The Time And What Must Be Done: The Great War Lyrics

please stand for prayer and please assume a position of prayer most comfortable for you
surely i’m being turned to thee o allah striving to be upright to him who has
originated the heavens and the earth and i am not from among the polytheists
surely my prayer and my sacrifice my life and my death are all for allah the lord
of the worlds no associate has he and this am i commanded
and i am of those who submit oh allah thou art the king there is no god but thee
thou art my lord and i am thy servant and i have been greatly unjust to myself
and i confess my faults now i ask protection against all of my faults
for none can grant protеction against false put thee and guide me into thе best of morals for
none can guide unto the best of morals but thee oh allah make muhammad
successful and make the true followers of muhammad successful as thou did make abraham
and the true followers of abraham successful for surely thou art praised and magnified in our
midst and o allah bless muhammad and bless the true followers of muhammad
as thou did bless abraham and the true followers of abraham for surely thou art praised and magnified in
our midst i mean
in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful i bear witness that there’s no god allah and i bear witness that muhammad
is his messenger i greet you on the greeting words of peace of alaikum
on behalf of the honorable minister louis farrakhan and the brothers and sisters the nation
of islam we’d like to thank each and every one of you those that are here live in chicago this is mas mariam this is
our national center and to those that are watching via internet those in the various mosques
and study groups around the country to brothers and sisters in europe
asia central america south america to our brothers and sisters in africa
and in the middle east all around the globe we welcome you and we thank you for joining us
on this beautiful sunday morning worship service please give yourselves a round of applause
it is a blessing it’s an honor and a privilege to be alive in these times and even though each of
us might have something going on that makes us wonder should we be alive sometime and the struggles the difficulties
the hard times that each of us go through that no one else knows we’re going through
it’s still a blessing to be alive in this time the scripture says that we are blessed
and highly favored when you’re going through a tough time sometimes you don’t know you’re blessed
and you don’t know you’re highly favored until you go through your difficulty and you realize that god was with you
the whole time and brought you through you might have let him go but he never let you go
each presenter that comes forth will share how they’ve been blessed and how they’ve been faithful they’re
going to bear witness and tell their own story of how they had a rendezvous with destiny
and how allah intervened in their life to make a difference and a change in
their life brothers and sisters our first presenter he was the host of our holy day of atonement he is the
minister of mosque in memphis tennessee please give a big warm round of applause
for student minister anthony muhammed
alaikum in the name of allah the beneficent the
merciful who came to us in the person of master farad muhammad to whom praises are due forever we thank him
over and over again for his many his many blessings we are taught in the nation of islam
that the greatest of god’s blessing is revelation that he extends to the human family
when we stray away from the straight path of god we thank allah for moses and the old
testament and we thank him for jesus and the new testament and we thank him for muhammad and the holy quran
peace be upon these worthy servants of allah as a student of the honorable minister
louis farrakhan i thank allah for his intervention in our affairs in the person of master farad
muhammad we thank him for raising among us the most honorable elijah muhammad
and we thank them both for not leaving us comfortless and giving to us the most honorable
minister louis farrakhan again brothers and sisters let me greet you with the greeting words of peace i salaam alaikum
how is everyone this morning i’m fine as well giving thanks and praise to almighty
god allah and i bring you greetings from the believers of muhammad’s mosque number 55
in memphis tennessee who blessed me to be here with you today and while i was sitting over there
i was wondering what would i say to you this morning and i thought about it and what i
thought the words that came to my mind is you know brothers and sisters it’s easy for us
to say that we believe in god it’s easy to say we believe in moses
who’s not here it’s easy to say we follow jesus who’s not present among us it’s easy for
us to say we’re with muhammad peace be upon him who’s no longer with us
what becomes difficult for us is to follow a man or to see in a man the divinity of a man
that’s in our midst it’s easy to say that a man yesterday is a divine man
we’re not taking anything from them but god would not leave us comfort less
it’s easy to say we believe in god who we have never seen but it’s difficult sometimes for us to
see the divinity of god in a man that’s in our midst because we sometimes stumble
over the humanness of the man and we overlook the divinity because we’re so engulfed in
the humanness of the man but you and i today are so blessed
wherever you are and wherever you’re hearing my voice you are so blessed because today you will hear a man
who is imbued with the spirit of god all praises are due to allah you and i
will hear from a man and he has been speaking on and off for the last three weeks and many of us who’ve heard him
for the last three weeks we know that we’ve heard something that uh i will use these words as blowing our
mind you know that this man has the spirit of god in him so i will close by saying to you hearken
unto the voice of the lord when he comes look at him
when he speaks listen to him and i guarantee you if you open your heart
god will come in and sit with you i thank you as i leave you with the greeting words of peace i salaam alaikum
alaikum norah sorry akira jill
can we give brother anthony another round of applause please
this is a spiritual meeting we’re here to hear a word from god
through his and the few words that brother anthony said at the end and most of us didn’t
quite understand he gave a shout out to his family at home to his daughters
and to his son daughter son from father he wanted to say islam
alaikum now as we continue our program
see many look funny but it’s beautiful as a father when you want to reach out to your children
and not many of us as black folk know who our father is but to have your father miles away look
at you from the television and you watching and to give greetings to his family come on how many of us that have never
met our father would love for our father anywhere to say hi son i love you how daughter i miss
you it would touch your heart wouldn’t it thank you brother anthony said he’s a witness bearers
it was the love and the teachings of the honorable elijah muhammad through minister farrakhan that inspires us as
men to stay home it is his example his wisdom as he’s
taught from his teacher of how to be a better father how to be a better husband how to be a
better man but most importantly how to be a better servant of god each speaker
shares that they’re blessed and they’re highly favored our next presenter we really don’t have
to present him he just blows the place up so hold on to your seat
hold on tight because you’re about to be lifted off to another phase brother let the first phase of the
rocket go now the second phase to the rocket goes out of indianapolis moss number seventy floor
brother nuri mohammed
assalamu alaikum in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful i bear
witness there is no god but allah who intervened in our affairs in the person of master farad muhammad
we forever thank him for raising up in our midst his messenger and messiah
the most honorable elijah muhammad the baddest and the greatest black man that
ever walked the face of the planet earth other than god himself the most honorable elijah muhammad
and we thank the two of them for preparing one today that sits in his seat
a divine leader a divine teacher and a divine guide for us to get us back into oneness with god and
that man today is the honorable minister louis farrakhan it’s in their names that i greet you my sisters and my brothers
in the greedy words of peace of islam alaikum we are in such a blessed and beautiful
time in this moment of history as the scripture teaches us
that there is a time and a season for everything there’s a time to be born
and there’s a time to die there’s a time to plant and there’s a time
to reap is that right there’s a time to heal and there’s a time to kill
there’s a time for love and there’s even a time for hate well how will we know what time
it is if there’s a time and there’s a season for every action under the heaven except that we have
someone to teach us what time it is so in the bible in the book of ezekiel
the third chapter the 17th verse it reads son of man i have made
thee a watchman unto the house of israel therefore hear the word at my mouth and
give them warning from me interesting it calls the son of man a watch
man i said a watch man well if i want to know what time it
is in the physical sense i will look at the watch on my hand well if the son of man becomes a watched man
then it’s a man that is a watch so the same way all praise is due to allah
so the same way i would look at the hour and the minute hand on my watch i have to look at god’s
messenger and the god and the time to know what time it really is and that man today that is that watch
man is the honorable minister louis farrakhan on the internet
when you look at a subject called time there is one billion seven hundred and ten million entries on bing
three billion fifty million on google at borders there’s eighteen thousand three hundred and sixty five
books on time 1609 movies 3281
albums on time but i contend today that none of them
are qualified to give us what time it really is why because a watchman
what makes the watch successful what makes a watch work it is a quartz
crystal that is inside of the watch that knows how to absorb the energy from
the solar or the kinetic energy of the body or from the battery and it is able to
take the energy and interpret what time it is this quartz crystal is so powerful that
it is more accurate than any other device so it has accuracy and it records one
second in advance of what real time is so it is accurate and sees
in advance a quartz does this called a christian interesting though the word crystal in
greek is christos the word christ comes from the same greek word christos
so just as a crystal in a watch helps gives us accurate time in advance when christ
is formed and a man he gives us accurate time in advance and that man today is the honorable minister
louis farrakhan who has christ formed in him all praises due to allah
so we may not not quite know what time it is but we got enough sense to know that we
can look at a watch man and that watched man that man that is the watch
will help us keep our steps in accord with the time thank you for listen as i greet you in peace i salam alaikum
i don’t need that don’t need it one more round of applause
for brother nuri muhammad
we’re most certainly blessed and highly favored
as we move forward in our program another booster rocket
we go higher we know where we are
we know what time it is we know most certainly who to watch and the man
who to watch right now we have a special presenter
servant of the watchman watch woman blessed
holly favorite many of us have heard her over the years she’s made a difference in our life in terms of restoring the family
making the black man to look better at the black woman and the black woman to look better at the black man what
time is it it’s time now for sister ava
thank you
in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful we give him praise and thanks for all of
his many blessings all to the human family through revelation
revelation he continues to sin down beginning with his prophets and
messengers we thank him for moses and the torah we thank him for jesus and the gospel
we thank him for muhammad and the holy quran peace be upon these worthy servants of
the most high god we thank allah for his intervention in
our affairs in the person of master farad muhammad the great mahdi
who came among us and raised from among us one to lead teach and guide us to the
straight path of god the most honorable elijah muhammad we thank them both for giving us
one whose presence is as a light-giving son a
moving reality moving through time and on time with a
teaching so powerful it will enable those who accept to escape
time and live in the hereafter that one is with us today a living
example of a free and independent man right in our midst
the honorable minister louis farrakhan i greet my beloved brothers and sisters in the words of peace
i salaam alaikum minister farah khan said of himself
that the word prophet is really too cheap a word to apply to him
here is some further enlightenment on that from study guide number nine our intimate
relationship with he wrote the prophet’s struggle
in the absence of god with light from god that is considered in symbolic
language moonlight and since the moon represents the sun in the absence of the
sun it has no light of its own it borrows light from the sun and
reflects it to the earth if you have a limited light you have limited sight therefore you can
only provide a limited example if profits are moonlight that’s not
perfect light it does not allow you to see with perfect clarity in moonlight we see
partly but in some light we see fully moonlight does not display
color you can see the outline of things in the moonlight but only in the sunlight can you see a
thing exactly as it is praise is due to allah and so the holy
quran reads we take allah’s color and who is better at than allah at coloring and we
are his worshippers i submit to you today that minister farah khan is unlike
anything in this reality his presence is actually
