White Lotus Lyrics


: The Nait Sirk
Yeah, Nait Sirk
Is it, ayy, yeah

1: The Nait Sirk
Shifting focus, spliffing till comatosis
Can’t miss the boat and in psychosis
Taken couple crazy trips, ain’t no white lotus
Hocus pocus, these hopeless notions
Let’s get this shit in motion, tryna shine, canopus
Them long days, like it always solstice
Fog of haze, stay enshrouded when I’m by lonesome
Modern day Syd, can’t let them visions take control and
Nocturn, I stay hid, early AM’s where you find me rolling
As I pop a third it hit, them street lights strobing

Pre : The Nait Sirk
Yeah, and I just need a lil moment
And I just need a lil moment
Yeah, I just need a lil moment
These voices, they cogent, they roping me in
‘Round the throat, feel the grip
Fetch the bolt cutters, snip
On my Fiona shit, tidal wave coming in
Idle brain from the spliff, vinyl playing some Pink
Spiral straight to abyss, cycle breaks, all I wish

: The Nait Sirk
Gotta hold it together
(Oooooh, I been tripping, can’t fall down)
Hate to see that you better
(Oooooh, and I been itching for your call now)
Yeah, hate to see that you better
Yeah, hate to see that you better
Without me, resounding
Your voice, in my head
All the things, coulda said
All the things I regret

2: The Nait Sirk
Reckless way I’m living
For breakfast, I’m rolling spliffs and
I’m checkless, my palms itching
Obsessing, over the vision
Been shedding my old skin
These blessings I’m holding
Real close, to my chest
It’s I against I Like Mos Def, I
Hit the spliff, and my head it turn to cyclone, yeah
Hennesy and the right song, yeah
Pen bleed when I write wrongs, uh
Just me when the night done

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