Divine Beast Lyrics

Hubris Existence
A fool who surpass the omnipotence in his delusion
Holy beasts peck at the flesh of those who trapped in illusion
Shammer of the sins began to purge

Wings will embrace and ignite the fools
No matter how much the fools pray and beg for help, there’s none to hear their cry
Everything will return to nothing
Be shamed of your powerlessness
Ambitiousness bears the blind
Blind faith terminates the sеnsory nerves
Cleansе the being of atypicality

This is the new lead
Battles for the honour and the new age
We don’t deny the existence of the angels and the demons
We rise up again holding each other’s backs as one!
Wings of the holy beasts are the symbol of the will to fight
This is the providence of DIVINITIST

The bipolar concept of this world repels and forms the atypicality

The holy beats will bring in the harmony
Nonetheless, this world is so bound in dual nature
It will come forth from the blackened of the sky

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