Arms of Grief Lyrics

James Morse

The arms of grief
Are all around

And I can hear you, daughter
As you’re calling out

After work I turned the keys
But the car just wouldn’t start

So Julie helped me jump it
Kept it running
’til Josh and I took it apart

Replaced the ancient battery
Took it back to the apartment lot

When it rains
It pours
All Hell breaks loose

And the Devil has his hey dey
While we’re waiting on a Wild Goose

And the Queen of the South
Will rise

Meanwhile the cat’s got fleas
Hanging out around his


Got back to the apartment
Found Syd swallowed up in tears

The weight of knowing someone’s past
Not knowing time-worn years

So we held a ceremony
Sealed the small remains

Ate and
Drank and
Washed the cat

Tried to chase away the pain

Singing Lord

Is this what it means to die?



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