Lit Lyrics

That boy is golden

Lit nd you know it
I got the drip nd know it
Hop in the v nd i floor it
Brand new he’ll cat ima floor it

Ima be rich and I know it
We got more drank we gone pour it
The racks looking green like they moldy
The bag lookin blue like it’s frozen
We finna float to the top
We getting litt and you know it

They keep saying
Obi I’m proud of you
I Like to Play wit them racks
I Had to double the bag
I had to triple them stacks
I wanna quadruple the cash
Nd when I quintuple
Im poppin them tags
Nd then ima roll up a finger
I’m smoking on za
I’m smoking a bric
Nd you know it
I keep me a stick
And you know
She wanna take a lil pic
And you know it
Pull up wit yo crush in a coupe
I’m driving the coupе like it’s stolen
We gеtting lit and you know
Pop the champagne
Yeah we blow it
Ball like I’m kobe
Stay getting lit nd you know it
Hundred on hundreds
I keep a blue strip just to blow it
I scramble my ammo
Stepp on a pussy like Rambo
Ima pull up in a Lambo
Security is dressed in the camo
Boy you got litty
Boy you got caught in the city
Keep me a 10
My lil baby so pretty
I’m out in Houston
Wit Whitney
Turn up in the city
Car full of women
Whipping this Jeep just like it’s a Bentley

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