holding life up at this moment at the end of the 25
000 year 50 000 year even 66 trillion year time that we have
been in rebellion to allah’s will he is a manifestation
of mercy and he is laying on our brain beloved a base for a change
in life that is going to be so dramatic that if we did not have preparation our
brains would implode we are now at the end of the time
where we are going to defend our minister against false charges
that he is a racist that he is a hater that he is an anti-semite the law does
not require you to prove a negative we are not here to stand for
what he has not done or said but what he is doing and saying and so and so
i say to us who lived today because of this word
you’re looking at a cancer survivor the doctors told me
30 years ago that’s a wrap you are out of here in six months and i went out
and heard him on a friday night in 1981 in new york city and i still stand here
and yes yes all of us have got to refrain this
no don’t the minister is not in any danger you can’t run up on the sun
the sun shoots flames 30 000 miles into the atmosphere
so it’s not about protecting him it’s about protecting ourselves
and the only way we can do that is when opposition comes against him
stop trying to argue i say this to the so-called negro scholars and leaders
stop engaging in allowing yourself to be tested by the enemies of our liberation
who demand that you denounce and repudiate the sun if the sun burns
somebody it only burns them because they’re not natural to the solar system
and so if it burns you it’s cause you don’t belong here and so when they come
and they demand that you repudiate him stop with the long speeches and give
them two words farah khan said this in farrakhan said that
so what where were you when i was on chemotherapy where were
you when i was lost and among the dead deaf dumb and blind i don’t care what he said
about you you may have been offended but you never said it was a lie
that’s what sunlight does it exposes you
how dare you allow anyone to assign themselves a position of
preeminence in your life allah asks how can you
deny allah when you were without life and he gave you life sunshine
is not a term of art it’s a scientific term there is always sunlight we would not
live without it but when sunlight is unfiltered pure and there are no obstacles it’s
called sunshine so today we are going to get pure
unadulterated sunshine may allah bless all of us with the light of understanding as i leave you in peace
assalamu alaikum
brothers and sisters let your applause be heard loud and clear all over mosque maryam all over the
nation of islam all over the world today give it up one more time
student minister ava mohammed student minister nori mohammed student minister anthony
mohammed and student minister jeffrey mohammed allahu akbar allahu akbar
allahu akbar all praises due to allah
now that’s wow that’s all you can say is all praise is
due to allah i’m going right to the chase brothers and sisters in the name of allah the
beneficent the most merciful we give him praise and we give him thanks for his intervention and
raising up among us for coming among us rather in the person of master w farad muhammad the great mahdi to whom
all praises are due forever we could never thank allah enough for his intervention and our affairs in raising
up for us the most beautiful human being that has ever walked among us we thank allah for our beloved leader
teacher and god his beloved messenger but more than that we thank allah for his messiah the most
honorable elijah muhammad and if i lived to be a thousand i could just simply
not thank allah enough for the man who did for me similar to what he did for
sister minister eva mohammed he rescued me from death literally in a pit of hell
we thank allah for the extension of the most honorable elijah muhammad he’s a right out mercy in our midst
he’s our beloved leader teacher and god and the friend that we’ve been looking for all the days
of our lives we thank allah for the honorable minister louis farrakhan it is in their wonderful and righteous
names i’m just so very blessed i’m literally fighting back tears
we thank allah for the honorable minister louis farrakhan we greet you once again in the greeting words of peace
assalamu alaikum will you allow me to go straight to the chase
charity this principal brothers and sisters cannot be ignored must not be ignored
should never be ignored but we’re not asking you to give to little brother fontaine you’re clear on
that right those who are watching all over america those watching via the internet
you’re not giving to me brothers and sisters you’re giving to the man that raised sister minister ava muhammad
from chemotherapy and blessed her with the gift of life you’re giving to the cause of a man
who is in the highways and the byways for you and my freedom justice and equality you’re giving to a man who
literally goes into the streets in the jungles of america without fear you’re giving to the man
who is teaching mothers how to be true mothers and how to be raising children in the proper manner
you’re giving to the man who told us that being baby daddy is not the way to go he’s making us fathers and brothers is
that right i want you to help me with your finances right now to support
the boldest the bravest the most courageous the most fearless the most god-centered
the most god-giving a man who is literally laying down his life for you and i a man who is
literally giving his life blood for yo and my salvation a man who
would literally stand and is standing against the biggest goliath that has ever existed in the
annals of history will you help this man will you help us raise some charity
i’m talking to you live in chicago will you help minister louis farrakhan you will i’m going right to it if there
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brothers and sisters from the ministry of finance began to make your way to the front here at mosque my own begin to make your way
to the front all over the nation of islam a special word to those who are watching via the internet
you know this is a free webcast it’s free to you to receive and to enjoy and to feed upon
the word but it’s not free to us it costs to have a webcast we want you
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in return i want to say to you brothers and sisters that we give our charity out of
gratitude to almighty god allah who has given us everything that we have we give
knowing that allah loves a cheerful giver we give knowing that allah loves those
who strive hard in his way with their wealth with their lives with their property
with their person and you have already given charity this morning your time and your energy and your
wonderful spirit and your communion one to another sitting beside a beautiful brother
and a beautiful sister you’ve already given an abundant amount of charity but your finances it will
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you and i and he would not take as much as one penny from you but he would give you every ounce of his
being and every penny in his pocket he does it 365 days out of the year as i begin to draw to my
clothes i want you to know that every single brother and every single sister
that has given this afternoon you are absolutely appreciated i want to say to those especially the
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people watching from all over the world if you are not able to give as much as one read sent this morning
please don’t feel ashamed hold your head up high knowing that allah already knows your
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us just for the intention and the desire to help his man we encourage you to stick with the
program of the most honorable elijah muhammad that is being fair to us by the honorable minister louis
farrakhan for in this life-saving life-giving mind-altering word there is finances for you and i there is
homes luxury money good homes friendships in all walks of life for you and i and
as i take my leave you may say well brother how do you know that you’re looking at one who came from a
literal gutter in baltimore maryland rescued and given a chance to serve here
i am talking to america in the entire world you already know i have not done
anything to deserve such a big time blessing but almighty god allah out of his grace
and out of his mercy he’s saving wretches just like me all over america and throughout the world he’s reaching
down into the bottom and he’s making us the superior over our enemies we thank
you for supporting the man who is bringing in a universal government of peace
we thank you for supporting the cause of freedom justice and equality we thank you for making a sacrifice of
your hard-earned money to support the honorable minister louis farrakhan who will spend your money for your
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applause live from chicago all over america all over the world those watching via
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i thank you for your ear thank you for your charity thank you for your attention all of my love my gratitude and my
respect i greet you once again as i came before you in the greeting words of peace assalamu alaikum
all praise is due to allah and now i bring on the fourth or fifth now thunderball
this brother just stands at the rostrum and he delivers weekend and week out he’s getting what you call
a mini break three weeks he has not had a full lecture from mask my own
his intro last week was a mini lecture in and of itself will you help me to receive the student
national assistant minister to the honorable minister louis farrakhan your brother in mind come on and receive brother
minister ishmael muhammad with a thunderous round of applause he’ll introduce
the honorable minister louis farrakhan
i salaam alaikum in the name of allah the beneficent the
merciful we give him praise and thanks for his many blessings his many gifts
his goodness and his mercy to the human family we thank him for his merciful
intervention in our affairs in the person of master farad muhammad who came among
us and raised up one from among us his messenger his messiah the most
honorable elijah muhammad i thank allah each and every day for his mercy
his undeserved kindness his love that is among us embodied in a wonderful
human being that was shaped and fashioned at the beginning of time and manifested
in this very hour he is the extension of the honorable elijah muhammad
and that makes him a divine leader a divine teacher and a divine guide and
a divine warner to the nations the man that i speak of the man
that will be before us in just a few short moments is none other than the
honorable minister louis farrakhan i greet you all once again with the greeting words of
peace assalamu alaikum i could not have done a better
intro than what our sister sister eva muhammad already did for us
today magnificent
since we are in the presence of the son and we shall receive sun shine
as she was speaking i was reminded of what the minister shared with us
two weeks ago which was repeated last week that when he designed his uniform and
put the crescent and the star on the lapel
the honorable elijah muhammad his teacher and father told him to take the crescent
out of that and just leave the star coming out of the sun for the moon
is a sign of equality and he said you brother have
no equal he is a star coming out of the sun
so the book of matthew says it like this
what did we come out here to see what did we come
out two weeks ago in the united sinner to see what did we come last week to see
a man dressed in fine rainman jesus said there are many who dress
in fine clothes what did we come out here to see a prophet
yes but i tell you more than a prophet
this is the one of whom it is written of i will send my
messenger before my face ahead of you who will prepare
your way before you if we are in the time of god and we are
in the time of god and his presence in the world the man
that comes before us is a perfect reflection of the presence
of the living god so isaiah the prophet says arise shine
for your light has come and the glory of the lord
rises upon you see darkness covers the earth and thick
darkness is over the peoples but the lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you look at this nations will come
to your light and kings to the brightness of your
dawn lift up your eyes and look about you lift up your eyes
and behold the man of god as the physical sun
strikes the earth causing the earth to make its rotation
upon its axes and it takes the physical light of the sun eight minutes and 20 seconds
to strike the earth to give the earth its motion so it is
with the circulatory system of your body it takes nearly nine minutes for the
blood to make a complete circuit from the head to the extremity of the toes
but as the word of god which is light itself strikes
your mind and the blood circulates in your body within nine minutes
of the man of god speaking today you will feel the energy and the power
and the warmth and the life coming from a man who’s called in the quran
a light giving son and so today my dear beloved brothers
and sisters we are here for part three of the time
and what must be done did you look at the news this morning or did you
go to bed last night and see that there have been terrific
storms and winds gusting winds on the east coast from connecticut
all the way down to the mid-atlanta seaboard 67 mile an hour winds
in new york in philadelphia in new jersey in earthquake struck central
japan 6.6 i believe it was on the richter scale another earthquake
last week in taiwan did not the man of god come before us at savior’s day
from the united and tell us that we will see an
increase in calamities and natural disasters don’t take phara khan
as any lightweight man among you he is who he is he is a man
full of the spirit of god and is the man that jesus said
would come when he comes the spirit of
truth he will bring you into all truth who have we come out here to
hear from who have we come out here to see
a black man yes and a beautiful one at that
the enemy is so upset they thought they thought
that he would not be alive and speaking so strongly
before the world in 2010 they had written him off once in 99.
