Tired Eyes Lyrics

Smoke the cigarette until it burns my fingertips
The flame is past the filter I can taste the tar that’s on my lips
Smoke like exhaust fumes, gotta go refill the script
I don’t feel like talking all you’ll get is an ellipsis
Foggy cold and grey I think this world of mine has lost its charm
I don’t fit in with the others cause I have intent to harm
I got a short fuse so I think you should ring the alarm
Blow this place to bits I’ll run away and go hide at a farm
Sleep deprived I lost my mind I think I overpacked my baggage
Eyes feel like they’re cinderblocks
I will not make it through the passage
Demons in my mind all carry knives, and they’re very savage
Slicing up my memories gone through my mind and left it ravaged
All I hear is ringing all I see are just some blurred shapes
Our brains are very fragile a little trauma is enough to break
Us into a thousand pieces with our spirits in the lake
What’s it matter if I’m real if everything I know is fake
Staring down a barrel filled with whiskey or its gunpowder
Either one will do just fine especially since I have the power
To adapt to anything, twenty four like Jack Bauer
Trek through all the darkest caves I’ll climb all of the highest towers
I wish there was another way for me to feel the ground
Floating through an endless space
I can’t move cause my limbs are bound
Maybe I’ll just make a deal and mingle with the hellhounds
Until they rip my flesh apart my screaming is their favorite sound
What’s a ray of light when your whole world is just a black hole
What’s a little bit of kindness if you throw away your soul
What’s a bit of discipline but if you have no self control
Everything is useless I don’t ever think I’ll be whole
Just a lone ronin cursed to always walk the streets at night
I’m paranoid I’m seeing things I’m always ready for a fight
You never know which of your friends might end up
Trying to take your life
So I’ll never let my guard down I hope I’m not actually right
My eyes are so low down my face that I can’t even see
If I open up my third eye maybe that will be a guide for me
Tears are overflowing makes me wonder if I’m really free
Or am I just a product of the pain that hides inside of me?
I don’t really know cause these days it gets hard to tell
Is the line between reality and dreams a plastic prison cell?
Is this part of who I am or am I just under a spell?
What’s the point of all of this cause either way I live in Hell
I’m fighting tooth and nail, but the hill is too steep
And I see the pale rider for my soul he’s come to reap
I don’t know what to do I think that I’ll break down and weep
I should close my eyes so very tight and finally go to sleep

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