My Expert Opinion Canibus Interview Lyrics

Math Hoffa
opinion the greatest show in the world
and I’ll say that every single episode
and all you guys is tuning in I know you
feel the same way so I want to say thank
you for tuning in hit that subscribe
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let everybody know you in here no paper
there you go oh man you gotta get upon
me man I’ve been I’m operating lawful
fumes three hours of sleep
40 hours
yeah it’s the grind though it’s the
grind if you want to shine you got
it that’s what it is
I hate to start the episode off like
this but I do want to pay my respects
to uh you know someone that was a friend
of mine
similar experience a large amount of
success in the web series
feel bumpy of respect life
passed away today
you know
so I have a moment of silence
thank you
my condolences
his family his loved ones
to the yard
you know if there’s anything I can help
help with Reach Out
Matt how you doing sir let’s go with you
so I’m bigger man of God
Marco Polo
what’s going on man
yo y’all I swear Marco you need to be an
emoji face bro like
that’s unique right right yeah it’s
Unique it’s very unique very unique
congratulations on all your success man
you deserve it thank you sir I
appreciate that hey let’s get Polo
around Applause
um splat
all right be my boy boom Pete thank you
very much you know what I mean have me
my boy math working running around crazy
and respect life hacks whatever y’all
need y’all know to reach out the whole
cast the whole Court y’all y’all know
what’s up let’s stop
ah champ how are we feeling I’m feeling
well feeling blessed glad to be free not
in the system
um rest in peace as well man salute
condolences to him and his family
um Shout Out yktv magazine you know the
I love that jacket that you got on fire
right yeah you got on bro
thank you sir and this is credited to uh
aesthetic BK my boy shout out to you man
Apostle Brooklyn yeah we need like a
bunch of colors for Mac bigger than the
whole crew you need to get that yeah
that’s easy all right
ah yeah this is nice yo you’ve been
doing a lot of producing lately yeah
I’ve been in my my you know what I’m
gonna keep it real since 19 Keys came
and gave us that gold order
and then we in the studio and we in the
studio you see I’ll be in the corner
like I don’t care about nothing else
that’s going on I want to make the music
but let me get this out the way and I’m
like laser focused on every single like
details the meditation too obviously
yeah now I gotta say this is a long time
um I want to start this by rewinding
I was about
17. 17.
there was this rapper that came on the
scene and
oh my God let me just heard this __
who the __ yeah like
it’s very rare
that someone would have
a top position on a coup tape that you
never heard about the word unheard of
very rare you have to fight to get to
that unheard of and when I say I brought
these freestyles back so many times
it altered the way I wrapped
but I’m also very you know
you know I’m I like to compete right so
I heard that this person was going to be
at a spot called hardcore
on Flatbush Avenue
open mic
and there were rumors that he was always
open to battle anybody
I mean I read stories about him going up
against the whole wotech
that’s Wu-Tang I didn’t even do that
it’s crazy
so I said yo
I want to battle this guy
how old is you man
I bust my brain for like three four days
came outside to all my __ and I
I’m going to hardcore
to battle this guy
my __ looked at me and they said
don’t shout the block out
they’re gonna embarrass us
don’t get us caught up in your __
man leave us out of it
and that’s the testimony because you’re
looking at a battle rap Legend that’s a
testimony to the greatness of the band
we got cannabis today
don’t shout the block that’s a crazy
story that’s gotta be the craziest one I
ever heard and low-key that moment
probably made me
not only very Petty
but much better at what I was doing
because I felt like oh y’all __
don’t believe but you’re so aggressive
I’ve always been that way that’s a crazy
story man a block that’s how they
you know us the wildest thing I’m sure
there are a lot of stories like that I
don’t know what turned
cannabis the brand or just that little
dude writing like that would turn me
into some kind of a bounty for just the
lyric like what turned me into a bounty
you know what turns you into this is the
thing this is the thing and I set it up
on another venue when when I was faced
with the same kind of question
anytime I sat down and I wrote
and I was trying to just just say the
most incredible stuff whatever I could
say on with that pen and then vocal it
and then voice and flex and everything
really what I was doing it for I wasn’t
doing it to get about it
I was doing it because I was that was my
way of saying here’s my resume kind of
rap with y’all
that’s the honest truth and dealing with
some of the names you mentioned and just
how it was in general is a very very
aggressive time those times Like
Anything Goes
and there was no no way to record it you
know people had eight millimeter theme
eight millimeter film or 16 there there
was really no recording going on so it
was really only Word of Mouth Legend
and so sometimes you know you might not
really Crush decipher because we call it
ciphon too it wasn’t always battling man
if you’re old enough to remember that it
was Cypher into the net right that’s how
battle you in the flesh
I’ll battle you over the phone you can
call me correct yeah I eat that you were
giving out open invitations
it was an open invitation step up __
I’m out here __ __ up what’s up
how else was I gonna get Clue to be like
yo this is going on my mixtape first
show this the first joke Tony Tony touch
right 50 MCS I said something about the
50 MCS it was my self-promotion it was
what is all I had to work with right was
the pen the voice and that opportunity
over that beat right but that’s
interesting I was out there battling
what y’all do now and I Gotta Give just
give it up off from the jump just keep
it all the way above right it’s
defending Federal facts what y’all do
now and call battle rap
ferocious it’s not what was how it
started what the way it goes down now it
is like pit fighting now you’re standing
in front of each other crazy close and
you’re talking about weapons that I
don’t even know if some of them exist
right you know what I’m saying The Arms
Room right if somebody hasn’t seen a lot
of arms right you know I mean so so and
just what what’s you know what what
could be said the type of I wouldn’t
even really know what type of you know
same psychology that it’s hard to even
put them into that classifier what does
it take to go in there and do that
to bring home the bacon you see what I
mean the classics 10 cannabis freestyles
We’re not gonna sit here and act like
one I gotta ask you how are you talking
__ into being like okay yeah I know
you asked for 16 but I got 57.
