Single Bullets Lyrics

Huggy Bear

Chris (Niki)

And with five, six, fourteen (fourteen) twenty-one (fourteen)
When we were ten, we got the same pocket money as the girls
On the street, who were five or six (as the girls on the street who were five or six) five or six (they’re old, they’re really, really old)
But they were old, they seemed old, five or six (five or six)

And we hated their friends, (that’s true) drivеs to the lawn, bad shoes
We lovеd them the most
We hated them the most
We loved them the most

And all that summer, did shitty jobs
‘Till we saved up and never went out
We just sent notes (we just sent notes)
Revenge strategies, new freedoms
Taste good, five or six (five or six we spent our loot good)
And when we spent our loot, we spent it good
Into town, ?, ? rust, reggae records
Came back home on the bus
Skin on a flame
Sucking mints (five, four)
We’ll never forget the things we said (three)
Single bullets (two, one)
We’ll never forget the stupid stuff that we said

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