There’s No Place Like Space Lyrics

Jordan Simons

Yo, this is
There’s No Place Like Space
, written by Tish Rabe, and I’m gonna rap this book

I’m the Cat in the Hat, and we’re off to have fun
We’ll visit the planets, the stars, and the sun

There’s no place like space; I will prove it to you
Your mother will not mind at all if I do

Jump in, here we go, we will fly up so high
We can dance on the moon and play games in the sky
We will swing past the stars, and in case you have missed ’em
You’ll soon see the planets in our solar system
Thеre are 8 of thesе planets that circle the sun
And soon, you’ll be able to name every one

Mercury’s close to the sun’s burning light
It is hot in the daytime but freezing at night
On Venus, the weather is always the same
Hot, dry, and windy with no chance of rain
Can you guess the next planet? Well, here is a clue
It is my home and home to Thing 1 and Thing 2
You have been living on it each day since your birth
It is third from the sun, it is our planet, Earth
It spins all the time, round and round like a top
It turns once every day and it never will stop
This question had Thing 1 and Thing 2 in a tizzy
If the Earth’s always spinning, why don’t we feel dizzy?
We don’t feel the Earth as it spins on its way
‘Cause we’re spinning right with it right now, every day

Next, here is Mars; its the color of rust
We sneeze here because it is covered with dust
Travel to Jupiter and you will find
It is bigger than all other planets combined
Saturn has rings; it’s so light, who would think?
It could float in an ocean and not even sink
A planet can have satellites that surround it
Uranus has lots of these objects around it
There are colors in space; I will show some to you
Neptune, planet 8, is a beautiful blue

We have seen all the planets; now here is a trick
To remember their names and remember them quick
Say Mallory Valerie Emily Nickels
Just saved up 999 nickels
The first letter of each of these words is the same
As the first letter in each of the planets you name

Now here is a game you can play in the skies
Connect all the stars you can see with your eyes
It’s star dot-to-dot, use your imaginations
And you’ll see big pictures we call constellations
A star in the sky may look small, like a dot
But it’s really a big glowing ball, and it’s hot
And there’s 1 star by far that’s our favorite one
We can’t live without it—the star called the sun
From the Earth, it looks big; there is one reason why
It’s the closet to Earth of the stars in the sky
But be careful, you never look right at the sun
Your eyes would get hurt, and that would not be fun

Oh, look at the time, we must go very soon
But first, we must take a quick look at the moon
The moon does not shine in the sky in the night
But, like a big mirror, reflects the sun’s light
Astronauts flew to the moon to explore
A place no one had ever been to before
They walked on the moon and then drove all over
In a special moon called a lunar rover
The universe is a mysterious place
We are only just learning what happens in space
So I brought you a present, to look in the sky
Just put this telescope up to your eye

Oh dear, I must go fly back up to the stars
And take Things 1 and 2 out to dinner on Mars
But there’s lots to discover, and it might be you
Who looks up in the sky, and find something that’s new

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