how was you doing that
I think a lot of that too like I want to
send a shout out to Red Man beast from
the East right red man was the one that
based I mean cheek shout out to cheeks
Lost Boys yeah they have record happen
because of them right Charles suit you
know Tim Dogg a piece of nappiness
Uptown records all that right reversal
but outside of cheeks saying all right
cool lb you know spig Louis Vuitton
saying all right Dad get to a __
cause Mama I had I was co-managing them
I was General Manager group home
entertainment so I was booking shows for
them Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday six
Bands A Night 24 bands a week 96 bands a
month I was doing that and at the same
time I always wanted the ROM I always
wanted to be on the records I was around
when legal drug money was released on
Uptown records right the Super Mario god
blessings you know what I’m saying like
they called him Super Mario you know why
they call him Super Mario no because he
could jump so high and put the posters
shout out to Super Mario he was the one
that puff had bailed out for 25 bands
Super Mario
so beast from the East happen because
Red Man didn’t mind me doing the 50 bars
I know he probably went ran through his
mind why is he doing this but he let it
so that was the kind of energy that that
that would that Tony just let me do them
bars on there no clue let me go in there
and get busy like that right Kim let me
put those balls on that and then no one
ever right they’d let me get busy with
that right shout out to the whole firm
click you know saying Steve’s thought
everybody that helped that happen and
then Jamil who took me up there then
four three two one then then the uh it
was uh it was Panama Pio too cold it was
a lot of Records but they were allowing
me to do that
and so why were they allowed
I think because there was still a heart
in hip-hop in terms of
instead of shutting it down they wanted
to see how far I could go with the rhyme
they wanted to see me run with it they
fed in
they fit into the Mystique it’s like
watching you with ill will right you
wanted to see the pressure that was
applied to you in order to see how okay
how did you get out of this preps what
you did
but those are the things that you know
people want to see because it is it is
something that’s a it’s it’s kind of you
know it’s it’s customized man how you
get out of that pretzel right but when
you when we talk about hip-hop
it being so competitive and so ego
the fact that so many people were
willing to turn down their egos
to let you
take off
because me personally I couldn’t do it I
I mean
yeah I’ll let you ride so I’m gonna get
you back I’m gonna get you back the next
time you got a joint they got more 100
on your __ you know what I mean so
watch this you know what I’m saying I
know nobody wasn’t nobody wasn’t getting
it back right nobody wasn’t getting them
back I know you cut some necklace right
and I’m not like that anymore I can’t do
that anymore I could still go ahead and
go for Mars and make a record sound good
when it’s all said and done and it’s
gonna be hip-hop right
but at that time when you wanted to come
down to hardcore
I had four around four hours of Rhymes
in my head it wasn’t 30 pages of Rhymes
in this fiction as well because it
wasn’t that it was really four hours I
just talked to smooth Hustler the other
night and um
he already knows this but
broken language the beat I had it
recorded on a 90-minute tape back to
back where you put it into Sony or the
Denim and it goes all the way and then
it flips over by itself and then goes
all the way back as you can select you
know what I’m joking that was my workout
so I just sit there and rhyme for it to
the four hours when I can skip to any
rhyme and any point so you wouldn’t even
know that it wasn’t off the head or what
have you and it was really like that I
was really doing or he was doing that
back then right I got to speak about it
in the third person because it was true
can I do that now no do I know how I was
doing it then no maybe maybe it was the
focus the repetition and you you know
just having the memory being able to
keep all that in your head Ginkgo that
should have come around
look there’s a battle battle rap
regiment diet of things that you eat to
treat your memory I’m learning man I was
when I genuinely wanted to give back to
it as much as I could I wanted to put
into that genre of the culture it seemed
like I almost
you know jumped out the window for
battle rap or for that style of rapping
on every record that I could get my
hands on or a chance to do
but the reason why that scene wanted to
see you on the scene is because of the
content the lyrical content that you was
delivered I got on the track with Brian
McKnight and I was screaming on the mic
I got opportunity to Rock with Brian
with that I didn’t I wasn’t even
like we want to talk about that in the
__ don’t make no sense right
it was just like y’all are now
but I was I was doing as Extreme as I
could then and I remember the annals
used to look at me shout out to be on
the value he’d look at me to say
once you just put a hook in here man
like you know
and I’m like yo I I you need a studio I
leave it just the way maybe add balls to
it yeah now if I have to get on stage to
do 100 bars I’m saying I should have
listened to that __
don’t agree I don’t agree and I’ma tell
you why
A Milli a million
yo bro so many records uh Cam’ron uh
three 357 yeah
that was the same Magnum P.I Jones six
foot seven foot I feel like
the structure that they were trying to
put on you wasn’t your structure you
feel what I’m saying yeah if you’d have
did one of those
and I was the single
imagine that uh I don’t know if you want
to push a whole album of that I think
that’s where the a RS was coming from
this is
I don’t think you __ understand
every time you heard this thing you’ve
been spitting like 50 bars on a rapper
that we love this track it’s the
difference between
having a dude
who puts numbers on the board
and and one and then putting them in the
the rules are different doesn’t it
doesn’t take away from the skill fact it
doesn’t mean what he’s doing out there
makes him any less but there’s rules
they got rules in here that you need to
format it like this in order for us to
be successful and you’re a pro now
you’re a pro
you don’t understand how high it gets to
when you start getting to the budgets
you know that’s why you wore one jacket
is that everybody got jackets I want one
of those
you know you got me looking crazy
when it’s budget so we rapping like how
we was rapping it’s always one and on
the group just like I mean where’s the
hook at look how many into some radio
you know you don’t complaining it was
always one and all but that’s my issue
with the industry
when you when you when you sign this guy
you know who the __ he was he wanted
me to change my name off
you say yo change cameras you can’t have
that name you know how scared I was
it’s marijuana yeah yeah yeah it’s
everywhere it’s everywhere that’s the
whole I’m Jamaican right but the whole
thing and I spoke to different yeah but
the whole thing is those kinds of things
are going on we would now
you know what I’m saying thanks to you
there’s so many others right the names
don’t like so many others right battle
rap now is it’s what it would have been
a like a Disney World to me right if it
had happened
right even just to participate not to
dominate but just to torches be so
that’s what it was back then you know I
just didn’t want to hear that man they
didn’t want to have nothing to do they
put a cap on your creativity
but then and we still move numbers to
the records still moved it but
like I said you know screaming on the
mic with Brian McKnight it’s just not
the way to go but what it just said I’m
cannabis right no matter what __
situation you put me in cleft was the
only one he was the only one that’s that
let me just go he’s the only one that
let me go shout out the club now let’s
uh should we
yep it’s now the time
Eminem called you out oh
oh can you say that name on this yes I
can yeah
shout out to Marshall
um definitely gave me a beautiful cosign
early in the game you know what I mean
but he called you out
and for the rest of us it was like oh
__ oh that __ was about to happen
so okay the name you just said
Jesus Christ
it’s just not a name it’s not a person
it’s not just a brand it’s an
you notice by now there’s so much
involved with trying to dance with that
right because when one entity one
institution right pays so many checks
and you know there’s so much riding on
that you know just
his Peace of Mind sit down right make
the records that he made those hits
nobody’s gonna allow you to mess with
his energy his distraction or you know
not even be a problem you know they’re
gonna you know not this situation in
particular but in and you know if we’re
watching a movie what do they do they’re
gonna you know inject you with something
break one arm you know send them throw
you in a ring with them you understand I
mean they mean they need the institution
to be not to say that he don’t get busy
and go for the crown or do what he do
but add you know a billion dollar
company on top of that
right right and to tell you the truth
you know battle rappers battle rap but
the distinction between what I
experienced and what you know I’m sure
some battle rappers experienced this but
I’m not gonna say what label but I had a
six million dollar bounty on if I had a
show for 7 500
that label will pay
the promoter double
right so being that label double to not
book me means that even if I get my
first half for the show right the motor
called back and say hey look we got a
problem with the venue but look just
keep the first half
and they take the double it was paid to
them plus my second half so this was
going on when it was going on I didn’t
because once again I was running around
with blinders on I didn’t understand
institutions and I didn’t even know that
rap had that kind of
thing going on right how did you find
out that was happening to you I’m
assuming the Cool J situation well you
know you know in certain situations you
know whenever I had a homie that’s
smashing one of the broads up there one
of the VPS man and she just told them
you know and then he came back and told
me so so you’re I mean this is this
conspiracy theory is based on a chick
conspiracy theory
I mean I mean how can I prove that
though how could you not will you want
me dragging in here yeah I don’t even
know what she had like oh but I mean not
not just not just one source hold on
we’re just asking why he didn’t shoot
back it and let whatever we well he’s
giving us the answer well yeah well so
no yeah real quick so at that time you
not having the knowledge you have of the
you felt like you wasn’t comfortable
enough or maybe confident enough to go
against him because of the institution
okay good question
I don’t know if you even remember a
record called see True Hollywood stories
I don’t even know if you remember that
everybody you know it’s like the weakest
record probably I ever did it was a
satire album but I don’t know it wasn’t
really received that well did pretty
well for like a little underground
record it’s still selling it’s still on
Amazon right right but at the time
it got me to a lot of trouble like so I
put the record out and I brought Stan
back to life right what year was this
this was 2000
2001 2001 like I took the part where
from the inner Lewis stand was going
crazy and was driving and drove off the
bridge and splashed in the water and I
the interlude started with me during the
rain going to catch the the the the the
plane and I I saw the car crash
happening I said told my man Pac-Man
Sean rack you know what I’m saying shout
out to Big Pac-Man and we drove we drove
we pulled over and we jumped in the
water and brought stand back to showing
Stephen gave him CPR and everything I
wouldn’t do that today because you don’t
want to catch the virus or something you
want to catch the new variant right you
know some fentanyl on you or something
but we brought him back to life right
and then we ran the ad in the source
right it was a 25 000 page act by the
way it was independent right he was
independent and we bought the ads yeah
but we bought the ad and we ran the ad
where Stan was writing a letter to
Eminem to say hey yo how you doing you
know Marshall I’m with cannabis now you
look no hard feelings I’m not mad at you
I just wanted to come out on the road
and he got me on a tour right yeah so we
were looking to make a little bit of
noise off of that so I could really have
stand on the road with me the guy that
took the picture for the album cover his
name is David Anders who’s now like a
super movie star but at the time he just
wanted to use you know canvas can I use
this for my glossies I said fine you
um we were going to go to England we
were in England already when the record
came out we were going to take that
just wrap the van the ambulance make it
look like it was American right get the
tour bus go on tour
175 bands came in back in 0-1
you know the label that said artists we
talking about was on
had Sue selecto hits labeled to put out
the indirect Independent Record sent
them you know something this thick
saying you know if you put this out you
know we’re gonna sue you
all the pages in there was like the
stick was like three 400 pages of stuff
like dealing with Three Six Mafia stuff
like that right but on page so Johnny
Phillips shout out to Johnny Phillips
Senior who was he has like that real
Elvis catalog and stuff he called
Interscope to find out what was how can
you what’s going on right he had our
check right 175 and um
you know when he spoke up there to to
the law legal team up there they said
look go to page 202.
