love with me
But I can never trust no ho, yo’ thot is on my line and they tryna lick my meat
And you would never up no pole
You ain’t the same nigga that you say in them Tweets

These niggas be lazy, ain’t gettin’ to it
Like some new ? niggas, you know I’m booted
Got the choppa on me, bet it get to moving
Bet it make his ass get naked like a nudist
Cordless just like some Wi-Fi
Give him three shots, nigga, some’ like a tripod
Pressin’ his buzzer, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout a iPod
On the court with a Glock, boy, smack him like a high-five
Fuck on your bitch then I hit the Hibachi
He’s ? nah, he gon’ tell like Tekashi
Fuck on your shawty, she bought me Murakami
Think she need her a Crush, she want lean in her body
See everything, I’m like Ned
? 10 pounds hold, my clientele heavy
He gettin’ guap? He tellin’ fairies
I’m getting real cake, some’ like Debbie
These new plain janes, yeah, some’ like Mary
Stay smokin’ on pop, my boy named Harry
My boys on the block like
Ed, Edd, Eddy

Might pull up in a tank with a new No Limit

4: Kevin Kazi
My name Kevin but I ain’t no minion
I’ma beat a nigga ass like a GTA civilian
I won’t buy chains ’till I make a—make a million
Big stock, I’ma invest in a building
Big Glock, nigga walk down, get killed ‘n’
Fuck on that bitch, I’ma give her my children
Peanut butter, Peter Pan inside
Fuck the rubber, I’ma nut inside
Model lil’ bitch and the body like a hourglass
I’ma fuck a alien, feel like a outcast
Bad bitch Arabian, fuck her hijab back
That nigga he broke, he can’t get his job back

Kevin Kazi

Uh, I smoke blunts
Bad bitch wanna fuck
Nigga, count this money up, uh
Who are you? Pull up with a 32
Uh, I’ma up the tool, nigga I’ma make a move
(Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Smoke him like a blunt, know that I smoke Perc’s
Fuck her face, know that her throat hurt
Countin’ up the blue, turn to a blue Smurf
Gold all in my mouth, know that yo’ tooth hurt
I’ma run it back, not smokin’ Reggie
Say he hate his life, sent him to heaven
Say he need a brick, he got the biggest
Seen him with 12, shoot a MAC-11
Pull up on the block, turn it to swiss cheese
He just a rat, pull off his whisk-y’s
Two hoes, that’s a ménage
Lil’ ? bitch, yeah, her name Nicki
When she give top, man, she so icky
Yeah, I got six bitch and that ho ?
Countin’ real blue hundreds, these niggas green, envy
Might stone cold stun the bitch if she tempt me

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