Smoke & Vinylz Lyrics

Letra de “Smoke & Vinylz”

Vous écoutez Flextape 3
Yeah, yeah
It’s The Flextape 3
Muzik for the fiends (uh)

o 1
Everything I do is for a reason it’s a cycle
South Wales Christian Bale flow going psycho
Most these rappers Jack’s son you can call me Michael
J Higgz possessed by Caesar I’m going Bipo

Unstable tables turn creating waves and they’re tidal
1 verse, 2 verses this that New Bible
Mic check 1,2 testing for a rival
I won’t let them drag on flame ‘em like I’m Spyro

Boutta go viral ovеr cracks of a vinyl
Elegant Chords but I hit em in their spinal
Paraplеgics we’re in Egypt in Cairo
I’m a hot boy let ‘em burn for the title

o 2
Guerrilla warfare shoot fair and get Spiraled
Get it how you live we don’t recognize the 5-0
Benjis, Euros, Pesos
Got a couple brothers and they move how I say so

And that’s, vice versa so we multiply the queso
When I drop Caesar LP you better lay low
Devil on my shoulder but at times I rock the halo
I’m the child destined to be great.. case closed

I ain’t tryna play with these hoes
But I gotta bad bitch with a bundah like J Lo
Magnificent flow most definitely cold
Do the mathematics every verse a brick of that blow (ha)

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