Marble Skies Lyrics

Jack Midas

I’m in a wraith
I’m in the game
I’m moving weight

Feed me that cake
Only eat steak
I’m on a diet

Shake and I bake
Whip and I wait
Double the weight

Drop in the sleigh
Snowing today
They gonna buy it

Get choppy
I’ll make a carbon copy
No stopping
Cook up at the auto body
Hop in
it down then mop it
Chalk it rock it
Then go ahead and shop it

Stop talking money I’m at party
Feline eyes everywhere we got no disguise
Tagging em like a shopping bag under marble skies
Ima find the baddest one ima find thе prize

Smack then we cutting tiеs
Maybe I’ll hit you twice yeah

Not gonna change your life
Maybe just your insides yeah

We go switching lanes
You go switching sides yeah

See what the night decides
She gonna let me slide

Feds in the air then we bug out
Paper change hands in the dugout

Ima go pick up some takeout
Giving my demons a workout

Ima go head get my nut out
Turn that ass out on the rug now

She want my soul and she suck out
Lick up every drop that she tug out

Gimme the mouth and she gimme thrills
Giving her dick and she getting chills

I had enough and i got my fill
I dine and dash if she catching feels

I dine and dash if she catching feels
I’m ducking shots it can’t get to real
Deals deals deals deals on wheels wheels wheels wheels
Black and whites on my heels heels heels
Act like a Snapple I pop the seal
She got a wound that’ll never heal
Body parts she can not conceal
Topping me down when I’m at the wheel
She wanna screw and I got a drill
If she act right she can get the eel
She like a snack but I need a meal

Bust down
They gone clear me out on touch down
Get me right she get piped down
Leave my play on table facedown
Casino drip no chase
20 large all on aces
Ace of spades no laces
Pill on a plane to new places
Vegas leave no traces
No duffel bag suitcases
Big plays little patience
Long money short exchanges
Moving weight like I’m weightless
Nameless moving cases

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