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Lil Eggsoup

Ayy, yuh, yuh
Ayy, ayy
It’s Lil Eggsoup, you already know what the fuck it is, bro
Na na na na na
Na na na, na na na, na na na na
Na na na, uh, na na na
Yeah, this melody’s fucking hard as shit
‘Bout to rap on it
I’m built like that

Playin’ my dick watchin’ anime porn
Rapin’ a bitch and she passed out and snored
I watch people die while eating popcorn
They hated on me, but I don’t even care
I’m fuckin’ your bitch and I’m pullin’ her hair
Psych, I don’t like pussy, I only like dick
Chainin’ up blacks and I’m rapin’ their kids

(Xonthebeat) Black lives matter is just stupid
While lives matter is how it should be
I don’t even know my ABC’s
Just flew a Paki back to overseas
Bombin’ these cunts, yeah I feel like I’m Iranian
Got all this money, I swеar it be my only friend
Eggsoup spendin’ fivеs, that’s what I be tellin’ you
Damn, she my step sis
So I guess that’s incest, yeah
Yeah, smokin’ the gas, I’m not talkin’ ’bout weed
Talkin’ ’bout the chambers made by the Nazis
Just got head by an auntsy
Talkin’ shit, I’ma shoot up these schools named one, two, three
I like when the sped kids take a pee
I shove them in the stalls and I make them suck my pee, yeah!

Uh, free Jeffrey Dahmer, Harold Shipman, Jack the Rippo
Or, the Ripper, Pablo Escobar, Logan Paul
Free everybody, bro
Forgot to say free Slim Jesus, he ain’t do nothin’ wrong, and
Yeah, that’s all I gotta say, really
Hehe, ayy, ayy, ayy

If you ever wanna talk shit on your YouTube
I’ll pull up at your crib and simply just rape you
Hangin’ with a tree in Ohio, make you thankful
That I wasn’t beating you with a bat when you’re blindfold
If you’re a logical feminist, then nobody likes you
And your whole family in bits, so go eat some dog food
Or just drown you and leave your body on the road
Or maybe if I’m feelin’ nice, tap you in the toe
Four used to play Smash Brothers
So I can combo you with Toad
Porpin isn’t really a bad guy
All he did was create a genocide
Other than that, I think he’s a nice guy
If I say something bad, then I’m being kinda Russian spy
Which is something I really want- don’t wanna do
So fruit, please

Ba-da-da da-da-da da-da-da-da
Playin’ my dick watchin’ anime porn
Playin’ my dick watchin’ anime porn, bro
It’s that Smeat gang shit, it’s that Eggsoup shit
The grind doesn’t fuckin’ stop, bro

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