Desol Lyrics

( 1)
I collect Desolator. I am Nevermore
I am Hunter Ghoul. And I don’t give a fuck that they shoot here
Ha! On the heels! I’m running over my head
Three coils under their feet. It did it automatically
A? What? Is it true? I broke the system
I looked here. But there is nothing there
I clicked blink. (Hey hey! hey hey)!
I bought myself Cristalys. (Hey! Hey! Hey, hey)!
I go to Sh B. I press. Requiem
My Timeatе, you said. “shitty fucker”
( 2)
I am Kanеki. Ken
I am always wearing a mask
I hide my face. Because I’m beautiful
(first blood)
You fly to the lobby. Because you are here
Flew into your lobby. Is this your grave here?
Made three kills. My ammo is flying by
I’m like the killer of all ghouls
( 3)
Triple Raze flies to hell. This is astral step
I don’t understand what Void Spirit has to do with it
Down under again. I took your entire lobby
I’m incomparable, and you’re a very stupid clown

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