Hammers on the Hip Lyrics


Uh, yo, uh, yo, it’s that shit, man, it’s that shit right here, yo, uh


I used to risk my life for less than a brick, uh
My youngin’ll bury you for a week, start investin’ some kicks
The king’s the chess, my queen won’t wait? the steps
I been hopped off the porch, I sold dope on the steps
I ride alone in this world of disloyalty
Snitches and camera phones, TikTok and Rolex’s
Gold plated herringbones, I’m, easily Top 10, uh (Easily!)
Focused and locked in my own bars and I clocked in
Failin’ not an option
Still livin’ in Hell even though it’s cool below
I still remember starin’ out the window at the snow
I still remеmber sellin’ Reggiе in the freezin’ cold
Hoodie in a windbreaker, ain’t even have a winter coat (Not a coat, nigga!)
Now you’ll never see me, but you hear me through your stereo, uh (You hear me, nigga!)
How we came from poverty is like a miracle
How we travel the world, shit, is like a Merry-Go
How my business mind, put me in better scenarios
And less bullshit, niggas listen to me, when I’m preachin’ that pulpit
I could teach youngin a thing or two but his mind gone
He focused on hoes, he can’t put down his iPhone
Time movin’ fast, nigga, it’s time to boss up (Boss up)
Me I’m at the top, but I took a few shortcuts (Uh)
I don’t waste my time with old niggas that’s washed up (Washed up)
They, fumble they bag that’s how they lost us (You lost)
Queen lay in the cars plus, uh (Skrrr)


Hammers on the hip
Posted up on the strip
Hittin’ licks ’cause I’m just tryna win
Y’all niggas stressed out
Think I’m sweet, test me out
Drive-bys with the gun in my hand


Man these niggas can’t fuck with me, man, hahahaha, feel me, this my everyday shit you know, this what I do, you know what I’m sayin’, I’m 25 and 9 shit I seen what, by the time I’m like 30, I’ll be worth 30 million, nigga, that’s my word, you feel me, this shit don’t stop, nigga, we just keep doing this shit, nigga, man doing this shit, man, you know, shit gettin’ bigger every time, man, you know what I’m sayin’, my pops says ain’t feel me yet, you know we’re gettin’ more money, you know, doin’ more deals, fuckin’ more bitches, drivin’ more toys, smokin’ more blunts, you know, it’s what we do, man, word


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