said all right that’s our problem we can
make your problem go away if you make
our problem go away
the Lost cannabis with the page standing
there with it with the C2 Hollywood
stories John they wanted him to not pay
us a dime
so to just make it all go away because
remember I was about to take Stan on
tour I was about to I was about to shoot
a video and oh one the video would have
been a real video right you know 16
millimeter fan film all right you know
we were getting that Celluloid film from
a school school over there that did film
and they had leftover film right we were
getting real 16 million millimeter
Celluloid film right and we were going
to take this 175 I take my cut 50 and
change right and make it happen
that was like kebast why it goes back to
what you’re saying I can’t prove it but
there but obviously man you got your
number one star throw bread man you’re
not gonna allow that to get distracted
with all this we got other stuff we
doing you know you know I can’t I don’t
know if I could get I don’t know if I
hey why didn’t you go to the um Mixie
say again the mixing excuse the mixtapes
so you know funny enough
when I have my publishing deal right I
was supposed to get a second installment
on my publishing and um don’t want to
say the guy’s name because you know he
was chairman of that company at the time
his huge publishing company and um I
signed to them initially because
he said that you always had working
she’s such an incredible writer we
always use it for other stuff you know
voiceovers all that stuff and to tell
you the truth you know I wouldn’t want
to been like the Shrek voice or you know
one of them Darth Vader voices on one of
them just I was into that right and um
assigned to them for that reason because
I knew that I would always have work
outside of
and so
he had said to me same thing you said
when you know my second album this third
album was going to come out universal he
would pay me to record my third album
and he was saying you know you should go
to the mixtape scene
look man I was maybe like 24 25
and I had already pretty much like
you know for the first album I traveled
the world with Cliff like passport has
so many stamps and I had to get a new
passport right I’ve seen so much and
been so many places and knew what rap
can do at a Max Level they’re going back
to the mixtape scene for me it was like
going back local it’s yeah it wasn’t a
bad thing it was just that I knew that
what I’m trying to do because the
internet it was a lot of things I was
trying to do basically what is happening
now with everybody I was trying to do
that then
but that’s what I was trying to do
everything would it take for you to do
this now I was doing that then I my my site had 18 million hits
from September of 97 to September of 98
and it was that traffic was was uh
collected by a company called Alexis
look it up I think Google bought them
that was real I could prove it to you by
bringing in the sheet but the Ink’s
rubbed out you know said right from
Storage like these these are things that
I can’t even prove did you have a
relationship with Dr Dre never met Drake
seen him coming outside of the manger on
one time right never met him never met
him and this was when he got you know
seeing real buffing so I wouldn’t even
have walked up to him when he was coming
he was hopping and look yeah I wasn’t
even on yeah
so make sure this tracks
Eminem calls you out you don’t get back
at him
because of the machine that would have
applied pressure to your career I set a
little underground things said little
things on little songs here and there
yeah but that’s not what we was that’s
not what a God
no he was going to with the whole stand
and they could watch that right and
funny enough for all the real like
YouTube investigators out there you want
to do YouTube forensics at that time
when that record when when all this was
going on a movie came out when we was
waiting for the money because we didn’t
get it done you know what I’m saying
like that selector didn’t send a dime
and um so that was dead I was in London
I had to do shows to get everything back
up to at least be able to you know what
I mean like get keep my flat out there
there was a movie that came out at the
time called changing lanes yeah like
Samuel Jackson have been that’s what I
was going through Ben Affleck that’s
what I was going through slide my card
you know if you remember the movie for
all the YouTube investigators like and I
was I was just like I was smoking a lot
of turtle yo listen to me man you know
that English Turtle
tobacco listen to me man I was going
through it yeah and I’m like you know it
just don’t make no sense let me just go
back to doing what I do basically I
looked at it as a situation where you
know that that stallions left the horse
left the barn you know that that that
that thoroughbred’s gone right there’s
no way and also too I’m gonna eat this
when Eminem When I met him for the first
it was at my video shoot for I honor you
clef told me he was coming I had heard
of him you know I heard a lot about him
knew he rocked with The Outsiders and
stuff I knew he got busy
had no problem with meeting him
at that time it was a newborn on the set
the label was spanking us two weeks
before that to say this newborn there’s
a newborn in the video for our anime he
said when that newborn gets here we’re
charging they’re charging us 400 over
sag every minute for the baby being
there so they spanked everybody prior to
all that when Eminem came out the the uh
you know what I’m saying out there out
the bench started glider wagon he’s with
Jimmy Iovine when he came out the Galata
no more don’t say y’all know what to do
so I was already under that pressure I
remember that part when that happened I
was like wow like this can kind of wait
but and M pushed up to like you know
candles I just want to work with you I
want to do something with you I was told
right before he got there man like not
even five minutes before he got there
that he ghost wrote Ripper strikes back
and all that back then man I was so you
I didn’t know what was going on for real
I had to rely off of what I was being
told especially if it came from a source
that I trusted or what I thought was
reliable well so well at the end of the
day were they reliable sources no
because he didn’t write it and I was
told that and so my conversation with
him was like was like well yo why did
you write that and what did he say then
he said he was embarrassed and said I
didn’t write it and so for the song but
I had destroyed the opportunity of ever
really working with him again because he
really was genuine about how he felt was
going on but at the time
you know we all go through that when we
get in them areas where it’s like you
feel like everybody out to get you right
when you’re dealing with a Titan and now
you don’t know who’s what what’s what
right and this is still a get busy
profession at the time we all rap get on
each other’s um track and take each
other neck bone off you know what I’m
saying it was it wasn’t something we
would like be doing r b but we’re gonna
make love to these girls all right man
you sing that part I’ve seen this part
right let’s talk about killing each
other we talk about doing all kinds
right so so it was not knowing that that
wasn’t true in my mind I was like why
would you do that why would you come
here and want to work so bad with me and
then you ghost wrote that I didn’t know
and so that destroyed everything right
at least that
so you know yeah man and I wisened up
man I wisened up I didn’t I knew that I
knew that there were things where it was
like he get busy you know at that time I
was I was in that lane getting busy on
the mic but you know he also he also had
like just this thing where the stuff
that he was talking about you know
everybody wanted to hear that they
wanted to hear what he said how he said
it there’s a rhyme in there where he
said square dance I said two trailer
park girls run around the outside that
was from the round that I had said from
box cut a Blade Runner so he was doing
things like that saying things in the
rhyme where it was driving me crazy I’m
just keep it all away it was driving me
nuts right you know what I’m saying I
was in Amsterdam in Amsterdam in a red
light district right right and I
remember going to uh you know red light
district right and um you know I used to
go to the mix block the block all the
mixes ups are you know give me the
months right right and sure he had the
ponytails and all that and she was in
the room she grass in there fake grass
and stuff right it had on the tennis
skirt and pigtails and all that and and
I was standing looking through the
window and she ran over to the radio and
she doing
and then she started taking stuff off
the desk because she’s trying to get me
to put money on the window to say hey
that’s you know what I’m saying so as
I’m listening to the music
and then I hear his voice come on right
and his voice commodity
it’s your biggest man and I feel like
he’s talking to me
think about it though right oh you got a
and he starts listening to the lyrics
that’s the first time the song came out
it’s the first time you heard it first
he said I was the first time okay
she was focused on the wrong way you
were such a a so into your craft so you
so so so if you were me you would have
walked in you would have gave it a break
you would have went in there while his
voice was playing it yeah why he’s
talking okay all right all right __
this __ talk about man all right yeah
yo throw my __ throw my __
I’ll give you another five dollars if
you change the song
If you that song was an award-winning
anyway without what it meant to me for
