Scapegoat Lyrics

I can’t believe that I’m not dead
For how long your wool was pulled over my head

Caught you kneeling at your altar ego
Face to face with the anti-hero

You cast the shame, pass the blame
Never been the same from the day you came

I tear down your dark disguise
Come to the light

Now I know who you are
And I know what you want
Never again, never again

Try to break my soul
Just to make it your own
Never again, never again

Try to romance my heart
Just to leave me alone
Never again, never again

Take your needle from my eyes
No tears are falling
My faith concedes to rise
And I’ll be your scapegoat never again

I can’t believe I let you in
But you huffed and puffed til I could hardly stand

All the king’s horses
All the king’s men
Could not find the corpses
Under your bed

But I smelled the rot, took the shot
Like it or not it’s the plot you bought and

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