Freight Train – Live Lyrics

Doc Watson

Spoken duction
I’m gonna do one more and then I’m gonna introduce that young man that brought me out here, some of you probably haven’t met him
And he’s gonna bring his guitar back to and we’ll pick some blues and things
This is one that Elizabeth Cotten wrote
A lady from down in North Carolina, kind of a sweet blues singing gal
Been here a long time, I don’t know if Elizabeth is still around, or not
Last time I talked to her and heard her play she was in her early nineties and she could still pick good
This is called Freight Train

Freight train, freight train, coming down the line
Freight train, freight train, you got rambling on my mind
Hey fellas don’t you tell them what train that I got on
And they won’t know what road I’m gone

When I die you needn’t bury me at all
Just pickle these old bones in alcohol
Honey don’t you weep or don’t you ever be sad
Just think about the good ol’ times we had

Freight train, freight train she’s coming down so fast
Oh freight train, freight train getting here at last
Hey now I said don’t tell them what train that I got on
And they won’t know which way I’ve gone

When I die I guess you better bury me pretty deep
Way down at the end of old Chestnut Street
So I can hear old number nine
As she goes a rolling down the line

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