y’all and for the rest of the world that
song was that song was an incredible
song Just songwriting all that anyway
I don’t care what none of y’all say that
record was talking to me because that’s
what happened when I I was rude to him
and then he took his style and his
ability how he write in his mind and he
turned it into that
that’s what was driving me crazy
and you’ll never be able to like be in
denial about it because I lived it is it
because no one else
I understood that it was about you
because he felt like he in that moment
he created a monster
and this monster that it was now getting
the attention and it was my fault that
he was getting but it was my fault it
was my fault it was my fault but at the
time I wasn’t looking at it like it was
my fault I was looking at it like yo my
label need to do more with me or the the
folks that I’m working with need to do
more to push my __ right I didn’t
understand that there’s an institution
involved in you know what I’m saying
that whole craze that whole it was a
tsunami right and that stand record I
don’t care what you’re talking about I
brought him back to life and that was my
way of writing back to say Hey look
you know I I said to you I shouldn’t
have did that but you know what I
brought Stan back to like come on tour
with me that was my way of saying like
yo listen it ain’t over don’t kill Stan
off and they was and whoever was
listening it was mad that I was trying
to bring him back to life right and I
was trying to clean it up the family was
mad I was trying to clean it up it was
it was bad you took you took too long to
respond to that there was a lot going on
underneath all that I feel you because I
knew it was going on on the Block right
I knew but at the same time I wasn’t
thinking about what’s going on the Block
cause I always knew that I had those
Rhymes I was stuck because I couldn’t
make a radio record to contend with that
and that’s where the anr it drove me
facts wait wait hold on I was young
though you ever see him after that you
ever spoke to him after that never man
that would it was that’s that’s what
what he yo listen a lot of artists won’t
say it he’s watching right now
hey thank you all right thank you
because a lot of people throw gas on it
yeah and the truth about it is that you
I tried to clean it up in different ways
but it almost seemed like
the public like me better as an angry
or like he’s saying angry things they
didn’t want to hear me when I did the
song No H’s gold ages gold HIV is
platinum went for the Levi’s soundtrack
with the lighting of the tree downtown
they didn’t want to hear me talk about
those things right they didn’t want to
hit Channel Zero like on a big level I
talked about things in those records
from the first album that today is like
the average YouTuber is talking about
that and he’s serious about it people
was super chatting them and sending them
breaded right yeah I was doing that
thing um
the truth about it is I really just
needed a hug man
it’s true I get it it’s true I think I
loved it Eminem man is you crazy like
his ability man like forget about all
the sales because that’s what will make
thoroughbreds look at each other and
one’s gone because not only are they
gone because of what they could do on
the mic and even if you could catch up
it’s like yo man did you see his trailer
that he’s in did you see the the engine
that’s in there the NASCAR that’s in the
back did you see the helicopter that’ll
take them from one country to the other
did you did you see the they called them
Gulf streams but you know what I mean it
was Jets I only went on a jet that kind
of jet goes through one time but you
know what I mean go see the dollar with
who Clash right clef exposed me to all
of that so you know I was man listen to
me man he didn’t tell you to how to make
radio records cluck was making some of
the best radio records ever you were
actually all one of them so let me ask
you this right
you’ve been in the studio recorded right
yeah songs sure so
some artists
and these are the ones that I admire
you know like to
the artists that can
go in there and make a record
and they just make a radio hit they just
make it a radio hit and the producer
a producer that you just drop your verse
and you leave the studio that’s not what
I wanted to do but I used to really Envy
not jealous of but Envy the artists that
were able to drop a verse and that
producer finished the track
and they come back and it’s a hit
I never had that brother like I never
had that man I just played the tape and
the people listening watching this they
know cannabis never had that man
cannabis just going there they just want
to just rhyme on a record if I don’t put
no hook on it the producer don’t put no
hook on it did it confuse you
the fact that
I’m sure you got signed
based on
what you were doing on the mixtapes what
you were doing on other people’s records
right the reason I got signed is because
we got a production deal right and I saw
an opportunity to be the first artist
signing a production deal because I was
taking care of all the Lost Boys
business in-house every day all day
you know from Uptown to Island Records
you know to you know all the deals in
between oh you know it’s a good place to
say this working for um
Tim Dog Patterson at Uptown records
y’all can look them up if you don’t know
who he is Charles suit I want Charles
Sue Todd Ella B tears
um shout out to group home entertainment
we was called group home entertainment
we had to make calls in order to even
get to use the name because y’all know
the original group homes get busy with
it and you know what I’m saying like
shorty Nutcracker yo they was Maniacs
yeah you had to make calls even
straighten that out all right right
right all right so so now
Tim Dog
Tim Dogg used to have a dab box he was
he was he did that box sit outside his
I would be proactive and go into that
box and listen to music and then put it
on his desk which one is is what he
needed to be listening to I found winter
Wars I was the one that got winning was
the captain Donna going berserk what’s
going on
311 yeah
I remember that that thing yeah I
remember that big that was that __ no
but I heard it first though because I
was the one that put it on dog’s desk
right wow Joe I Wanna Know I wanna know
Hey Joe wherever you at I put that dat
on dogs is he listening yeah Joe
I did that
I’m not saying this to be boisterous or
poking my chest out what I’m saying is I
was doing more for the culture than just
trying to get a deal and come out and
rap I was really in love with music and
coach of the rap and he’s like really
though right Neptunes
I gave Pharrell and his man the five
thousand dollars I told dog to do it to
bring them to the to New York they
already had equipment so when they came
to New York they just never left they
used that money to I guess paid for what
they was doing and I never we never
chase that money back down from them
because Pharrell used to call up there
every day yeah Pharrell Williams matter
of fact when he called up there he’d be
like yo
you know is my my CD up there sometimes
they would send that because they had
that kind of equipment right is my dad
up there you know Pharrell Williams a
confidential Jermaine Williams Island
Records how can I help you oh Williams
we must be brothers then yeah
Pharrell yeah that’s what we said yeah
and you know nobody’ll ever get him to
prove it right but
these things did happen right so imagine
fast forward play the tape and then all
these other things that you might want
to talk about I was already damn man
crazy just looking at who turned into
what and who did what and I’ve been
sitting right here battle rapping with
y’all __ man
everything still turned out good praise
God man praise the most high but the
whole thing is at that time man it
really was like __ with me though I
think I think you know I’ve settled in
into my mode now but at that time I was
trying and you said like somebody’s
saying um
you know a record like just just make a
hit record or just just tell you what to
do they ain’t gonna tell you what to do
they were telling me what to do
but I wanted it rap to be like how it is
now where y’all get to do whatever y’all
want to do and have a podcast and do all
that I wanted that then nobody was
helping me man I spent six figures in
bandwidth back then phone number
718-212-914 you know we had to pay to
make them calls phone bill was like
eight racks a month
yeah this is what I was doing and not
for myself I was doing that I was paying
everybody’s bills for the money that
came in from the shows and so forth
soundtracks but we would jump and rope
but I had wanted everybody to speed up I
remember one time I think it was you
Nori maybe I was talking about how I had
a laptop or something yeah I wasn’t a
nerd __ running around yeah I wasn’t
a nerd __ running around with a
computer right what happened was
I could get them down quicker in the
computer than I could write them because
it’s just keystroke and I did know how
to type if that’s nerdy all right man
but that’s I mean I swear to the world
now yeah usually you don’t walk in the
studio and they’re like I I I’m almost
done with my verse
but look at everybody now right
that’s I and I and and that’s really
you’re giving me that you were ahead of
your time but it was a problem and
you’re giving me an opportunity to get
that oh you gave me a hug y’all gave me
a hug listen to me
this is what I wanted we appreciate what
you did for the coaches I get it late
but I get it late but it was worth it
well you being cannabis even when I say
a little slick __ on the show
I could cry though for real I got a hug
yeah from everybody
