Ride (Clean) Lyrics

Master P of Percy Miller

Let’s ride that four’s for the killers and dealers
Stay can’t stop won’t stop (stop) now the world gone good it x4

Teeth blood in the angels when I’m starving
But picture me a six rancho projects (projects) balling
A house on the river and one on the bridge
A mansion and a Bugatti worth billion in bottles million
Their the game won’t change me these (these) won’t tame me
That-that won’t brain me and everybody blame me
Gettin-getting doubts started from the blocks
Thеir a (a) don’t hustle then daddy don’t cop
I live my mind with somе gangsters I walk with killers and G’s
Tech-nine and Oz’s gone off Nuvo and wine


I’m asking y’all question why make these black laws
And all the taxes I pay who don’t the government protect superstars?
They couldn’t save Biggie and what by Tupac
My big brother C-Murder went to jail with AP-nine and five pistol
That angels got me trapped these fiends flying me confused
I’m ducking dodging the police, penitentiary and daisy
Protected ’bout soldiers live my mind drinking
The angels dollar are broken and cast popped open
Nobody wanna to die young but everybody gotta go
So pass me the stress release cause even Bill Cliton drink


We-we riders (riders) for every (every) four of us they take
We taking a hundred of them
We gonna make some (some-some) statements too now
But you know what that we negative together and coming together
And we died together it ain’t no game (game) soldiers white power
Till death do us part (part) for every they take we gone make hundred more
To multiply y’all (y’all) multiply (wake up, (up), we gotta stop killing each other) Bad Boy like gremlins (gremlins)
Water make billion, you heard? (We-we don’t make drink they make drink)
Their all y’all (y’all) talking to the feds trying to get a (a) locked up
Then y’all know a (a) that changed his whole attitude
Changed his whole (whole-whole) game (game) we too (too-too) legit to quit
So y’all read by that and y’all (y’all-y’all) media
That wanna a (a) to war that rap wars and (and-and) don’t kill (kill)
The media kills (kills) I good my blood Suge Knight and Ruff Ryders Records
Bad Boy Records (could be anyone of us) unite-untie
(they don’t wanna (wanna) to make it out of the angels)
Take advantage of pneumonia you heard me? To all y’all (y’all-y’all) out there
Living like guppy y’all know Bad Boy (boy) we wet guppy
(wet em up) Y’all remember that his is from the First Don
Not the first time though
That is for all my Bad Boy soldiers from the Vallejo town to the Chicago town
To the A-town to the Mississippi town let’s ride (let’s ride)
Roll-roll don’t die we multiply (multiply) gotta pack some fan cause
That’s the only alone he gone protect himself I don’t give a (a) their I
Just got off parole (parole) I’m gonna protect me and life (life)
You protect you and yours

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