they writ they wrote them off again in 2001
and in 2006 they wrote him off again three times
he’s come back from the portals of death to live and to be alive
among us to be stronger than he has ever been a 76
year old man in the 76 surah of the quran is al in sand the man
behold the man of god is among us today and we are grateful to allah
to have the honorable minister louis farrakhan among us to guide us through these dark and
troubled times in which we live so him that have ears
let them hear open up your ears open up your hearts open up your minds
to receive the unequal guidance of almighty god allah
who is speaking through your and my and our brother
when he opens his mouth it is not he that is speaking but it is god that has placed in
his mouth every word that comes from his mouth
comes from his father comes from the most high so when we look at him who
are we looking at if he is in the father and the father is in him why look
for another sign he’s been among us this long
you mean to tell me that you and i don’t know him by now
well i got to ask you when will we ever ever know who is
among us if he is in the father and the father is in
him then when you see him you see his father elijah muhammad
when you see him you see the presence of the living god acting
in and through him for the uplift of a fallen people isn’t it wonderful
look at the blessing that allah has bestowed upon us and every time he comes before
us he looks younger he looks stronger
can you imagine what the enemy is saying every time they see him they see a man
that is getting younger by the hour stronger by the second
well they have to do what they must do though they plan allah plans
and allah is indeed the best of planners may allah
bless us this morning to receive allah servant
his messenger among us his anointed among us every word that he shares with
us today will be a word of guidance a word of instruction and
a warning because we’re living in that time now brothers and sisters of the
change of one world in to another
and so with that said and with all that has been given from those student ministers and
witnesses of the honorable minister louis farrakhan
are you ready to receive the honorable minister louis farrakhan are we ready
for part three of the time and what must be done
most mariam those watching on webcasts let us put our hands together and
receive the anointed of almighty god allah
let us receive his messenger among us the extension of the honorable
elijah muhammad let us receive the honorable minister louis farrakhan
the honorable minister louis farrakhan
all praises due to allah for the honorable minister louis farrakhan
in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful
a living god
who came among us in the person of master w farah
muhammad the long awaited mahdi
of the muslims messiah of the christians and jews
a human being anointed with the power
of the originator to set justice in the earth
and set down every tyrant
one would have to be anointed with the power of the originator to set down every
tyrant and to set justice in the earth
both the bible and quran tell us of the coming of allah the days
of allah that he would be master of the day of judgment
master of the day of religion master of the law
of recompense that he can be merciful
to whom he pleases
and he can destroy whom he pleases
thank allah the originator
for master farad muhammad who came to us from the holy city of
mecca in arabia in 1930
july 4th he made himself known
on the independence day celebration of america to declare
the independence of a nation within a nation
that was slaves and burden-bearers
of the rulers of this nation but he declared that the time had come
for us to be separated from our former slave masters
and their children to build a nation of islam
a nation in complete submission to the will of allah
fulfilling what is written and said by the scholars of islam
and the prophet muhammad peace be upon him himself
that the son that rises in the east
in the latter day would rise from the west it does not
mean that the day sun would reverse itself
but since all light from the guidance of god came to the world
from the east in this day and time
the guidance that the whole world needs and is looking for
would come out of the west and it would come from a people that
were no people at all a people that the enemy had completely destroyed
but god would choose them
to be his people and he would be their god and make of them the greatest
nation that ever existed on our planet
this is the good news of the new
testament the good news
is good for you that you that have been put
at the foot of the nations that thou shall no more
be the tale but god will make you the head
and the bottom rail would come to the top
and the last would be first
so i want you today to just sit back
relax and listen carefully
because that one that came master farad muhammad
raised up from among us a man to be a messenger
in his first stage of development
but the one that came as mahdi and massey as the guide and the
messiah he had two hats when he came
but he would raise one from among a dead people and make him
the messiah that the whole world has been looking for
i greet all of you with the greeting words of peace
assalam alaikum
jesus of 2000 years ago was a prophet
seventy five percent of what you read in the bible is not referring
to jesus the prophet but is referring to jesus
the messiah
how could jesus the prophet have said some of you
that are here will not see death until the kingdom
of god is established
that’s been 2 000 years brother
so jesus of 2000 years ago was referring to a man that would come
in due season and this one that would come is written
in the quran as mercy
massey messiah anointed of god to do
what to open the eyes of the blind by god’s permission
to make the deaf hear by god’s permission
to raise the dead to life by god’s permission
he would determine out of dust
the form of a bird and breathe into it
and it would become a bird by allah’s
permission he said to me one day brother don’t worry about
these people you are a bird in the air
you know it’s very hard to shoot down a bird that’s already flying you can get one
that’s getting up off the ground but when one is already in flight you have to be a very
good marksman out of dust he would make a bird
out of dust he would form a man out of dust he would breathe into a man
and he would fly above the wisdom
of the wise of the world
the bible says i thank thee father in heaven
for keeping these things from the wise and the prudent men and revealing them unto babes we
are the bays now sit and listen to the wisdom that god
has revealed to those that the world has rejected
elijah muhammad not messenger
messiah but elijah is dead who said so
i am a witness that he is alive and well
there’s nothing i have done in 33 years absent my teacher that wasn’t
guided by words that he gave me when i didn’t even expect or know what the wise man was
planting in his student that would come forth
at the proper time i thank allah for the honorable
elijah muhammad and now let’s get busy
for the last two sundays i’ve been talking to you and to the
world through internet about a human-built planet
that is above our heads made like the universe wheels
within wheels the enemy calls them ufos
this wheel was seen by ezekiel in a vision
595 years before jesus the prophet was born
his vision has now become a reality and it has frightened the scholars and
scientists of this world because the wisdom that is apparent from the way the wheels move
tells them that they have no wisdom or science or technology
to equal or touch
what god has produced for two purposes
you have heard it said when allah destroyed the wicked
in the days of noah by flood
you have heard it said when god destroyed the wicked in the
days of sodom and gomorrah water that time
fire next time you have read in the quran and in the
bible of a fire that would burn
you don’t need to look for that after you are dead
if you live through these next few years
you would be wise to try and escape the fire
that was not prepared for you but was prepared for satan
and all his hosts now i told you
two weeks ago as i said it when i made the announcement
that elijah muhammad gave me to make that before you can mock me
you would see these wheels over the major cities i think you heard me
for 10 days straight the wheel has been seen over
lake erie chicago newspapers not talking about it
because it verifies what i said news media you know i want you to listen
the wheel is there to destroy the united states of america
at the command of god
why is god angry with america
it’s because of you why did god
destroy pharaoh he was angry with pharaoh over pharaoh’s
mistreatment of the children of israel
allah is angry over america’s mistreatment of the black man and woman of america
who are his people
and as i said two weeks ago the children of israel are not the
so-called jews
the bible and quran from one cover to another
is talking about you me us that would be in
bondage in america under a wicked oppressor
for 400 years you read that in the bible
you didn’t know that you were fulfilling that
450 years we’ve been here and we have cut hell every day
of the 450 years yes but but today we have a black
he cannot save america
he would like to he has a good heart
but unfortunately he has come at the time of the fulfillment
of the judgment that is spoken of in both these books
i want to have a word now with muslims
this book quran was revealed 1400 years ago
to prophet muhammad ibn abdullah peace be upon him
have you never thought that from the time the quran opens
god is making muhammad recite
the histories of all the former people that god destroyed
and the means by which he destroyed them talk to me
if this we’re referring to him
and his time show me one
just one of the judgments that god used against noah
lot the people of thamud the people of salih the people of musa
the people of david the prophets
that saw destruction come to the wicked of their day but not
one of these judgments
was used by god in the time of the prophet in arabia
now you tell me wait a minute
if a violent wind did not blow for seven days and seven
nights in arabia if a flood did not flood out the opponents of
muhammad ibn abdullah if nine plagues that plagued egypt
did not come down on arabia and the enemies of the prophet
if none of those destructive forces of god were ever used
in arabia then why did allah
reveal to muhammad such destruction if it was not
for the people of that day then who
who is it for come on now and talk to me
if it was not for the wicked who opposed the prophet
then the fulfillment of what is in the quran
was not done during the time of the prophet’s life
you have read in both bible and quran that we should be looking for
a man like moses it’s here it’s here
moses is referred to more in the quran than any other prophet why
it is because the people of moses were subjected to
harsh treatment and torment
by a wicked ruler and the man like moses
would come from a people who were also tortured
destroyed turned inside out by a wicked ruler
whose people were wicked also in the bible pharaoh said me
and my people are wicked
so here we are in the greatest nation of the last six
thousand years here we are
here we are in the worst condition
that we have ever been in we are proud of our black president
and the beautiful people that he has surrounded himself with that are black
when you turn on your television and you look at black news commentators
we have black governors black mayors black police chiefs black city
councilmen black sheriffs what do you think
they are in office for
they are in office to show us that we have the ability to govern
ourselves if we are separated from our enemies
and have land and territory of our own we have qualified people
among us that we can run a nation a government and even a world
the enemy already knows this
so today you are a lawful captive
as isaiah the prophet said you’re legally bound
to your slave master you wear their names
and you confess their religion
you’re a white person in black
skin they have made us
into themselves so the wickedness that we do every day
of our lives is because of our sojourn
with wickedness with wicked rulers
that we have looked up to and through a religious teaching that makes
jesus a caucasian and then called him the son of god
knowing that if he’s the son and he has a father he’s white then the father must also be
that so this is a subtle way
of making you worship white people and hate yourselves
oh we got to talk we have to talk you are here don’t be afraid
i’m doing the talking you you just happened to be here today
you didn’t know what your brother was gonna say so you can always tell them i just didn’t know
but the fearful and the unbelieving
will have their part in the lake of fire
that wheel has 1500 planes
and they have it on youtube the wheel with these planes jotting out
of them coming back in them they have not bothered anybody they
abduct a few people
they abduct cows
the wheel has even from what i heard come down and taken a plane out of the
sky that’s what has been reported but all i
know is the power that’s on that wheel
there is no power on the earth that can deal with it
and on that wheel is the wisdom for the next
10 000 years now i’m going to talk to you a little
bit about these books bible
quran these are called scriptures
which the honorable elijah muhammad taught us is just a part of a greater writing the honorable
elijah muhammad taught us that there are 24 wise scientists among us
that listen to the thinking of the people and they are so wise
that when they know the thoughts of the people they can predict the actions and they write the
history we don’t write history after it is done
we write it before it is done and walk into what the scientists have
written oh listen listen
this quran is just a part of the writing this bible is just a part of the writing
and both of these books begin
with the making of a people that would rule disobey god
lose his favor and create a world in opposition to god
the honorable elijah muhammad taught us that we write history
to equal our home circumference
our home is the earth it’s 24 896 miles in circumference
approximately 25 000 years so we write our history
to last for 25 000 years we are in the 15
000 year of our history
but where’s the other ten
it said the scientists when they were looking
a light came up in the 15 000 year that was so bright
they couldn’t write anymore because they couldn’t see anymore so the bible says listen
quran 2 seal up the book
and write no more because you can’t write what you can’t
see but the bright light
that they saw coming was the coming of that mighty mandy
who would have the guidance for the next 10 000 years going into
infinity no no no no i just want you to listen
here’s your quran it only takes you up to the judgment
it has no guidance here for the hereafter
it’s not in this book the bible takes you up to
the destruction of the present world and all the books both of them say
is i has not seen
ear has not heard nor has it entered into the heart of any
man to perceive what lies
beyond this world so the book of revelation says they saw moses
on a distant shore singing as it were a new song
but they never told you what the lyrics were
the honorable elijah muhammad said to us
that that book he had a vision of it
and the vision that he had of it became the flag
of imam warathu deen muhammad and the believing community
he said it was a not a big book it was quite small see he
told me that eliza scientist the matthew
you don’t use a lot of words he speaks like a scientist in formulai
but he was the second scientist he looks into the formula
of the first scientist and breaks it down but he could tell us all of it
but just like the scripture says there are many things that i could tell
you but you cannot bear it now
but when he is come
the spirit of truth he said i’m going to send him
that’s not jesus jesus was sent
but here the man that comes that knew it all but couldn’t tell it all
not because he didn’t know it all it was that we were insufficient in our growth and
development to take the power of that message listen
to me but he called me his lead
minister he said i was like a lead wire
coming from a generator
none of the little light bulbs are sufficient to take the power
directly from the generator because it would blow them
he said but a man was made for him by allah
that could feed directly from the generator break it down the complex
truths so that even a fool would find it hard to make a mistake
now i want you to be patient with me
because i’m not a man that talks 10 or 15 minutes and leaves
it’ll take me a little time
to get over to you what i promised you we’re going to talk about the great war
i promised you we would look into 9 11.
