Black Ops III Lyrics

​llightskinned, Chava & Nazario

1: llightskinned
Comin’ in clean with the Black Ops III
All these niggas thought it would never be
But I’m in here now, with my nigga Sal
And Koko in the ride, it’s time to bow
Down to the mothafuckin kings of this game
I told you once, and I shall tell you again
It seems like time hasn’t changed your view
So allow us to come in through the queue
Hop straight into the game, 0 to 25
No sweat, the comebacks about to be televised
Chava with the K, K chillin’ in the bay
Slice through this gun game, clean win today
Niggas said they poppin, where they at now?
Nowhere, while we chillin with crowns
Podium finishes everyday of life
That even carry on into the afterlife
Throne wars, that shit so petty
Cause niggas already know we made it like fetti
The time, money, respect and power
Four principles that make ‘em cower
None of them got it, and that’s factual
Not even down to the basic principle
But I ain’t got time to waste my breath
Let me share the spotlight with the best

2: Chava
Headshot, killed with the headshot
Off top, hit his head clean with the red dot
We back, on the track man get your head popped
Comeback, who gon’ put the game in a headlock
Another Black Ops track we back in this bitch
Check the loadout, we grabbing them sticks
Came a long way from them Black Ops II days
Grab your whole team we packing them quick
I’m starting off quick, you gon’ be first blood
Shoot you in redwood, turn you to redbud
Knock his head off, it’s gon be red flood
Using scavenger, you just got mugged
Stay in that lobby, stay in that seat cause we the ones that you don’t want to meet
Koko on the keys, that’s my man on the beat and when he on the sticks you gon’ be sleep

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