Slaughter the Sons ov God Lyrics

A false God rules this world
The crowd is all deceived and all values are changed
People hate each other and seek blood
The third war

The sound of bells echoes on the earth
The heavens are torn,the earth is broken
True God’s judgment
The spirits of the fools will be extinguished

Seven executioners
Destruction and crеation
Accept a new era
Thе existing God will disappear
Praise our Creator

Here is wisdom
Great ancient power!
The mighty power to sleep on the earth!
Bring judgment to this land now
The Last judgment
The preconceived notions are destroyed
Creation of a new order
The time has come

Iron rain and black anger blows out of the earth
A new frontier beyond hope and despair
The world that destroyed and created everything
The rule of the Creator
Inevitable truth
They have a new answer
Slaughter the sons of God

A lot of people can’t be saved
Selection begins
Eliminate the fools and reform this land
I am the one who leads to new God

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