and I got to say to um what I’ve never
been able to say you can’t even say that
to a middleman right I I spoke about how
I tried to clean it up with you know
what I mean and yeah yeah well you gotta
understand your persona to the people
that don’t know you right is
almost like the Persona will not
necessarily put on me but they think a
battle in Seasons we’re me we’re just
mean people you know what I’m saying so
anybody that that’s thinking about
coming to Canada this is feel like oh I
gotta be like this or I got to talk to
them this way because that’s what he’s
gonna respect because that’s what he
does and you did a lot to fuel that
perception yeah tons I mean look let’s
see you know what man that sounds great
you know but look man
I didn’t uh
I didn’t I didn’t really I didn’t really
jump out the window and kill nobody no
I’m saying I didn’t I didn’t uh you
killed a couple careers no I don’t think
so okay but the whole thing is this like
music video really man
our cloth the ones we came up in our
drill sessions and how we did it
Bruce Lee not to say we Bruce Lee but
lyrically we’ll put his name and we’ll
do all his moves lyrics Bruce Lee when I
say we I mean like battle rappers man
every battle rapper knows who Bruce Lee
is no matter how old they are what was
cheeks part of this regiment no Bruce
Lee is the name of the guy Bruce Lee the
great you know I’m saying martial arts
what I’m saying like as you were doing I
mean we I mean I mean everybody right we
would put Bruce everybody knows who
Bruce Lee is you know who Clint Eastwood
is you know Rambo is right the the
aggression the things that we will Fuel
and somehow turn it into a rhyme or what
have you right Bruce Lee used to sit in
um before he got injured I read this and
he’s sitting in his backyard with his
with his wife and his children
and sometimes you know you know when you
go to La and you’re around La you’re
running around you start to notice these
high walls or these high uh bushes that
they cut thick bushes that they cut I
don’t know the name of the plant but
yeah the hedges but the but they cut
them in a way that you can’t just jump
through the bush right and you can’t see
who’s on the other side you might hear a
voice you know it could be MJ back there
you don’t know so you know people would
jump his gate they find his address and
they jump his gate and then they deserve
him while he was sitting with his child
and his wife he’s been like you know I
want to spar with you right and so Bruce
I mean he probably feel like how we
would feel sometimes when somebody is
just ready for that spawn session right
you’re not yo can this weight you know
like what are you doing
imagine like how that is
with rap
everywhere man you know what I’m saying
just imagine how that is you know I’m
not saying I’m Bruce Lee I’m not saying
that but she wasn’t being called out
yeah because I was outside of Hardcore
all night
I was there waiting so that the
challenge is the best you know what I’m
saying like
and you know I had some bad boys who be
there in them days man it wouldn’t have
been good man because they always be
like blood clot marker rapper when I was
sitting under that you know
double action 45 on they didn’t want
them because they knew that it they knew
that it took me out my zone to perform
later on right with doing stuff that had
to do with money and for them you were
the institution you were the machine you
were the person who was feeding all
these people I was just a cash cow so
they circled the wagons to protect you
the same way you were describing them
and them being protected just a cash cow
not an Institute I wish I was an
institution well no no if you’re paying
the bills that’s an institution wasn’t
paying the bills
what’s it paying the bills just being a
little check that could come in and they
could learn the bigger money through I’m
trying to show you how small on the on
the totem pole you know what I’m saying
I was at the time like these __
already had bread man they just needed
some way to clean it right so those
these are the things it was like man I
was trapped you hear me all I could do
was rap so let me break this up
so the people around
didn’t have an interest in your career
they had an interest on how they could
use it every rapper that comes from the
Block I’m from Jamaica right but every
rapper that comes from
you know less than sophisticated and
humble beginnings right had that you
know that money guy that would pay for
Studio or you know make sure you get in
and out of you can and after that
beautiful voice
that makes them Rhymes man yeah Kenny
had nothing happened to that that hand
that writes those Rhymes you know
so that was everywhere you know but I
had a team yeah I mean and that team was
also even a threat of sorts two folks
that was out and maybe someone just
leave that alone
you know and I was in the middle of it
man you know
well all right I want to go back even
because I feel like a lot of uh
apprehensions in the way that you view
was a result
of being in the industry it kind of like
all right I’m I’m that guy now it’s my
life is changing all this stuff is
around me now I’m going through this
particular situation it’s a situation I
want to talk about
um you’re doing legendary Cycles
what we call Cycle records
right you get a call for four three two
what happens
locate 4321 long time ago
did you get a call
more like I went up to the studio Jamel
took me up to the studio
I know there’s violated pitches
everywhere so I’m not sure what studio
it was it wasn’t one of the studios I
was recording in or had recorded in
before and
a little bit uh
you know uh
Dave Lighty was there he’s my favorite
lady Dave you know what I mean and uh
and Mike Mike was real young there you
know God bless you know what I’m saying
um like God bless him you know what I’m
saying right to Paradise but Dave was my
favorite right because Dave didn’t have
any type of
it didn’t matter to Dave one way or
another if if he would if he was
assisting me or helping me like get
through a tough moment or anything Chris
on the other hand hands on you know you
know L was on violator right so Chris
you know and that was baby Chris from de
la or Chris been doing it his whole
life you know he was he yo you know I
want to send a shout out to the energy
and the entity and the essence of Chris
Lighty Chris Lighty was our president
you know what I mean you hear me like
Chris lady I said if nobody want to see
it because lady was our president
in what way he was our president Chris
Lighty was the one man that could make a
phone call and get anybody bred right
now legit make him make your music do
whatever make a problem go away legit
make everything Chris Lighty was the one
to do it you know get this bill passed
get that bill passed push it through
Congress whatever type of terminology
Chris Lighty was the guy
nobody’s been able to do it shout out to
DJ red alerts he gave us a lot of
insight on the early years of Chris like
oh he did yeah oh yeah on the episode
oh yeah they were really you know watch
that I gotta and y’all y’all did that
already yeah I did it I gotta watch that
one shout out the Red Alert yeah or so
Chris Lighty yeah Chris lighting is in
the building and you know important
of God he was dead
and I’ma say this because herb not gonna
be mad because look at him now right
herb was like you know whatever X needed
Irv got it for him when I showed up Irv
was telling me like yo cannabis man what
are you doing what’s up like yo listen I
got Peach I got that we need to talk so
we saw because your Earl was trying to
build murder ink at that time but nobody
else knew what Earth was going to end up
doing right you don’t say herb was on it
with me like the way he was talking to
me I couldn’t even you know say wrap my
mind around what he was saying right
because I was just saying man like maybe
I could just get on this record
yeah 10 years in the future
youth is crazy man you know so
what was the reception when you walked
in the building well I was surrounded by
Def Jam you know what I’m saying now and
one thing I want to point out man we got
Cali Ranch in the building you know what
I’m saying former Dead game recorder you
know what I’m saying you got blacks man
you feel me and Def Jam he’ll tell you
anybody that really worked up there tell
you that gym had a conference room most
labels had a conference room but their
conference room was called the War Room
that’s what they called it anybody from
that time whatever they’ll call it the
war room I don’t know a label that had
anyone called the war room right Def Jam
was strategic about everything they was
and I was told that there was a board in
there with a magic mark on it with a
line down the middle right everything
DMX is doing on the left side everything
I was doing on the right side and they
to it you know date mixtape coming out
cool mixtape that’s where
the first one where to DMX cannabis tape
it was written on exercise and they
would cross it off as he would finish
his thing across mine off that’s how
they were studying it Def Jam yeah
that’s why that’s why they made so much
bread and that’s why I mean let’s just
keep it all the way up bro right Def Jam
comedy when I was at item records
right 10 dogs all suit I remember
who used to get passes to go across go
down to go do the Dutch and comedy just
sit in the crowd Clap The Artist you you
were probably doing that too clapping in
the audience sitting there
looking at the comics and __ right
like he used to give us the passes to go
right now we go down there and do it
yourself the muscle we won’t get paid to
do it but there was no press button
sample alas it was real he had the
