1: T$NOW
I got the bunny, it’s jumping
Got a big bunny, it’s funny
Got a big bunny, it bouncing and jumping
Got a big bunny, it’s funny

Count up the money, the money
I got a big bunny, bunny
I got a big bunny, bunny

Max is on this song too
Max is really cool too
Max got twenty-two doo?

He’s a married man
I’m a Dirty Dan, sip on Dirty Dan
I’m a money man, get that money, man

Peter fuckin’ Pan, Peter fuckin’ Pan
Flyin’ on the airplane

2: Binkey Max
I see that bunny go hop, she gonna hop on my cock
That bitch be like slop-slop, hop on my thing like a frog
I see a pony, I clop
She shake that ass on TikTok
But I know your mixtape gon’ flop
Cause I am the one who’s on top

Your wife is ugly man

I smell her booty like cheese
Mommy said I’m the bee’s knees
Who knew that I would always be
I’m just a smelly pussy
I spin on the block, on the hood
That was just so really good
But I ain’t no crip or a blood
I’m just a brother with crud

: Binkey Max
I got wood
In the hood

: bandaidtoxin
I can’t see it!
I wrote all of these next bars and fuckin’ Keller rapped it on his own, I hate him

3: keller
Lookin’ like a click clack, lookin’ like a big mac
Vinny-kun actin’ real big mad
Fuckin’ a bitch with my long john, she scream like it hurt bad
Shut the fuck ? I fuckin’ eat pussy like the shit
? eatin’ big macs
Got a funny bunny
Tight like a loli cunny, I got big money cunny
I know how to make money
The guy in the last verse is funny, the last verse is funny
Look like Dirty Dan, I’m the Binkey’s biggest fan
Walk up in the beat like some sand?
Keller got a mullet
Keller make me ? faster than a bullet
I hate Keller’s mullet
Fuckin’ a bitch, shootin’ sperm like a bullet

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