Billmatic Lyrics


A barrel of the shottie is a hellhole
Ain’t it strange I’mma catch a body any way the shells go
Lock your fuckin’ teeth out with the gun butt and the elbow
Now you got the full body cast with the Velcro
Leg elevated in the hospital devastated
Heavily medicated, you just wanna be sedated
I can relate, stay blazin’ the blunt
Meanwhile these CB4’s be fakin’ the funk
We them last poets, last soldiers, ganja and shrooms
Prophets of Doom, mafia goons, listen
BILLY album on doublе vinyl LP
?, cassettes so you can catch ’em on thе stream
Go ahead and ask God to save you
I’m gon’ give him 5 minutes then I’mma spray you
BILLY album be comin’ soon
‘Til then everything BILLMATIC on it, boom!

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