Followers Lyrics

I can‘t fold my nigga
No rushin‘
On the boat
We sippin‘ that tussin
Makin money
We got it abundant
Comma, commas
We shootin‘ we gunnin‘
Can‘t make it
If you ain‘t a hundred
You a bitch nigga
Get some money
Everytime I shoot
Ima run it
Bad bitch
(Pow pow pow pow)

Heads down
He be talkin‘ to the feds now
I just want the bread now
I don‘t even want your leg out
Bitch, who you think you talkin‘ to
Grab the pack of that lean
In the med house
Grab the gun
You know where it led now
She a beautiful bitch
Available whenever I need her
Nigga that‘s the shit
We came from guttеr
And rags to riches
My nigga that‘s it
Everywherе we go
We gotta keep it a hundred
Nigga that‘s sticks
(Rounds, blicks)
She my lil gangster bitch
Packin‘ packs and pax and shit
Diamond diamonds be on my fist
Ima shoot it, I shoot a flick
We got baddies all over the crib
Man she my lil gangster bitch
From the bottom
We stackin‘ up bricks

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