culture come down and do it all right
you know thank you very much coming out
was a good night right but I’m sure that
a lot of that Mega bread came from
selling that catalog many years later
right meaning that’s where a lot of
bread comes from not necessarily just
the music because you got all those
tapers all those Superstar Comics yeah
it belongs to you you own it so you see
what you’re doing here
I know that you know you’re on your way
to that right but you gotta know
you got to know that that’s what you’re
on the way to even if you just got all
the content right and the thing about it
is everybody gets to be rich not just
one dude because there’s so much of it
because them calls come in man it’s not
just a Netflix call or what have you man
it’s gonna be a call where it’s like
everybody you feel me but
and so that’s what he did back then
while everybody was just trying to enjoy
the laughs and the tough so four three
two one I was surrounded by that in that
you know and aside from jamel’s by
myself I didn’t have nobody for my label
you know when you walked in you didn’t
know prior to that right your name was
on the board like their office right so
let me show you what happened right your
L you’re about as big as him right stand
first time I meet LL Cool J right no he
didn’t do that
he didn’t do that man stop it
when I met him right so watch this right
your l oh I’m cannabis right
when when we greet
however you feel no I’m I’m Ill you’re
cannabis okay but however we greet yeah
just just just go along with it because
this is how I really am I swim my
heartbeat right okay but what up baby
what up baby girl what’s good baby so yo
I hear you out there he’s good at that
though right huh
what’s up
I mean what’s up though what you doing
right huh see you you already acting
weird look at you man
no but that I can only say that just
leave it at that and I tried to do the
record I got on the record and then the
rest of it went crazy okay y’all know
the rest of the story but I’m happy to
show you that part glad you give me an
opportunity to show that but that’s
details that I don’t know like because
he did when you laid your verse
the first time
no he wasn’t there did you mean did you
mean all right and I didn’t make it
first that night right I did another
record on the album It’s called get
money or something when the phenomena
album I can’t remember it has something
to do with get money right and I did
that record and Buster was on the hook
with me and I don’t remember
I don’t remember what the name of that
but it’s not I’m on that record it’s my
in the credits right so and that’s what
we did that night and he was like you
know we’ll see what’s up come through
maybe do something else and if 421
happens now did you did you grow up like
looking up to oh of course man is you
crazy like like you know what I’m saying
you know what I’m saying like nine shots
to Dawn radio you know what I mean like
walking with a pant down bad like are
you crazy you know what I’m saying like
that was actually the first rap record
guys I memorized
you’re not your mind like because he
could do it all he was a do-it-all you
know I’m saying a do-it-all MC or you
know you know artist it was more it was
bigger than an artist to me at that time
he was also young right through it all
he was like do it all but he was the
Persona like if he was the trace
my DNA right as far as like liberal
abilities and all that and Trace yours
it would lead back somehow right to El
kuji someone was the guy that was like
some of it got anybody some of it gonna
be there right but let’s you know what
I’m saying like let’s not just run out
to the thorn bush Barefoot like he was
Rock him right his G Rap right it was
Kane we talked about this no no but
there was so many that got bigger that
got busy though at least at least
compared to now no now it’s like it’s
just it’s it’s just everybody get busy
right right but back then there was
there was at least like at least about
two dozen MC’s I mean you had Show
Business AG you had Big L you had you
had uh Das effects even though that that
style you know I think I think it age
well in terms of creativity but you know
now but nobody’s rapping like that no
more but they were getting busy but I
said they confused you in a cipher you
have Southern dwellers you had uh you
had uh you had these will Don the
governor you had red man you had Keith
Murray you had little Jamal right you
know so you had some Wicked dangerous
MCS if you wasn’t watching yourself you
get on the track and they’ll make mince
meat of you right yes but the Persona of
these MCs
just being honest
Mama Said Knock You Out
was a single
look you think what I’m saying I run
with you all day L was a superstar right
an ultra Star right so no
lyrical __ didn’t have that that
Essence with L had we all know that
though right right we all know that okay
so so but seeing that because you’re
seeing were you trying to be in other
videos and then were you trying to
Hoodie in the middle of the of the Ring
like I’m like were you trying to beat it
I wasn’t trying to be that was you
trying to be that yes I was trying to
beat it oh yeah all right so now no more
I know I couldn’t be that right because
I wasn’t I knew I couldn’t be that look
at me do I look like that like like come
on man that thing’s about to look it’s
everything it’s everything it’s
everything so so like you’re meeting
this guy trying to look like Mama Said
Knock You Out video second round looked
like David against Goliath man that’s
what that was that was that was that was
literally point it out point it out yes
please he was in the ring uh-huh it’s a
lot of boxing references Tyson was in it
but but you you did that
a lot of boxing training he was working
out she was running entertainment this
is for the block I had to make it
entertain and I had to put I put a piece
of chicken on a stick
to get the panther to go back and forth
in the cage because you can’t order it
to do it right so I had to put the
chicken on the stick and walk back and
for the kid to meet the pen to go like
you know what I mean I had to be
entertained I had to make it be what I
wanted to what I wanted it to look like
but did you did you what did you realize
yeah did you know I was going to end up
well first first did you know it was
going to end up going there after your
initial verse we never got after we
never got it you won yeah four three two
one like I’m Gonna Keep it all away but
second round knockout it had went to
different levels by the time I did
second mind knockout like I had tried to
you know what I mean like you know I was
what 19 20. you know what I’m saying I
don’t think I was maybe I was 21. but I
knew that I was trying to smooth it out
as best I could because you did the
video but if you know anything about
Elsie you talking to me I just shake
your hand you didn’t know what to do
when you was canvas and I was Ill just
now you didn’t even know what to do
you didn’t know what to do and you’re a
pro now you’re a pro yeah and you still
didn’t know what to do back then I know
you wouldn’t know what to do I didn’t
know what to do right and so I tried to
you can’t even talk to him like back
even now
you can’t even talk that man how are you
gonna talk to you Who you gonna call me
back then no I could you can’t I can’t
yeah but now yeah I’m not talking about
now talk about sitting back door but
back then yeah okay we’re looking for
you didn’t have no ties you didn’t have
I love you but that was not that kind of
guy you must don’t know him do you know
no you don’t know man you know I don’t
know him like broke bread with him but
I’ve been around I’ve been around the
morning you probably I don’t know maybe
I’m not sure now
I don’t know right right but but the
point of this is what you’re getting
that is
it was all in his court
in terms of I was a youngin all I wanted
to do was rap right he knew that
everybody in the studio knew it
everybody knew I just wanted to rap
right red man let me get on the jump
through 50 bars and rap right don’t
touch let me get on there and rap they
can’t even say what the __ you want to
say man to go home man I’m still who I
am right when it got to the point where
it felt like it was a squeeze
why do you think it was a squeeze
I mean getting left out of the videos
good you know maybe indicator that they
don’t want you in it all right you know
being in LA and shooting the whole four
three two one and then you know not
being in it you shot that original joint
with them in the same room four did you
want yeah the video I remember you had
the football thing in the in the second
video that had Master P in it there’s
only one video with me in it right
that’s what I’m saying I wasn’t even
there I’m like I I was in LA I got flown
out to LA because you know there was a
skiff between the big wigs and they
finally agreed to put me in it man and
there was an argument because they
didn’t want to pay for my flight my
ticket to come and see y’all scratching
at wounds and scabs it’s like it was
right now I already have nothing to do
with this but it did happen right and
and I wasn’t out there with the original
shooting of it that’s why when y’all
asked Red Man’s on YouTube Reggie’s like
yeah you know yeah oh yeah yeah L wasn’t
having and all that man like nobody else
must really talk about it I don’t really
want to talk about it like did you see
he was on the Grammys last night yeah
you know what I mean right so I don’t
want to be you know I don’t want it to
look like you know what I mean I don’t
want but not in that way you know
because I love it all and I’m gonna take
I’m gonna say this about that whole
situation right
we all know what you know I’m saying
