OL Twenty Lyrics


(Bitch) Bitch, ha, bitch, ha
(Bitch) Lil’ bitch, yeah (Bitch), ha
Lil’ bitch (Bitch), yeah, lil’ bitch (Bitch), yeah
Lil’ bitch, lil’ bitch, lil’ bitch
(You a fuckin’ lil’ bitch, okay)
(You a fuckin’ lil’ bitch)
Mm, yeah, mm, ah

Back broke, I been workin’ too hard
Come too far to lose to you
Didn’t help on the path, but you watched (Watched)
With a hand out, the nerve of you
Oh no, you ain’t gettin’ none of mine
We done been through this shit too many times (Too many times)
Weak ass boy, where’s your motherfuckin’ spine? (Spine)
I’ma put you together with the Anti rhymes (Yeah, ha)
Yeah, wasn’t always like this, like this
But I’m always on some bullshit, bullshit (Bullshit, ha)
Is it beef if I only deal with bullshit? (Ha, ha)
I ain’t sharing my pack ’cause you don’t want this (Ha)

I got beef with myself (Myself)
I got beef with myself, mm-mm

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