i just want you to be patient
the great war has already started
well who are the fighters last night
i was in a little distress because i was trying to get the fight
with brother pacquiao and brother claudi from uh
ghana and finally kicked in
i don’t know what they were doing with my little tv but
see it’s two fighters
that the people wanted to see so 51 000 people
came to see the fight at the end of the fight
when pacquiao won poor claudi never won around
well he might have won one on a couple of the judge’s scorecards who couldn’t
see too well and after the fight claudia said
this is really the first time i have ever been beaten
they say mosley beat him they said de la hoya beat him but he never acknowledged that they
actually beat him but last night he acknowledged that pacquiao
was the first to beat him but what’s that got to do with this subject the great war
at the end of the fight last night they appealed for the person who was
the pound for pound best fighter in the world mr mayweather
to get in the ring with the present pound-for-pound
fighter of this time all fighters want to see that
fight fans want to see that well imagine god and satan
wouldn’t you want to see that kind of rumble in the jungle
i would
that’s who the final war is with it’s with god and satan
so the bible says god’s
coming is after the working of satan
isn’t that interesting you know how when you’re a real
fast runner like usain bolt you could give
other dudes a handicap you start later because you know that
you’re going to catch them and put a whooping on them
now look how powerful god is he gives satan a 6
000 year head start
now you know i put my money on
on god because they tell me he has never lost
the battle they tell me that satan is punk stuff
although he’s great and mighty and powerful
he’s nothing to the lord of the worlds
so i want to set the stage for the fight and today we got ringside
seats you deserve a ringside seat after all the hell that you have caught
for 450 years come on and sit down at ringside
and watch your god defeat and destroy your enemies
well if god’s coming is after the working of satan
and the bible says that satan deceived
who say say it again
now are you in the world
could it be that you and i
have been deceived and i’m just asking questions
deceived about what
here muslims let’s go to the quran a minute
listen god brings us into a conversation he’s having
with the devil
you weren’t there i i wasn’t there but allah revealed it to prophet muhammad
it’s also in the bible if i have time i’ll go there and get it too but this is so plain the quran
satan and god are talking and he says to allah
because you have judged me as airing
or being in error and because you caused
me to remain disappointed
listen to his words now i am gonna lie
in wait for them in your straight
path and i’m going to come at them from before them from behind them from
their left side from their right side i’m going to make all of them deviate
allah didn’t argue with him he said whosoever
follows you i will fill hell with you
all another conversation with the devil or
satan he says respite me
don’t punish me now give me time respite me till the day when they are raised
they who raise how
and raise from what
respite me delay my doom
until they are raised and allah said surely
you are of the respited ones now listen to this
satan says i’m coming after them in your straight path
now what is the straight path of god let’s let’s just take a minute with that
do you know or believe that when allah sends a
prophet he sends that prophet with
guidance from himself
that’s his straight path but after every prophet
the community fell apart they broke up their religion into sects
and parties due to envy among the so-called
listen moses came with guidance
satan came right in that path jesus came with guidance
satan came right in that path
muhammad came with guidance peace be upon him satan came right in that path
now i want you to listen to me carefully i want to start first with jews
since you received the torah
how are you doing
no i’m asking a question to my jewish friends or enemies
how are you doing are you following the laws the statutes
the commandments of god or have you deviated
well well no we we came into greater knowledge you mean you did and the greater
knowledge caused you to deviate from god’s laws
his preachment his commandments
have you become wise unto yourself
the quran says to the jews you take your rabbis and your doctors of
law for lords beside allah
you weren’t satisfied with the book that god sent down your scholars
made another book
that is called talmud
and you follow more the talmud than the torah
deviation okay well to my christian friends
or enemies
how are you doing you claim christ
right man to claim but jesus according to the book said
this is a people that draw nigh unto me with their mouths
but their hearts are far removed from me
christians how are you doing do you think
that you were christ-like in your behavior come on
are you liars do you fornicate
do you commit adultery
are you homosexual are you lesbian
are you a drunkard do you use drugs
i see my sister saying no i don’t do that i’m glad for you
but jesus said if you offend one of the laws
you’ve offended them all according to the book what am i
saying why am i taking this course of conduct in the lecture
to question us about our behavior
because our behavior is not in harmony with the man whose name comes out of our
lips and we go to church the jews go to synagogue
we sing songs we have prayers
we hear good preaching but what are our
actions question have
we been deceived
now look i was a good christian i thought
you know i i hit the reefer every now and then
so i didn’t want you to make a mistake thinking i fell down out of heaven
i rose up from hell just like you now listen listen listen no no no
i believe the lord loved me like i believe he loves you too
but that didn’t stop me from chasing the young ladies i wasn’t bad at it
but once is enough twice three times
sort of get into a habit you know
we’re not bad people but we’re just doing bad things
prison full because you know his law i mean he stretches it
for whom he pleases and tightens it up for whom he pleases
and evidently don’t please him to stretch it for you and me he he tightens that thing
so you can spit on the sidewalk and you might get life
so many of us are in prison doing long sentences for small
very unjust system
let’s leave the church let’s go to the mosque
we say we love prophet muhammad peace be upon him
and the quran says when the name of muhammad is mentioned
a great clamor comes up in the mosque it’s the same in the church when you mention jesus they go off
when you go to the masjid and the imam delivers the kutba when he
says muhammad alhamdulillah and you say you know uh peace be and
blessings be upon him and a clamor comes up when you say allah you don’t hear nothing
how come there wouldn’t be a muhammad if they were not allah there wouldn’t be
a jesus the so-called son if they were not a father and when you mentioned the father you
don’t hear nothing but you mentioned the so-called son and
the church go crazy the mosque go crazy the jews are a little hip
you can talk moses you can talk daniel you can talk david you don’t care they’ll you know
solomon they love him david they love him they follow none of them
so what we have is deviation in
all of the religious teachings you can go to china kung fu
confucius deviation tao taoism deviation
zoroaster zoroastrianism deviation buddha
was a good man an enlightened man
but i’m sorry enlightenment of the buddhists have not
made them necessarily reflections of the enlightened one
satan has done his job
imagine the bible
the sons of god came to present themselves before god
and satan came also with them
now wait a minute how you going to be of god
and hanging out with satan
you must or we must have been blinded if satan now and us are friends
i’m going to meet with god today satan would you come with us
no he you would never call him satan you would just say brother
would you come to church with me brother would you come to mask with me brother would you come to synagogue with me
brother see it’s all brother because satan can transform himself
into an angel of light that’s how he deceives the righteous then
he makes everything that we’re doing that is against god he makes it fair seeming
can you imagine a brother saying i’m in love with a brother
and he’s it’s okay i just slept with my brother’s wife
it’s okay i went to the joint last night and had
me a few drinks smoked a reefer you know we parted down
it’s okay i took off my clothes
i went downtown and bought me a dress that really the thing
was cut so low
that when i walked by a baby it started crying because it thought it was feeding time
i i had a dress on so short that when i sat down i kept
pulling it and pulling it and pulling it and got excited
and i was revealed but i didn’t care
i wanted to preach it to see how fine i am they get kind of thoughts now
sick you go downtown to the chicago theater
or the house of blues
see how quiet it got in here
your favorite artist is there
favorite rapper is there your favorite comedian is there
and the more raw and funky they get the more you like it
you ain’t laughing
and they just said the most filthy thing but we laugh
it’s funny and then the next day we’re in the choir
how do you think jesus feels about that
do you ever think about him well he went to the cross he paid it all
for me so i could do these things
i don’t know what book you’re reading out of
i wish i had time that’s not my subject today to go into the price he paid
for our redemption but to redeem you means you’ve been in
hawk you’ve been in a bad condition
so when somebody pays the price to redeem you out of a condition that doesn’t mean
that you stay in that condition see let’s move on
the mosque we make our prayers and i
i know some muslims that are very very dutiful
they’ll get up for fajr prayer and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing
and even get up in the middle of the night and pray again
they put their faces to the prayer rug so that there’s a mark in their forehead
that shows their commitment to the institution
of prayer tell me something
do you think that’s all that is required of us by the prophet
he gave us hadith of a man that stayed in the mosque all
the time all making all his prayers
and the prophet said he was less than a man who went out and worked
because he was waiting for somebody to take care of him
look at our world of islam is it in upset today
are our houses divided
i was in iraq in 1991
three days before the bombs fell
guess what i saw shia muslims
sunni muslims i saw christians i saw
jews they were not bothering each other
under saddam hussein even though he’ll lean more towards
socialist philosophy yet the muslims
were at peace with one another there never was a bombing
of a shia mosque or a sunni mosque or a christian church or a jewish
synagogue but when did that all start
talk to me when did it start it started when satan came
into iraq under the guise of american soldiers hear me
that saw saddam as an enemy a dictator a man that killed his own
people as though the hands of american presidents are not washed in the blood
of black people brown people white people
dear brothers and sisters
now in iraq shia mosque bombed sunni mosque bombed
christian church bombed but it never happened under saddam
hussein but it happens now that america is
in iraq and in afghanistan well we have a
history of the caucasian people
how after they were made
on the island of patmos or pilan they came back into arabia
and within six months arabia was turned upside down so the wise men said well
when did this happen how did this happen it happened when they came
so we rounded up all that we could find and cable towed them
and sent them across the hot desert sands into the hills and cave sides of europe
and today when you join any fraternity
starting with the masons any secret order
you have to recreate walking the desert sands
we beat them every step of the way 2250 miles
and when you pledge to join any sorority or fraternity they put a whooping on your behind you
know in secret pro and then in open pro and then you’ve crossed the burning sands now you
can say i am alpha i am omega i am a mason i’ve been through the third degree you
know what i’m saying all of that is imitation
of life
well let me move on so if god’s coming is
after the workings of satan check it out
satan has done his job hasn’t
but he a minute
this man jesus the messiah he’s
dangerous to satan do you know why jesus the messiah
is dangerous to satan
because jesus first starts as a teacher
casting out demons for a poor boy
don’t you need a jesus in your life to help cast out our demons
you got eyes but you can’t see we got ears we can’t hear
we are on a dead level but we need somebody to breathe into us
and help us to fly above the earthly life that we live
that satan is a smart one he said when this jesus guy comes
he gonna mess up our world
and look at jesus you can’t go to church without saying
the lord’s prayer
thy kingdom come thy will be done
on earth even as it is in heaven so what are you praying for the coming
of god’s kingdom right but look
when god comes he declares war on satan
so the coming of god is the beginning of the final
listen listen jesus talking he said
think not that i come to bring peace name
a sword
when a man talks about bringing a sword well you know what a sword is but when
you look up the definition it means armies
where there’s going to be violence and destruction because when
jesus comes he comes to set in motion that which will bring about
the destruction of the world that satan has made
are you listening now when satan
knows that god is coming he got a head start what you gonna do
satan i’m gonna make them think
that the jesus of 2000 years ago
was the main man and they’ll be walking with jesus and
wouldn’t know it
i’m going to make them think that the scripture was fulfilled 2 000
years ago and it will blind them to the jesus
that will be in their midst i’m going to make them think that jesus
was white so that when the jesus appears and he’s
non-white they will reject him the bible says listen
in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god and the word became
flesh and dwelt among men and the light shined in the darkness but the darkness
comprehended it not and he came unto his own but his own received him
now why didn’t you receive him
we didn’t receive him because we had been blinded
by satan i once heard a story
about truth and lie
they went swimming one day
and while truth was enjoying the water lie got out and dressed up in truth’s
clothing so when truth got out of the water he
couldn’t find his clothes ever since that day naked truth
has been after the well-dressed lie and today we cut that liar
and we gonna uncover him
now jesus talked about god
destroying the present world
and that means systems of government politics education jurisprudence religion art
culture economics social system all of that is already here
and i know you say well i’m a muslim my stuff is is good
the man in the bible that comes says behold i make
all things new and the former things
pass away you will not live under the government
of america you won’t live under their politics of this world
will come out of their educational system that makes you a slave to material
things so that you work more for money than for the service of the people who need your knowledge
the most you will come out of their system of jurisprudence
yes and you’re gonna come out of religion
you can tell that something is wrong with religion because the people are so rotten
with religion right in the midst of them how then could the religion be effective
satan has poisoned
all of it so god is not coming to reform it he’s
coming to get rid of it all and set a new thing
down there’ll be a new islam
he makes all things new well
you remember that parable in the bible jesus talking about the wicked husband
and the vineyards was led out into their hands and the owner of the vineyard sent
somebody in to look after the fruit and the persons who were wicked and
husbandmen they were the ones who beat the ones that the owner sent
some they beat some they killed then the owner said well surely they’ll
reverence my son and he sent his son and they decided to
kill his son so jesus talking to the pharisees
he said and what do you think the owner of the vineyard will do
when he comes says he will utterly slay them
and the pharisees realize that jesus was preaching their doom
and when they reached out to get him he was gone
look look i want you to hang with me today please
i want you to put up on the board brother ahmed
the original blackboard that master farad muhammad set up i want
you to put it up