Mayweather is right we all know what he
did for boxing right everybody got the
opinion of him and Zach that fight or
Ali and Frazier right everybody got the
opinions about it the question is what I
would want people to apply to I don’t
want anybody to do anything people do
what they want to do but what I would
say about that is Frasier
phrase is a champion right even though
he lost that one right I’m asking you I
don’t know it’s your Israel it’s Frasier
it’s Joe Frazier Champion or not
why is it so hard for people to just
look at it that way with the second
round knockout like why why is it so
hard for them to just say you know why
they want to come sit at my table during
you know saying Thanksgiving and say
around the table with my family neighbor
that I’m not a champion well why do they
want to drive home that point or why do
they or why would they why would they
want to not just leave that alone and
look at it like you know what two
Champions did they think one Champion
was really the champion and went on and
then that other Champion can still do
his thing too instead it becomes an
anvil of sorts you know and if the hug
just stops with a hug but then it turns
into a night to the back you know what I
mean that’s happened to me too you know
what I mean so I’m not new to this man I
I get what you’re saying yeah so in the
realm of battle rap um
let’s say that the new battle rapper
he’s fired
body and __
you get a couple tweets like yo I want
to see him versus you
it’s your life can’t put in that much
work but y’all got that much faith in
this thing
so when you meet him it’s like
a massage you are
who me saying that no man yeah when I
meet that battle rapper I’ma size him up
because people already thinking
so that first initial meet
it’s a size up it ain’t gonna be you
know what I mean it’s gonna be weird you
know what I mean we’re gonna make it
weird because I’m sorry that was crazy
though you didn’t even know what to do
but you get what I’m saying at 19 years
old yeah fresh in and you’ve been
spoiled because everybody else just let
you do what they want yeah
you’ve been spoiled you’re not used to
that energy from somebody like him nah
no way man there’s no way because
it’s the same kind of energy yeah you
feel me that’s what he’s doing how did
you end up in a ring in your video and
how did he end up
energy but I had to make it entertaining
at the same time no no I ain’t mad at
that because because it was it was for
hip-hop it wasn’t too
I had no you know I was too young to
even be thinking about playing chess
that way but right but innately um
that’s what you both was at
you dig me yeah it’s just it’s just that
my friend when you when you’re the type
of person that’s like yo I’m gonna
devote myself to my crap I’m gonna be
the best any place I go I’m smoking __
there’s some people would just be like I
just want to write a good song
I just want to be able to you know rap
to the lady
I mean I want to build Woodhead I want
to work with with uh Uncle John or
and then these the __ yeah that’s
like I Wanna smoke everybody know this
and when those __ meet yeah
it’s a size up whether the
whether the new battle rapper knows it
or not he might be a fan of man father
you know math you don’t understand them
but I’m looking at him like __ you
ever in your life you know what I’m
saying come __ you ever in your life
think that you gonna come stand in front
of me I will crush you that’s in my head
you did what I’m saying hey look you
know what look man I’m Jamaican man I
got whipped a lot as a child dog like I
didn’t need that kind of extra I just
didn’t need it right I don’t know what
you talking about in the life
that __ made me uncomfortable right
but follow me even as a child follow me
down here he’s adoption you said your
name was on the board
you’re not even at that level
roll the pieces together
sizing you up and then you say
you know that might go y’all let me
borrow that
my __ if I’m already in the talking
about the mic we talked about the mic
I asked right I asked that night right
because I did that record with the with
the get money track right and I asked
him what did you straight cheese like
I asked him about the mic I said yo that
Mike she’s always talked about that Mike
Mr Cheeks was talking about the mic on
the road in the van and the other week
he was talking about Mike that you know
not they was talking about tattoos
dopest tattoos in hip-hop
this would have been like what 93 392
yeah I was in high school in 92. she’s
been like 93-94 cheeks was talking about
that so in 90 seven when I saw it I was
I was being a fan man or being like a
I said that to someone oh
Jinx always talked about that Mike it
really is Wicked Man look
what if I got one of those you would be
you would be vexed you know would you be
mad if I got one after I’d already done
the hook he was like yo stack it baby
and I stacked the hook and he loved the
song Get Money song so I thought maybe I
could ask right and I did right
he said he said you don’t go baby yo you
could get that man you don’t say as long
as you rapping you can get that right as
long as you wrap it as long as you rep
it how was you supposed to I didn’t
think that he meant all right yo we’re
gonna battle for 25 years
I had no clue
I guess that’s what it meant you know
what I mean but that’s not what happened
but but I’m saying like bro
I get it
you know people try to say not to take
certain things personally
and Shout the little buses because I got
this from him he was like get old people
saying some people hand you a pumped up
contract or whatever uh you’re not
supposed to take it personally because
it’s business
but if your business supports your
and how do you not take it personally
this became an issue for a lot of people
in the battle culture where a battle rap
match would become real beat listen to
him you think what I’m saying so now you
gotta understand uh this million dollar
budgets with y’all too
everybody’s talking
how do you not
becoming that mentality of oh no this is
really warm
it’s really warm I saw YouTube
I saw YouTube uh video with uh
but um
DMX in a school the fat man in schools
asking X who were his top 20 artists of
all time rappers get busy lyrical right
um you know I’m saying uh
he said you like three times right right
all right snap tell them what happened
but but but I but make sure you you say
how school left my name out G yeah but X
yeah X said your name at least three
four times
and he had to remind him and then keep
right that’s why he kept saying your
name now thank you I remember that but
the thing was
when school was mentioned in the other
names he mentioned the name of the
well now we’ve been talking about
institutional names now because it’s
another institutional name right so
when he mentioned that name he mentioned
that name second
in the lineup so why would he say my
name then
you can’t say my name he’s not allowed
to say my politics up he’s not allowed
to the politics but this is something
that you can’t prove right and this is
something that you can’t really you
sound crazy walking around talking like
that and I really don’t mind because why
ask God bless his soul right he said it
you see because God is really here right
he’s really here he’s not doing other
things sometimes he come down check up
on things right and make sure that
there’s a balance to things right and I
gotta tell y’all right now even this
show this feels like a balance because
it’s cleaning up a lot of things
and at the same time
hip-hop is still better off for this and
not worse off right whenever it’s
becoming the lake about to be worse off
for things because look there’s other
podcasts I could go to that you know
things will be worse off we know these
other podcasts you go to you know yeah
it’s gonna be drama yeah you let me
bring in my own Malibu and pineapple
I mean force feed me anything right and
so and you allow like just natural speak
and when you’re talking in the battle
rap thing how
that energy could go left go sour yeah
that’s the realest thing you should do
I’ll be down to do anything with you to
let’s let’s come up with it with a you
know you know you know you know anger
addiction prevention you know rap rap
you know battle rap Prevention Hotline
or something man because look dude
what’s going through it you know what
what really has to happen
is they have to see me and that person
shake hands right then everybody ah
right and I can be his fan again
right I had to stop because of my
but I really like them you know what I
mean but I had to stop because of my
loyalty but with the when Once those
hands shaking it’s like yo man good __
__ good __ that’s when everybody
else go
that’s when the Entourage it was like
this the whole time ago
yo man yo good __ you know what I mean
Sandy facts and the thing is you’re
saying it you proved it tonight several
times to me right you proved it to me
you’ve been through a lot you’ve been
through a whole lot rolls above right
you still got a lot more to do we all do
you know what it is pressure increases
right right
what you did you did that tonight the
question is man and what we want to
oppose all the youngest watching this is
don’t take too long to do it
you know I’m saying life is fleeting
yeah it’s my 25th year anniversary
Grammys the Grammys last night was a
50-year anniversary right we all put
into that you all of us we put in to the
hip-hop thing right you know the genre
the culture the you know the phenomenon
of Music this this music that nobody
owned and nobody controlled and then
model you came out and then it got you
know it went through slavery but you
know you know I basically our rights
movement right right but
