Camino Season Lyrics

Yo, uh, yo, uh, back in ’94 was the year where stars born
Guns drawn I swear I hate the plug and run off on
Heavy on the hip, standin’ tall in my AC’s
In my own lane, don’t me with niggas that’s gay, please
Say please, I’ll make you beg for your own life
I shoot at 32, and he only been home twice
The market fucked up, so I made up my own price
Kidnap your earth, I’ll make you take your own life
Sacrifices, I whip the Porsche without a license
In and out in bally, coppin’ P’s ’til I got indicted
Made a quarter million out the house but that’s not excitin’
Coppin’ timepieces was the cake, without the icin’ (Cake, nigga!)
First 50 grand was feelin’ like I’m a kingpin
Money off rap, still gettin’ them things in
And I’mma chase the bag and let y’all niggas keep dreamin’
You know it’s that season, I always had a block that was bleedin’
I never gave a fuck who believed in
My dreams so I gave ’em a reason, uh, long as I’m breathing
I’m focused to, plottin’ and schemin’
And West brought me to the door, shit I just put the keys in
I’m in the Benz smokin’ weed, speedin’
Bitch just hit my line she want the pussy fuck
She told me she at the crib fiendin’
I’m a demon, shit I’m what the game needed
Whenever I drop it’s Camino season
You heard me nigga, yo, uh, whenever I drop it’s Camino season
It’s always my season, nigga, remember that, it’s my time, nigga, word, uh
Ayo, posted on the corner hat back
Fiends know me well, so ahead of my time
Plottin’ on a coke to sell
Rockin’ Pharrell, Gino Green tee, to my knees
Head fulla Yale, I could never fail
Worst come to worst, jail
Don’t put me in a casket
Just burn my body to ashes and then wrap my urn in ace fabric
Street beef was never my style, I still will let you have it
Big ass gun, we keep heavy gadgets
Layin’ on the floor, stand to myself
I’mma make it out the streets one day, buy my mom a big ass crib
Have hella kids runnin’ through the house
Stacked 20 bands tellin’ pimps sleepin’ on the couch
Was locked in when nobody believed in me (Nobody)
I stay loyal when niggas was deceivin’ me (Fucked up)
We’re still makin’ sacrifices so my team could eat
OT vacuum sealant at the Regency
Now I’m in the forefront, rappin’ for dear life
Shot niggas over small shit I coulda did life, uh
I couldn’t tell my story if I did right (I couldn’t tell my story, nigga)
I made plenty mistakes, but never did twice
Can’t break bread with niggas that sin’t in that kid’s life
I’m the same nigga on these beats, and in real life, uh
Just tryna see what a million feel like
Street nigga been through hell and back, and I’m still nice (You heard me)
I said street nigga been through hell and back, but I’m still nice
Gotta respect my shit, man, word, that’s my word

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