thank you look at this this is a question that master farad
muhammad asked which one will survive the war
of armageddon are we on the subject the great war
islam or the sun moon and stars
or the stars and stripes
one day soon we will teach you the meaning of these flags
as we were taught by the honorable elijah muhammad this flag has meaning great meaning
this one has greater meaning because this one cannot exist without
the sun the moon and the stars so the people
of this flag are the people of islam
the people of this flag are the people of the cross
now years ago they fought the crusades
muslims and christians battling you were not around
and at that time black people weren’t christians
do you know that jesus never taught this
as i said last week show me in the bible where jesus
said i am a christian
it’s not a bad name now but he never said it
talk to me he wouldn’t come 2000 years ago
and bring a new religion what was the religion of adam
he didn’t bring a new religion let me tell you what jesus taught what do you think he meant when
he said whatsoever the father bids me to say
that i say whatsoever the father bids me
to do that i do me
and my father are one
jesus was in such complete submission and obedience to god
that was his teaching that’s why he never said i’m a christian he said i am the way
i am the truth
and i am the life okay christian what way are you
following come on come on come on
if you were following the way of jesus the real way of jesus this wouldn’t be
so shocking to you
you would know the truth and the truth would have set you free
he is the way he is the truth
and he lived the truth
so his life is an example for every human being to pattern their
lives after our our lives patterned after the life of jesus i would say not
come on could it be that we’ve been deceived
okay now look at this america right now is leading
the nations of the west england the european union
even japan and some other nations against what
so master farad knew that america was going to lead the fight
against islam
now i’m going to prove it do you really think america wants peace
let me show you how america is preparing for the great war
which he has already lost it’s just a matter of time now
do you see what’s happening to your country i’m talking now to the citizens of
america oh let me get to it
now listen do you think
that the wise in america did not know that a showdown was coming between them
and your god let me show you how they are preparing
see satan already knew that he was going to be uncovered
does the bible say that yes
second thessalonians that day
shall not come except there be a falling away first
and the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition
who is the man of sin now look at that name which one will survive
the war of armageddon in 1972 in this very place
the honorable elijah muhammad went into that word
let’s look at it the first three letters um arm
not this your arm is your strength
but it represents arms and armies
are gonna get done armies he said gathered
together for the doom amma
get done now all the armies of the earth now
are getting ready uh let me go right in to that
now my dear christian family
i hope that you will not say that we are enemies of christians
because the koran does not say that the quran says those who are christians
and those who are jews and those who are sabeans
those who believe in allah in the last day they have their reward
from their lord and there is no fear for them nor shall they grieve if you follow
jesus as jesus would have you follow him you don’t have to be afraid in an hour
like this i’m saying this to christians who are
white or non-white but you can’t play with jesus
because he’s not to come he’s present
and to be very frank about it i represent him
haven’t you ever noticed when i preach jesus pastors say boy he preaches jesus
better than we do sometime how could i preach a man if i don’t know
a man
i could tell you a vision that i had i think i will
i know that the wicked are calling me nuts and he’s gone over the bridge well okay
i i’m going to deal with that in a second but look at this and i want to deal with
those who call me nuts they’ve been getting a pass but not
after today
i don’t know whether you’ve ever had an out-of-the-body experience
but in my life as a muslim i’ve had at least four
and in this out of the body experience i was taken to rome
and i had never been to rome at that time but i saw the stones of the vatican
and and three men dressed in robes came down
and asked me if i would like to sit down with the pope and i said well
i better call my leader and i got on the phone and called the honorable elijah
muhammad this is all in a vision and he told me to go
so i went up and the pope took me into an office that was very
small it was evidently off of a main office it had a wooden table with chairs around
it the pope said at one end and he sat me at the other end and two of his either
secretaries or staff were to his left
and he said quote i have been listening to your preaching
he said your preaching is very near correct
and i said in my mind well elijah muhammad said i made a few mistakes
in my preaching so that’s true he said listen
that man talking of elijah muhammad he’s more
than what you all think listen and he said he’s god
almighty and then he looked at me and said and
you’re in the book too i knew exactly what he was talking about
he mentioned the book of daniel and then he said i want you to give him
a gift from me he went in the cabinet to his left
and took out a black box and in it was a black pearl
that was the size of an egg and he said give this to him
he’ll know what it means in the experience i came back to chicago
to see the honorable elijah muhammad and when he came out i fell to my feet
i mean to my knees and kissed his foot because here was a man that was
my teacher and now he lifted me to the point where i could sit down
and have a conversation with the leader of all christendom and have that man confirm
the identity of the man that i follow now what he was actually saying without
saying it he said and you’re in the book also
immediately it came to my mind i know exactly what he’s talking about
because the man that he was looking at was the real father listen
listen listen the real bridge to christ is not the man in rome
just listen just listen you’ve never heard me say this before
i came to the honorable elijah muhammad now this division is over now i go to
his table and around him are some of his laborers secretaries and i mentioned to him
my experience and the only thing i left out
because of what who was around the table the part that he said in your
in the book also i left that out
he took a spoon and he hit the glass the glass is crystal so it rang
like a bell and he told everybody at the table listen to what he’s saying
in that dream i gave him the gift from the pope
he took it in his left hand and then he threw it to the side
and he said he’s trying to make peace with me
he said something else but i won’t quote it now
he said he’s offering me his jewels
to make peace with me well when he hit that and i
mentioned it again he said yes brother
he said allah has shown you the mind of his and my
worst enemy
then he looked at me and said brother did you know that you were an angel
i said no sir the apostle but he’s dropping stuff
there was a movie that came out it talked about the pope his jewels
and when the movie was shown they showed the very room that i saw
it’s true it’s true and i know when you say things like this
to people who may have had an experience similar
because you are god’s people and sometimes you can see things
not with these eyes and hear things not with these ears and you don’t
know how you saw or heard what you saw or what you heard
and sometimes it frightens you i’m going to tell you one more
experience that i had it was in 1964.
the rebellion in the nation had already taken place
and the son of the honorable elijah muhammad came out against his father and there
was a writing in sepia magazine
and i shouldn’t repeat these words but it was condemning his domestic
life i will not repeat the words because elijah muhammad said when you repeat the
slander of a slanderer more than three times you are a part
of that slander listen
i was so grieved over my mentor malcolm x
departing from elijah muhammad and grieved at his son
who went against his father those of us who loved the father and
loved wallace d muhammad at that time we were hurting inside
i laid down in my bed i was the minister in boston massachusetts
and i rose right up out of my body i never left my home
at 37 intervals street in boston massachusetts
but i could see myself flying over the highways
coming to chicago and when i got to chicago
in the spirit i went to 4847 south woodlawn avenue on the third
floor where wallace’s bedroom was and elijah muhammad was sitting on the
bed crying
and i never heard a man cry like he cried
that night it was a cry that was coming deep from within himself and over
and over again he said my son my son
my son i’m at the window looking at him and listening to
him and i said dear apostle
i will be your son he never turned to acknowledge
what i said on my presence so i left that window went on back to boston and got back in
my body i mean i know the enemy gonna say i’m crazy but damn it today
wait a minute i challenge all of them
meet me anywhere
god has made someone today
that will defeat you all
i went back i picked up my book bible and as i did i studied in the
morning and i read about david
and i read about david’s son absalom and how david told his captain
there was a war going on between the followers of absalom and the followers of david
and david told his captain if you capture my son don’t kill him
spare his life and the bible says that david’s son was
caught up in a tree his hair
and the captain that heard david’s instructions speared absalom through
and when david got the news of his son’s death
they could hear him crying out in the tent my son my son
my son in 1974 i brought my mother to the
palace and this was her first time being in the
home of the honorable elijah muhammad and at the end of the dinner he said to
my mother who didn’t understand his words she said he said i thank you
for producing this wonderful son for me
and my mother she said later but i never had nothing to do with that man
she didn’t understand
but he was making me into himself
a son should always reflect his father
that’s how you know he’s the father’s son
everything that i have taught you i got it from him
i want you to hear me i’m getting to the great wall just give me a few more
he he was making me
into himself and he told me after malcolm x my mentor
was assassinated and i was asked to take his place as the minister in new york
he said i will never teach another man like i taught malcolm
until i have thoroughly tried him
so being under him as his national representative for 10 years he tried
me and if sister jamila the mother of brother sultan rahman
is here she said to me she was at
dinner with the honorable elijah muhammad she was his
granddaughter-in-law and he said to members of his family
he said i have done everything i know
to turn that man against me
i have made him weep yet he would not turn
he said i do everything for you but you don’t love me like farrakhan
loves me you don’t have to ask am i lying
my life and the work that i have done in his name should tell you
that i am his son and my father is well pleased
with his son
now let’s take a quick look at america
to see what’s happening to the great country that god is after
just be patient with me
you know i’m a young old man
and before he left listen to me carefully because some of you that
knew and know the honorable elijah muhammad were witnesses of this i was sitting
in the back in the last rope back there
and he was preaching the theology of time
and he heard me bearing witness because he wouldn’t let me come out to
chicago while he was teaching i asked him may i come
he said don’t you have an assignment there
i said yes sir dear paul well go and do your work i’m doing mine
what could i say you know i kept preaching but the
believers would get on planes they would come out during the theology of time
and when they came back to new york i would sit like a student
what did our leaders say and they would give me little snippets
that they could remember and after about six or seven weeks he
wouldn’t let me come out i called him one day
and i said the apostle may i please come out and listen to the lecture
he said well i’ve been waiting for you to ask me that well he know what he told me but
he’s trying me he’s a wise teacher man he knew he was
going to leave me in his seat with you he knew the kind of hell
that some of you would give to me
but he also knew that i loved him and i love you that loved him
and i would never do nothing to harm any one of you
one of elijah muhammad’s great ministers
minister jeremiah shabazz of philadelphia
when i was taken out of new york brother jeremiah replaced me
and i told the imam i would come here to help him
elijah muhammad built me a million dollar mosque in new york when i came here i was put on the west
side upstairs in the back
when my son drove me there he said
daddy and i hushed him and i went on and
preached some of you were there the little place
in the back started growing so fast we had to go down
to a big ballroom and we were filling the ballroom
man but i was being tried
and those of you who know imam muhammad you never heard me in
the public speak against my brother
and my children who i feed at my table
they never heard me say nothing evil about my brother
imam w.d muhammad
he had a work to do and no one was to interfere with that
work this is not the time or the place to
talk about that work but he did what allah desired him
to do i want you to know that i miss him
and i loved him much and the last time i saw imam
wd muhammad was at the funeral of his brother jaber muhammad
and when i knew that he was there i got up from my seat and i went over to him he started to get
up i said brother ma’am you don’t have to get up and i kneeled down and i kissed my brother and i
told him that i loved him and he said i love you too far khan now many of you
you think that because he went as you would think contrary to his
father that he shouldn’t be loved
let me ask you a question if you love a father
would you mistreat his children
ask and lie to muhammad’s family have i ever turned them down
whatever they asked of me if i could do it i did it why
they are my father’s children and i could never say that i love him
and then plot and plan against his children
well i am his child how could you love him and
plot or plan against his son
i have suffered among you and i have never retaliated
you know what black leaders have said against me
you know how frightened black people in power are to sit with me or
talk with me
but my days of suffering are over
and unfortunately the days of many of us to suffer
has begun
america is under the hand of god
and her society is unraveling before our eyes and before the eyes
of the entire world god through that man
is taking her down that little black man that you looking
at that you never really understood
when he told me what to say to the world about reagan’s plans
he made it clear that i should tell the world that i got it
that you got it from me elijah muhammad on the wheel
he’s not dead he’s alive and right now
he’s in power that’s why i can say something
and he’ll bring it to pass just try me and see
look this is not for you you little people
today i’m calling satan out because i will reveal him today
he’s real
here’s your country the unemployment rate
nearly 10 percent but the rate of black men
17 unemployed black women 12
25 million american people are unemployed or underemployed
larry summers an advisor to mr obama said
the level of unemployment will by all forecasts remain unacceptably high for a number of years
you think you’re gonna see a recovery there will be no recovery
i am sorry you think that i don’t love the country
of my birth
this is the country that nurtured me i don’t like what white folk have done
to black people but my heart don’t have bitterness and hatred
because i understand that that was the will of god
however i have to warn america
and today i will warn our president
of what’s coming take it or let it alone
look the income gap between the top one percent
and the remaining 99 of the us population has grown
to a record high some of you have lost an average of 25 percent
of your 401ks while the wealth of the 400 richest
americans went up by 30 billion dollars
3 million 957
643 homes went into foreclosure in 2009
setting a new record and they say that in 2010
it is predicted that this trend will continue even beyond 2010.
