Left Behind Lyrics

Keep Flying
A song keeps me mesmerized
A picture keeps me hypnotized
A broken promise keeps me warm
My soul’s been commodified
Beat broke and sanitized
Tell me what is this for
Why do i work so hard
When I’m just getting by
Is this fun anymore? It’s not enough to survive
Let’s not pretend that it’s okay When we know it’s not Say goodbye to opportunity You’ve got no shot
So who’s wrong? who’s right? Let’s not waste our time
All for one and one for all we’ve all been left behind
They say no man is an island
So why do i all feel alone
I say some days it’s still worth trying
To get through the day on my own
And I find it hard to say all this to you in a romantic way
But this land just wasn’t madе for you and me
And soon you’ll see
If you’re looking for me I’ll bе stuck between my youth and maturity Fame and obscurity
If you’re looking for me I’ll be stuck between my fantasy and reality

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