ShKE Lyrics


Afraid to be themselves
They—, they put themself in a lil’ fuckin’—
Fuck all that, I’m fuckin’ outta here, nigga
Blah, niggas in quarantine, so

All I see is hatred everywhere I look (‘Where I look)
Niggas tell me, “Learn something, read a book” (“Read”)
Oh no, got ’em scared, got ’em shook (Shook, shook)
Got ’em scared, nigga, look (Look, ha)
Unless you got a gun on B (On B, yeah)
Never ever stare at me (Never ever stare, ah)
You can talk all you want, ha
You got freedom of your speech (Freedom)
At last, there’s that (That, ha)
Uh-huh, I don’t hang with no rats
Or no filth of no kind (Ki-i-i-i-ind, yeah)
Bitch, I be focusin’, worried ’bout mine, ah
Anti, hm (Ha)
I’m do or die, uh
Lay by the sword, die by the sword
Don’t talk to me no more

Live and die by the sword, Anti-World

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