now if all these millions of people are losing their homes
what do you think is happening to their minds as america begins to unravel
listen there have been 154 u.s bank failures since president obama took
office 10 states are on the verge of bankruptcy
and 41 are facing budget shortfalls several states are ready
to declare a financial state of emergency
this is why they’re cutting out music they’re cutting out other programs
they’re firing teachers because there’s no money available but where
is the money going
no come on i gotta move fast
more than three million people are now homeless and the fastest growing segment of the
homeless population are families with children the u.s department of agriculture estimates that
there are 17 million people living in households that have
experienced hunger and this was up from 12 million
in 2007 and 8 million in 2000 and 1 billion
are hungry worldwide don’t you want to see a world like this come to an end
the number of citizens without health care grew to a record
46 and three tenths millions of people
the lack of health insurance has caused 45 000 preventable u.s
citizen deaths in the past year including 17 000 children
two and 2 sixty six u.s veterans you gotta ask yourself what are you
fighting for did you know that the demand for guns
and ammunition since the election of president obama has hit a record high
and the gun industry cannot produce enough bullets to keep up with orders in the past year
100 new armed militia groups have been formed and while we multiply
in gangs angry with ourselves and killing one
another white folk multiply in militias
that are angry with their government so as they are planning an assault
against their own government you are crazy in your assault against yourself and members of
your own family and your own people now we’ll get to the war
look on the face of the
on the face of the
granite wall right outside the united nations
there’s the quote of isaiah it said that
we will turn our swords and our plowshares
into pruning hooks think about that
and plows and we will study war no more
but brother muammar gaddafi when he spoke at the united nations
he said the u.n was established to stop war
and since the u.n was established 65 wars have raged on our planet
he condemned the security council and called it a terror council that’s
being used against weaker nations and whenever
israel does something that the world should condemn and then does condemn
america uses its veto to stop any action against israel today
today i want you to know that israel’s time is
short and very short i want to talk to the jewish community
because now you are pressing president obama to try to put a black
face in front of your evil plans against iran
you are pressuring president obama
to sanction sanctions that will __ the iranian people
and according to what i read recently
it says that
it says that america should either make preparations to
attack iran militarily or step aside and allow
israel to do so now listen to those words
members of most jewish organizations went to washington
just a few weeks ago to press for sanctions
and if necessary and a nuclear attack on iran
let me say my dear brother president
you would be unwise to follow that guidance
your vice president joe biden went to israel to try and patch up
the rift because in israel they have a very negative
opinion of president obama because obama will not bow
down to what they want i want you to hear me today
and whenever a black man or a white man will not bow to the will
of israel or the lovers of israel in america
the media gets involved control of the media
by members of the jewish community
all of a sudden now ahmadinejad is the new hitler a new devil and then
they started painting barack obama as a new hitler they put a
mustache on him are you watching these things
what do you think if he does not do what they ask him to do what do you
think they’re planning for that brother
but let me say this to you america you better do everything in your power
to keep barack alive if you don’t like him vote him out
we can stand to lose an election
but we can’t stand to lose our brother that his wife and his children will be
like the wife and children of martin luther king and malcolm x and
all of those who have been murdered
so now i want you to see what america
is spending for military and what she’s spending for on
for education 650 billion dollars
spent on more weapons and even though president obama has said
no to nuclear weapons and wants to bring the stockpile of nuclear weapons
in the world down yet he asked for five billion dollars for more
nuclear armament do you think they’re preparing for peace
put up on this board the american installations
around russia around china and in the middle east
in iraq where oil reserves equal 30 trillion dollars
america is not there because saddam hussein was a dictator
america has supported dictators in central america south america africa and all other parts
of the world america doesn’t give a damn about who is a dictator
as long as they bow down to the will of the foreign policy objectives of the
united states of america
look at this map you have my little laser pointer
you forgot it i don’t need the mic i’m right here
you hear me america has over 730
military installations and bases in over 50 countries
it also has military personnel on active duty in dozens
of other countries what does america need to have bases all over the world
if america is a peacemaker talk to me
then you ain’t got a preacher
cowardly people who claim to know god but punk out
when it comes to freeing the people by telling the naked truth
all these places marked in red is where she has bases canada
greenland see here this is colombia
uh quito in um the capital of uh peru
all of these countries he has bases we just put a base in colombia because
it’s right next door to venezuela and they want to be able to attack
venezuela but look here you missed it because this is a
old map but right here haiti there’s a base
now in haiti they have discovered oil in haiti
that’s more than the oil in venezuela so 20 000 u.s troops are now
in haiti and they’re not there to rebuild
haiti open your eyes black man and woman
you will never be able to say if farrah khan didn’t tell you the truth
i’m wiping your blood from my hands today
and if i never speak to you again i’ve said what needs to be said
now look here this is arabia
they got bases in the emirates this is yemen they just got a base there
this is oman turkey of course this is europe see
now this is eastern europe this used to belong to the soviet union now america is
placing strategic missiles in poland
i think in the czech republic aimed here
anything that jumps off in the middle east
america has bases in iraq to attack iran
she has bases in arabia in qatar in oman
in yemen to attack now she’s down here
somalia eritrea and djibouti she just put a base
in djibouti so that anything that happens
in this area which is becoming more islamic
muslims are ready to come back to their religion and live it
now america under barack obama is bombing in pakistan
all up in this region and you go up into the caucasus mountains
this is where lots of oil is here that’s why afghanistan was so important
to america they wanted to bring a pipeline
from north of afghanistan through afghanistan out to the arabian sea
now here is afghanistan here is pakistan but above afghanistan
in turkmenistan and kurdistan all of these places there’s oil and gas america ain’t
thinking about tyranny oppression misuse of women
those of you who are here last week you saw the pictures i don’t want to show them again
unless you think this is a pornography class but
here’s iran his iraq they got all these bases here now
they want to attack iran let me say to america
general petraeus has said
we have the plans to bomb iran they also
have set up plans in case they have to go to war with china or russia
now it’s all in your bible if you know how to read
wake up the mighty men of war this is now joelle
wake him up what are you going to do prophet joel tell them
to turn their plowshares and their pruning hooks into weapons of war because the time of
war has come so the nations are not interested in
cultivating the people or cultivating the earth they’re buying weapons
for what war the great war has
begun it says in the scriptures when jerusalem
is surrounded by armies the end has come now forsake your houses
and run there in damona
where the enemy has nuclear power that he produced
in demona that’s where the african hebrew israelites are and they’re the
best thing that ever happened
to that place called israel but i’m going to say this
you know that’s the holy land
you can’t bring your mess into the holy land and think that god
will not expel you from that place can you imagine in
israel they have gay parades in the holy land when you think about
that do you think the god of heaven is pleased
with that that’s why a new jerusalem
is to come down from heaven put up the second third fourth fifth
sixth and seventh fleets it’s wartime
that’s why i decided to wear red today
just letting you know no easy time coming
you’re gonna have to prepare to save your lives
now here’s the second fleet
guarding the eastern coast the third fleet guarding
the western coast the fifth fleet there
i think this is the indian ocean and this fleet is designed to protect
here the sixth fleet is positioned in europe but it
can move into any area here that’s in trouble and the seventh fleet
is in the pacific for china in japan
these are nuclear ships i heard the honorable elijah muhammad
say that allah was going to destroy the sixth and the seventh fleet
i didn’t ask him how i just know what he said
war is here now and if they attack iran i’m saying this to our government
you’re being blinded by your passion and the fear in israel
that if iran develops nuclear weapons then what
iran would be absolutely crazy
if she had a weapon to attack israel israel is the most
well armed nation in all that area of the world israel has more
weapons of mass destruction that could defeat that whole area
so she’s feeling you know her oats i guess you could say
so they’re saying well look if you don’t want to do it step aside and let us do it let you do
it and then what you know if you do it you’re going to pull america in
behind you but let me tell you what you’re facing
you can’t win another war can’t win in iraq you can’t win in
afghanistan you can’t win in pakistan i don’t care where you go
your day of winning for evil is over and do you know why america
is there she’s after strategic interests have you heard that word
before strategic interests that’s oil that’s gas
that’s precious minerals and wherever there’s precious wealth that america
needs go look and see the war that’s going on there in the congo
everything that america and russia would need to be powers in this century those
special minerals and metals are found in africa but wherever they are found
there’s war raging there’s oil in darfur
in sudan there’s oil in the south of sudan and wherever there is oil there is
trouble because america does not want an islamic
regime to have the benefit of oil and its wealth
but if they attack iran iran has something i’m sorry
as i told president bush he would run into something that he nor
his advisers had thought of i warn you in the name of
allah leave iran alone iran deserves nuclear energy
just like any other nation on this earth and if iran with all the talk
in america america has invested 400 million dollars
in regime change in iran so when you talk in all this mess if
iran is close to a nuclear bomb why shouldn’t she get it you forcing it
well she’s saying that the holocaust did not happen she’s denying it she can do that if she
wants but hell any of us know that something happened to the jewish people
so if people deny that let them deny it that’s all right
the evidence if you have the evidence put it before the world but don’t silence people who disagree
with you in europe people can go to jail if they deny the holocaust
why is farrakhan called anti-semitic
what have i done to the jewish people
show me one jew the farah khan has inspired
any member of the nation of islam
you can’t show me one show me one jewish person
that we have denied education to show me one
jewish person that we have bombed or burned
their places of worship not one why then
are they angry with farrakhan let me tell you why
you’re just gonna have to know this they’re angry with me because
i’m attacking now that which the bible calls the synagogue
of satan you will have to hold on with me
i’m just going to say a few things
by tomorrow they’ll be really railing on me
but it’s time now christopher columbus
whose transatlantic exploits initiated the brutal genocide of the red man
and forecasted the african holocaust those trips by columbus were financed
by wealthy spanish jews according to their own history writings
jewish merchants owned insured and financed slave ships and outfitted them with
chains and shackles for the transatlantic slave trade
they were auctioneers commission merchants brokers and
wholesalers keeping the slave economy oiled with money
markets and supplies nine out of ten africans were shipped
to brazil jewish scholar dr arnold wisnitzer described the early
jewish presence and according to dr arnold wisnister
they dominated the slave trade i see when a man’s hands are dirty like
that he doesn’t want a man to point out the truth
there’s nothing that i’m doing against them but telling the truth now look according to jewish
scholar dr harold brackman during the 1600s slave trading in brazil became a jewish
mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval europe
in fact wrote scholar jonathan quote jewish merchants routinely
possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them
off the jewish encyclopedia adds that jewish commercial
activity in this time included a monopoly of the slave trade jewish traders
bought africans in lots from the transatlantic shippers
and retailed them to inland plantation owners
we got the history we not only know it and have lived it
but you’re angry with farrakhan because you know
that black people in america are due reparations
you know that what your people have done to us demands
that you do something to help the blacks in america who were
victimized in the transatlantic slave trade
i don’t need to go through all of this but i want you to know
that we have the history and if fighting me is what you want
then it’s all right because i’m not gonna back down from you
my people must know the truth that the truth may set them free
there are some members of the jewish community that feel we are their property
and they treat us like we belong to them here’s a little jewish mayor
of las vegas and he said the president of the united
states is not wanted in las vegas
because he tried to get people to stop throwing their money away gambling
so he said he’s giving president obama the boot is a man
of a city that can talk to the president
in that manner like he’s a part of their property yes i said it
because you own black people
you surround every one of us
in days past black people who were managed
by members of the jewish community managed agents stripped the wealth
of black artists you became famous they became rich and most of our black
artists died in poverty talk to me
now you want us to believe that you love us
edgar bronfman the liquor man
producing all the liquor flooding the world with liquor
in the entertainment industry he’s lord of that
this is why most of our brothers who have wealth they can’t support me
because their masters can destroy their wealth
what good is it for you to be a billionaire s
