Useless Lyrics


When the evening grows cold
I’ll be thinking about you
When I think of my love
But I’ll be useless with time

We’re all getting old
Still waiting for changes to come
But I’m hopeless around you
When morning arrives
You can laugh at emotions from last night
While I’m full of hope
I’m useless around you

When hours call
A single side
A single side
Can we just go back (When the evening grows cold)
To better times, better times (I’ll be thinking about you)
Some time to laugh (When I think of my love)
A lack of time (But I’ll be useless with time)
Is just the start of time
We’d walk around (Useless with time)
With what we’ve got, with what we’ve got (Useless with time)
Can send you back
To darker days
Can send you back
To darker days

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