and can’t live where you want to live without paying a high price what good is it to be the president
of the united states of america and people hate you and are planning against
your life
let me read a couple of things from the scripture then we can go home
in the book of revelations according to the new living translation
of the bible
john the river later says
but i have this complaint against you you don’t love me or each other as you
did it first look how far you have fallen
turn back to me and do the works you did it first this is also talking to
us if you don’t repent i will come and
remove your lamp stand from its place among the churches
but this is in your favor you hate the evil deeds of the
nicolaitans just as i do anyone with ears to hear
must listen to the spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches
to everyone who is victorious i will give fruit from the tree of life
in the paradise of god write this letter to the angel of the
church in smyrna this is the message from the one who is the first and the last who was dead
but is now alive he writes i know about your suffering
and your poverty you are rich i know the blasphemy
of those opposing you they say they are jews
but they are not because their synagogue belongs to satan
the devil will throw some of you into prison to test you you will suffer for 10
days but if you remain faithful even when facing death
i will give you the crown of life
oh he goes on in the third chapter of revelation boy this is
this is the message from the one who is holy and true
the one who has the key of david and what he opens no one can close
and what he closes no one can open
i know all the things you do and i have opened the door for you that
no one can close you have little strength yet you obeyed
my word and did not deny me see he’s talking to the churches now
he said but look listen to this i will force those who belong to satan’s
synagogue those liars who say they are jews but are not
to come and bow down at your feet they will acknowledge
that you are the ones i love now jesus
in the book of john is having an argument
with members of the jewish community now i’m gonna say this uh look man y’all just hang in
there with me in john the eighth chapter
there’s an argument i’m gonna take jesus’s part
in the argument
jesus said to the people who believed in him you are truly my disciples
if you remain faithful to my teachings and you will know the truth and the
truth will set you free and then some members
of the jewish community were arguing with jesus they said but we are descendants of abraham they said
we have never been slaves to anyone what do you mean
that we will be set free but jesus replied i tell you the truth
everyone who sins is a slave of sin
a slave is not a permanent member of the family
so if the son sets you free you are truly free
yes i realize that you were descendants of abraham and yet some of you see he gave them
credit he said they were the descendants of abraham but look he said
some of you are trying to kill me
because there is no room in your hearts for my message
i am telling you what i saw when i was with my father
but you are following the advice of your father
they declared our father is abraham and jesus said no
for if you were really the children of abraham you would follow his example
the quran says abraham was an upright man and he was not
one of the polytheists but you are trying to kill me because i told you the truth
why do you think the wheel is out over cleveland
for 10 days what’s going on in cleveland
what kind of secret councils are you having in cleveland
that my father wants to send a witness of me
you know david the psalmist says touch not mine anointed
do my prophets no harm you better kiss the son lest he be
angry with you and you won’t tarry but a little while
we aren’t illegitimate children they said
they were attacking jesus’s birth
god himself is our true father but jesus
said and i say if god were your father
you would love me because i have come to you from god
i am not here of my own but he sent
me why in 22 years
can’t you understand what i am saying it’s because
you can’t even hear me for you are the children of your father
the devil and you love to do the evil things that he does
he was a murderer from the beginning he has always hated the truth because there is no
truth in him when he lies it is consistent with his
character for he is a liar and the father of lies
you don’t think that they know the truth of what i am saying
but they want to make you believe that i am a nut well let me tell you what the
koran says
in the 68th surah of the quran
in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful
by the ink stand and the pen and that which they write
by the grace of thy lord thou art not mad
and surely thine is a reward never to be cut off
so thou will see and they too will see which of you is mad
am i a madman that tells you of a wheel above your head
that now you will be able to see am i a madman that points out now
the real satan these are people that claim
to be jews
why did john the revelator use the term synagogue of satan when a synagogue is a
meeting place for jewish people
he didn’t say the church of satan the mosque of satan he said the
synagogue of satan i did not write the book
i’m reading what is written in the book
i close there are good jewish people
there are jewish people who love the word of god who love the law of god
and even through their disbursement throughout the world they’ve tried
to remain faithful to that word
may i humbly say to the members of the jewish community i have never hated you
as allah is my witness i have great admiration
for you but i also know
that when you receive divine revelation as you have done
god sent you prophet after prophet after prophet
if you use what he taught you in his way you don’t have anything to
fear but if you’ve taken the wisdom of god
and used it to create a world in opposition to god
then i’m here to announce the end of your time on our planet
hear me the good jews must separate themselves
from the jews that besmirch the name
i like paul bring you a new definition for you
you think you’re a jew because you have a jewish mother
you think you are a jew because of the circumcision of the male instrument
paul said the jew is not the jew outwardly
by the circumcision of the flesh the jew is the jew inwardly
by the circumcision of the heart i am a jew
my heart is open for god to wash me and make me
clean i am a muslim
i am a christian i am that which you say you
are but you hate me
because i tell you the truth and the truth has no place in you because you are of your father
the devil abraham foxman
of the adl the anti-defamation league
he’s the attack dog for the synagogue of satan
he and these irreligious persons who defile the good name
of a jew hear me
hollywood is your creation
has hollywood helped to decrease the morals of the american people
with the filth that hollywood purveys
are you a good jew a moral jew and then make movies
that celebrate that which the commandments of god condemn
i know you you are of your father the devil
see they are a part of the synagogue of satan you rappers
my family how dare you
call my sister’s __ and __
how dare you promote the degradation of black women
showing their behinds to the world how dare you
and some of these so-called jews run the entertainment industry
and they make you wealthy as long as you degrade yourself
and your people i happened to switch my dial last night
and there was a black female comedian i can’t remember her name
well anyway thank you miss wanda sykes
she was happy that there was a black president she said now she can dance
tap dance and she don’t look out of place because there are white tap dancers as long as there’s a white
president you don’t look down on a white tap dancer so she could tap down she can eat watermelon she can do this
but my dear sister i love you and i know you’re a brilliant woman
but the way you talked about the president and his wife and what’s going on
in the white house and the way you put it you hurt the president and you heard his
wife even though that may not have been your intention
black reporter here in chicago writing on uh michelle obama
she thinks she’s paying her a compliment talking about she got back
that’s where your brain is it’s in your behind so you know if you’ve got a well shaped
behind that you’ve got interest now you’ve got
power with stupid men talk back to me
that’s why it’s so easy to have a booty call
and you answer that call while god is calling you to change your ways
and you refuse
and as long as you will be a step and fetch it as long as you will sell out for a
dollar they make dollars every day right next to the holocaust museum in
washington is where the federal reserve prints the money the federal reserve is the synagogue of
satan the federal reserve the rockefellers the duponts
the house of rothschild these are the people that have corrupted the entire world and i am here to
pronounce your dude
now america’s become a fascist country
you remember when senator huey long is quoted as saying when fascism comes to america it will be
called anti-fascist fascism is designed and defined
as an authoritarian political ideology that combines nationalism with a
corporatist economic system fascists advocate the creation of a single party
you think that the democrats and the republicans are different
now who controls the us congress
do you think it’s you
can you really depend on the senate in the house of representatives to
represent your interests
they’re in bed with insurance companies they’re in bed with special interests
and they’re in bed with israel most of your senators many of them and
congress persons
are honorary citizens members of the knesset
they control america’s wealth
president bush was controlled there’s not a president that is the real
power the real power of those money people
barack is not in power how dare you think that he could give
you what no other president before him has been able to give you even if they desire to do it
you tell me to teach
but i have to pay a price for what i
teach you won’t say that i don’t love you
because i’m willing to die to prove it as well as to live
to prove it what i said today
is a death sentence on myself
but look the bible says my father he sits in heaven and he laughs at you
if you think if you think that you can put that small time
stuff over today on us
i’m saying to the good jews defend righteousness
but when i see you come out if i say anything critical
of the jewish people’s behavior you come out and call me anti-semitic you call bishop
tutu anti-semitic you call anyone who criticizes you anti-submitting you call
president jimmy carter anti-submitting what did he do
the great preacher billy graham
was in the office of president nixon talking about the fear
of jewish control of the media and the money
and when the conversation was discovered mr graham was forced to apologize
but as a man of god mr graham you don’t need to apologize for telling
the truth you’re a man that god has blessed
you’ve lived to old age die fighting for the truth never bow
to falsehood you know that what you and richard nixon were talking about was the
absolute truth and now members of the jewish community who not really religious
jews they just use the name to shield their dirty practices
they their days are numbered
know that tomorrow when you write of me and what i said today you will step
up your anger and your hatred of me and those that are with me
it is written that the dragon was after the woman that was pregnant
with a man-child that was destined to rule the nations
with a rod of iron so the dragon spewed out of its mouth a
flood after the woman but the book of revelation says the
accuser of our brethren meaning the prophets who accuse them night and day before the
throne is cast down
so unleash your flood it will only carry away those who are
not firmly moored
firmly settled come after me with all that you have
but i want to tell you today that before the week is out
god will answer what i’ve said today he wants you to know that your hatred of
me will bring about the death and destruction of what you think you love he may allow you to take
me into your hands my life you can’t have
but he may allow you to take me but you will never kill me
so i conclude
the hatred of the growth of islam in america
see fascists want you to be afraid
so they have you with a terrorist under every bed
they come to the mosques
sit around the believers and they’ll bring up the subject of
america and israel and if you look like you don’t like america don’t like israel
they start setting you up infiltrators from the u s government
no muslim has to be a terrorist if you know god
your little punk stuff you got bombs in your drawers
damn fool
there was some wind blowing in new york planes couldn’t fly there was some snow
unusual snow coming down moves floods and mudslides
on the west coast tornadoes you ain’t seen nothing yet there’ll be hailstones
coming out the sky elijah muhammad says like blocks of ice
killing all your livestock destroying your homes and killing anything that it touches go ahead
and come after us
so you preachers and you rabbis
i am his son now call that blasphemy
and if you go to war with iran
i can’t be with you so call that sedition
i ain’t going nowhere and when he comes for me
know that when my feet are gone the end of your world has come
he is going to multiply your calamities
there will be more wind more unusual rain
violent storms but earthquakes
they haven’t seen it in a big while you had little tremors
72 of them happened since i last spoke to you
you all you better start storing something in your houses
and i’m not talking about guns i’m talking about food that’s
non-perishable because this thing is falling and
falling fast and when your people can’t find jobs and
can’t have money murder and bloodshed will be all in the
streets it may come a time you won’t be able to
come to the mosque but the koran says make your homes
places of worship
9 11. i close with that one
9 11. i have so much here to give you since
savior’s day but i’m finished today so just hang with me a couple more
sultan muhammad what page is the
let me see where i got so much here but i just want to close with 9 11.
you think these people you think these people care about three
thousand deaths i wanna show you something
what page thank you it’s part of my research team
you can research all the truth you want but if there’s nobody to preach it
what difference does it make want you to pay attention to this
i said on november 25th 2009
911 was done by people in our own government
and our own banking system to perpetuate the fear in the american
people so that they might subordinate themselves
so that the government may get them to do whatever they want us to do
and this was to create this endless war on terror but the war
on terror is a cover and a fraud for the real war which is a war
against islam in 2001 we experienced the horrific
events of 9 11 but there are many who are saying that the official government version of events is not what
really happened as recently as this month the republican candidate
in the texas gubernatorial race her name is deborah medina
publicly said on the glenn beck show quote i think some very good questions have
been raised in that regard there’s some very good arguments
and i think the american people have not seen all the evidence there but she quickly
backed off of what she said now listen to this
why is it these are questions about 9 11.
not that i compile them but they’re compiled by people who are scientists who studied this
why is it that the fbi’s most wanted poster of osama bin laden
mentions other crimes but not 9 11.
right before 9 11
unusually high levels of quote unquote put options were placed on the stocks
of american and united airlines and corporate tenants of the world trade
center put options are market bets that
give the better a profit if the stock goes down
according to bloomberg business news quote this would be one of the most
extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a
coincidence many people got rich
by the bets that they made that the stock in american and united airlines
would go down how did they know
how was the fbi able to release a list and photos of the hijackers within hours
why have at least five of the alleged hijackers turned up alive
and well living in saudi arabia and if the perpetrators were from
arabia why are we fighting in afghanistan and in iraq
well they say because osama bin laden was living in afghanistan
the president of that country mullah umar when president bush
said that osama bin laden was guilty and he dictated to
mullah omar that they should turn over osama bin laden to the united states
government and its authorities and mullah omar said to president bush
show me the proof that osama bin laden did this
and we will turn him over to you president bush with his arrogant self
said we’re not negotiating with you
turn him over or else now what is america doing in afghanistan
trying to buy off the warlords oh this is this is a sick people man
you bomb them and laugh now they’re kicking your behind and now you trying
to buy the allegiance of these people don’t you know with a 25 million
dollar price on osama bin laden’s head
why haven’t somebody delivered him
see to some people money is not the answer
listen how these are questions how could these alleged hijackers
have known that multiple classified air defense
drills were planned for the morning of 9 11 leaving only two fighter jets available
to protect the entire northeastern united states
how did osama know that
so then who planned the drills on that morning that no fighter jets
were there to intercept these planes
think about it why was attorney general ashcroft warned to stop using
commercial airlines prior to 9 11.
let’s go to the pentagon how come the hole in the pentagon
was 18 feet across but the wingspan of a 757
is 146 feet
are you listening how come that little single engine piper p828 plane
that crashed into the irs office in texas did more damage to
that building than a 757 jetliner filled with fuel did
to the pentagon
how does a pilot that failed his lessons
on a one engine propeller plane pull off maneuvers that only a highly
trained airline pilot could do a 270 degree
turn at 500 miles an hour descending 7 000 feet in two and a half
minutes into a direct hit
why was surveillance witty videos recording the impact of the pentagon
confiscated by the fbi immediately after the event
let’s go to pennsylvania flight 93.
you remember the one that fell into pennsylvania there was a big fight on board you know
and whatnot
you know look look why do you all say in church that the devil is a liar
he’s the damnedest liar that ever lived look
look look question why was there no visible airplane
debris where flight 93 supposedly crashed in pennsylvania
only a smoking hole in the ground no bodies no seats no wings no luggage
the official story of 911 claimed that 10 central cell phone calls came from
flight 93 but the technology for airplane to ground
cell phone calls didn’t exist until 2004
let’s go to the world trade center
we’re talking about the synagogue of satan
six months before the 9 11 attacks
the world trade center was purchased by the silverstein group
i guess by that name you might know that mr
silverstein might claim to be jewish
but he bought the world trade center for 3.2 billion
even though the building when it was built was built full of asbestos
and it would take down near that amount of money to destroy the building and clean it
larry silverstein took out insurance coverage on the property
which fortuitously covered acts of terrorism
the total potential payout is 4.6 billion and mr silverstein has been
paid the result of a court ruling silverstein makes a huge profit
off of the 911 attacks and if you follow the money
if you follow the money you begin to see the synagogue of satan
at work now george w bush’s brother
was a director and his cousin was the ceo
of the security firm responsible for the electronic security network of the world trade
center prior to and during 9 11.
at least one security guard at the world trade center reported the
abrupt removal of explosive sniffing dogs five days
prior to 9 11.
isn’t that interesting let’s go on no steel framed building
before or since 9 11 has ever collapsed due to fire
the world trade center buildings were designed to withstand the impact of airlines
because they were at that time the tallest buildings in the world
the melting point of steel is about 2 700 degrees
fahrenheit the temperature of jet fuel fires
does not exceed 1800 degrees fahrenheit
so the buildings cannot have collapsed due to heat
from the fires why were people seen in the gaps left by
the plain impacts if the heat from the fires behind them was so excessive
listen why were there two distinct spikes one for
each tire tower pardon me seen in seismic records
before the towers collapsed how could the world trade center towers
collapse in free fall speed
only 11 seconds for world trade center 1
and nine seconds for world trade center to speeds that approximate that of a ball
dropped from similar height with no air resistance
why did so many people including the new york fire department
report hearing many explosions at street level prior to the towers
who were those men on top of a van with a tripod and camera
across the hudson river filming the towers before the first plane hit
how did they know to be there and why were they celebrating
the police arrested them and let them go into israeli
custody why
now building number seven a 47-story skyscraper and part of the
world trade center comic complex was not struck by a plane
but it collapsed in six and a half seconds at 5 20 p.m on september the 11th
in the exact manner of a controlled demolition
why was the u.s military explosive thermate found in the dust of the world
trade centers now you might say well all right all
right let’s see if our government lies and does
things and takes innocent life for other purposes this is the end of my lecture today
did you know that the united states wanted control over puerto rico the philippines and
guam so president william mckinley
lied about an explosion on board the uss maine anchored in
havana harbor that killed 260 american servicemen
they said spain did it but they offered no evidence
and because of that war the spanish american war the u.s gained control over
cuba and the philippines and puerto rico cuba in particular
so that the island could be open to united fruit company and other american corporations
did lyndon baines johnson lie to get us into a major war in vietnam
the official story was that the north vietnamese torpedo boats launched an unprovoked
attack against the u.s destroyer on routine patrol in the tun kin gulf on august 2
1964 and that the communists followed up with a deliberate attack two days later none of this
was true president lyndon baines johnson used
the fabricated incident to justify a momentous escalation in the war
ultimately leading to over 56 000 american deaths and
millions of vietnamese casualties
now when john fitzgerald kennedy was the president castro was in power in
cuba and they wanted to invade cuba did you know
that there was a memo from the pentagon to the president we could develop
a communist cuban terror campaign in the miami area in other florida
cities and even in washington we could blow up a u.s ship in guantanamo bay
the american military base in cuba and blame cuba casualty lists
in u.s newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation
later the pentagon even suggested attacking jamaica or trinidad and tobago and
making it look as if the cubans were responsible hoping this might force
britain into a war on fidel castro this is america
and okay nothing about human life when it stands in the way of a political
and economic objective now brothers and sisters you know there
were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq but look how many
americans black brown and white have lost their lives
on the basis of a lie
and so my dear brothers and sisters
your blood is off of my hands i am warning you that god is angry with
america and i am the representative of the
honorable elijah muhammad listen don’t applaud don’t applaud
and i am giving you a warning that you may or may not wish to follow
and the quran says that whenever allah sends a messenger he seizes the people with distress
and affliction that they might humble themselves
america is under affliction now do you want more
this is god’s people you’ve made a big mistake supporting
israel for 60 years as though they’re the real children or people of god
this is the people this is the people you should support
well if you’re in love with america
then the bible says the love of this world is enmity with god
if you hate god then you will love this
now sisters and brothers
the world has made us into what we are
allah and his messiah want to cleanse us of what the world has done to us
we have to repent of the evil that we have done and are
doing and we have to clean ourselves up
from the filth of this world’s life if you choose
to clean yourself up because you want god’s kingdom
then those who persist in the dirt that you and i are leaving behind
there’s a separation between us and them if you’re selling drugs and
you want to clean up then those who want to continue in that
profession you have to separate from them
you cannot have friendship with the world and have friendship with god
i know i have spent a long time no no no no
i spent a long time you’re tired
you’ve been here a long time how tired do you think i am
wait a minute i’ve been doing this for 55 years
you won’t have me around to listen to
so every minute that you can get with me
you cherish that moment because the bible teaches you of a
famine not so much a famine of bread
but a famine for the hearing of the word of god
if these words trouble you
look into your heart
if my going to my father
not in death but to get the next lesson for us
if that troubles you then you really don’t believe
and there’ll be a separation between me and you
that day won’t come except there be a falling away first
not only are falling away from satan but a falling away from the man who
speaks the truth and some of you will join those
who say crucify him
some of you will be happy that the enemy wants me
out of the way but your joy will only be short-lived
may allah bless you may allah open your hearts
to hear the truth i don’t need to come back next sunday the time and what must be
done has been completed
now i leave you to allah thank you for listening may allah bless
you as i greet you in peace
allah all praise is due to allah for the
honorable minister louis farrakhan we can do better than that all those that are watching via internet
we thank allah for his messenger his anointed
we thank allah for the message that he’s given us of guidance
before we break apart and leave each other we want to close
this day properly with prayer and before we say prayer there are many
who are visiting us today for their very first time here at moss maryam and throughout the
mosque and study groups that are watching and we want to recognize all of those that are here for their
first time how many of you are visiting us today for your very first time can we see your hands
welcome welcome welcome welcome
the masala is full the gym is full how many of you believe
that what you heard this morning from the honorable minister louis farrakhan to be the truth
and good for all of our people let me see your hands all praise is due
to allah you’ve never heard a man like that
speak like that before no black man no white man no brown man no red man
speaks like the man we just heard from so if you agree and bear witness that
what you heard to be the truth how many of you would like to become a part of the
nation of islam and help that man that you just heard from
that we may go out and do the work and do what must be done in the time
that we’re living in let me see your hands how many of you would like to become a part of the nation
of islam and unite let me see your hands i want all of those that did not raise
their hand just sit down the sisters that are up in the balcony and brothers all of
the brothers and sisters that raised their hand if you would come out on behalf of the
honorable minister lewis fire kind of i want to shake your hand and welcome you today to the
nation of islam my sisters that raised their hand the brothers that raised their hand
make your way down the center isle we want to greet you embrace you and welcome you today
to the nation of islam brothers and sisters who raised your hand please please come forward
brothers here at mosque my arms sisters here at mosque maryam please make your way down the center
aisle for those who are in the masala lower level of mask maya make your way upstairs and for those who are at
muhammad university of islam student minister abdul mohammed is there he will welcome you home to the nation
of islam as well brothers and sisters we want you to know who are watching via the internet
if you did not have an opportunity to support the ministry of the honorable minister louis farrakhan in the nation of islam please
take this time to do so please make a sacrifice and a donation to help the honorable minister louis farrakhan
in this ongoing work of truth resurrection salvation and redemption we also want you to know that today’s
lecture is available in its entirety on dvd from prayer to prayer
for those who are here live at mosque maryam meet us next door at the muhammad university of islam for
those watching via the internet the time in what
must be done lecture series parts 1 2 3 four and five are all available to you
brothers and sisters next door at the muhammad university of islam again at
or call us at the final call administration building we also have available for you brothers and sisters
let us give all of these wonderful brothers and sisters a warm round of applause
we have available to you brothers and sisters as you give our brothers and sisters a tremendous round of applause
national announcements this wonderful cookbook and guidance instruction from the honorable minister louis farrakhan
it is available to you entitled cooking with the honorable minister louis for our kind of rather dining with the honorable minister louis
farrakhan and mother khadija farah khan visit us next door at muhammad university of islam
i have table talks from the honorable elijah muhammad brother abdullah yasin is in the building
he’s next door at the muhammad university of islam new selections new material earth
shaking announcements uh the voice of the honorable elijah muhammad live and in your ear
table talks are available next door at the muhammad university of islam that ends our national
announcements the honorable minister louis farrakhan’s world friendship tour dvd you’ve heard him talk about it for
many many years see his travels around the world see how he has been received by leaders rulers kings and others all over
the world call us at the final call administration building
visit us right next door at the muhammad university of islam thank you brothers and sisters
you did make the announcement that all three parts of this historic lecture series the time
and what must be done that started on sunday february the 28th at the united center is on sale part two
from last week and of course today i encourage you
to get all three copies and gather your family together
because what was shared to us today and last sunday and the sunday before
will save not only our lives but help to save and to guide loved ones and friends
in our community through safe passage so it is an investment the best
investment that you could make get all three copies and gather people in your homes to
listen to the honorable minister louis farrakhan thank you
in the name of allah the beneficent the merciful all praise is due to allah the lord of the worlds
the beneficent the merciful master of the day of judgment in which we now live
thee alone do we serve and to thee alone do we beseech for help
o allah guide us on the right path the path of those upon whom you have
bestowed favors not the path of those upon whom your wrath is brought down nor of those
who go astray after they have heard thy teachings say he allah is one allah is he on whom we
all depend he begets not nor is he begotten and there is none
like him i bear witness that nothing and no one deserves to be served or worship
beside allah who came in the person of master farad muhammad
and i bear witness that the honorable elijah muhammad is the messiah and i further bear
witness that the honorable minister louis parkhand is their divine reminder servant and one
among us

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