don’t let it take too long man like it’s
not really worth it like that’s what I
can say like in terms of the you letting
these Rhymes come to life
you got to know that
look I was there you know when when uh
we know the album cover life after death
came in the room and they were looking
at it the biggie standing behind the
hearse it it made me just like I was
just so scared for him
ready to die look it does look spooky
I saw it it looks Ghostly
took the pictures and they came in they
put it on the table when they were
cutting it with that thing and they
would they would they were shaping up
the you know shaping up the page and um
I was over there the dad probably
listening to Joe so I win Awards right
and they say yo will come look at this
and I came and said you don’t want to
see it it’s hot I came over there I
looked and I was standing behind on
looking and they looking and it was hot
but as I got close and I looked at it
I did say to myself man on my heartbeat
I said to myself
I don’t know if he’s gonna make it
I said that as a as a youngin looking at
it because I instinctively knew ready to
die we was all ready to die somewhere or
another we all hopped in that that car
that that 90 that 80 that 82 Chevette
that the tires so bought a mosquito bite
is going to bust you over with you know
what I’m saying like we all did that to
get to a show a a performance you know a
talent show or something showcase
but I knew that ready to die was an open
and close like classic it’s open and
close start with a heartbeat and with a
heartbeat life after death looked like
something else to me the artwork that is
um the dial was dope with the artwork
and so
don’t wait too long don’t make things
like that and flirt around flirt with
them energies and make things yeah and
then take too long
so you don’t say you know what maybe I
should you turn with this that’s all
that’s all really but there’s nobody
that’s telling brothers that man
okay he’s speaking in cold what he’s
saying is he don’t got no beef
you know what I’m saying we all part of
this thing hip-hop that we love
50th anniversary
to Hatchet whatever it is
an art it was supposed to be art it
wasn’t supposed to take form and become
I can’t I can’t show him love I can’t
show him love it wasn’t supposed to be
that we were supposed to step the __
back and enjoy it
wow that was dope wow that was dope okay
everybody’s good let’s go home
I wasn’t supposed to turn into
stay over there I can’t it’s my man but
I get it you know what you are now all
of you because I watch you I watch y’all
in here you know what y’all are now
below Cuba lingo be like yeah
that’s what all of you are I’m trying to
get the triple OG status man in order to
get there we have to help each other at
them heights yeah it’s a way different
kind of you know ground to run on in a
way different way to jump rope it’s not
no OG way when you get there
by giving people
all right the same opportunities you was
given Triple G status
if you put people in position
that’s when you trip worse we’re going
to take a five minute break
rappers got bars I can hang with the
got your baby mama

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sometimes I gotta be as plain as
possible so people just
gravitates I know you different from the
artist I’m gonna say his name I know
you’re different from that artist but
The Duality you talking about I’m like
Yay right
yay producer also rap we know that the
Beats is a certain way and then what do
you say rhyme-wise it’s kind of like you
know what I mean like you understand
them first when he in that zone but then
he got me and Jay-Z producer did the
beach and then this billionaire
croissant and then trying to do the
politics thing and then there’s a lot of
__ going yeah that’s a lot that’s a
lot going on but but it’s all part of
him so it’s like yeah but hold on but
but now you like you were saying and
orange so when it comes time to make
that album
which one are you going to be or you’re
going to be all of them it starts to get
crazy can’t help but be all of them
whether you’re going to be on your new
music I’m curious I want to know me me
I’m always successful yeah the answer is
I’m gonna be the guy that knows a lot
more than the guy that you met yeah the
right thing and all on your team the
right people on your team at that time
when you were 19 years old it’s more
that goes into it than just picking
beats first of all they have to
establish a level of trust with you
whereas a 19 year old is going to look
at you and go
what you tell me to do
I’m gonna trust you and do that right
and that that’s that’s the start because
otherwise I’m gonna do what I want to do
that’s the artist’s attitude I’m gonna
do what I want to do the __ are you
talking about you don’t know me you
don’t know nothing I’m gonna do what I
want to do all right okay
they can’t work with this kid I can’t
work with them you gotta let him do what
he’s gonna and he’s gonna fall in his
face a bunch of times you just gotta
hope that one time when he fall into
place you don’t do too much of them you
don’t break his nose into his brain
maybe he just lose a couple people he’ll
come back that’s a bad artist like me I
didn’t do that I went to Rock Gym crib
five times five days in a row before he
would even do the record with me first
two days he didn’t talk to me I didn’t
say you were satin corner like this man
roll this blunt from this rock it’s
always one badge to him back then maybe
the third day they passed the one to me
right so I already knew how to behave
around my elders man stuff you talking
about I don’t really know
why artists would do that he’s just
running into a brick wall man you’re
gonna kill yourself I’m taking examples
from your story so yeah so to try to be
successful and when it came time to like
rock him to do the record they would say
hey my deep my aunt all kept asking
because nobody was allowed to go and
send me
Dino was like yo how much do I want for
the track I said I don’t know every day
he asked me I don’t know I don’t know he
said he’ll ask him I asked him wow
so he said so he said man just ask him
so I never did
Dino had to go ask him where I said yo
talk to Bert so Bert is 112 with a
everybody right so so verse said eight
came back said he won eight I went to
Eloise Brian Brian University told
Eloise to cut Rod check for 13.
I’m saying that’s on my heartbeat why
because I really did like love rise or
Lyricist if he wanted eight eight to
take care of some __ to get straight
to 13 so do what you want to do that was
my I had a budget that was my way you
know what I’m saying and I did that with
all G Rap all of the __ I loved I
really like came out the pocket to deal
with it especially when I had a budget I
was Reckless with the budget because
that was one minute showing that yo
there’s no lip service I really like I
really look up to you without having to
say that more than once or twice right
right so being the being successful part
I get it it’s just that line of The
Duality what you’re talking about where
you wanna that’s why I was saying to you
like I really do want to be a part of
something where not like the carers want
y’all to build the nation the hip-hop or
the temple hip-hop and never get built
something that like this is a landmark
y’all should know that this is a
landmark and and and you you do gotta
like have a like a timeout like the ivy
people have a time-out zone or safe
space right for for our folks because
they get jammed up man where it’s like
they gotta Flex with the runs we chose
bigger than that dude yeah it’s not
about no Rhymes you probably one of the
only ones that made it through the
battle circuit to this name another one
it ain’t happened
names is different
I look at names he’s got on because what
he did and what have you struggle but
remember that whole the Everlast the
Vinnie past the Ill Bill they kind of
get like a pass to you know go they can
go overseas and get with a DJ scribble
or go do a tour for years and come back
with bread and then they have to jump
rope the way that we did right so it’s
necessary to create that kind of safe
space because we don’t really have
a fallback or a safety net and a lot of
people all __ do got is rap
no I mean I’m a captain you know what I
mean I can capture My Yacht and pull up
to that __ I’m not I’m just I’m
telling you that’s the reality right I
could literally pull up __ gonna be
with their phones like yo
who’s that that’s cannabis and I can
pull up and play second round just
ignorant __ right I’m not gonna do
that but I can’t do it though man but I
would have done it without anybody help
see that’s the difference between like
what I went through God was really on my
back I’m learning lessons and things
that I had to go through right but I’m
trying to give back too it’s just
difficult for me to give back without
the co-sign because then it looks like
oh you just trying to sell records or
you just trying to I don’t know clean it
up or so the code sign is important I
don’t feel like you need a co-sign I
feel like
is more of
you just need
an area of no conflict
you think what I’m saying and in the
same way that you looked at the life
after death cover and you was like y’all
know if you’re gonna make it
listening to your Rhymes you had to know
I don’t know if people are gonna like
really __ with me because I’m
basically __ on everybody on a
record you think what I’m saying I’m
putting off this Persona like I’m better
than you the reason I said the wrong the
greatest rapper of all time down on
March 9th I didn’t say it because I was
trying to capture a moment that __ I
would have been crazy to say for that
reason I appreciate thank you for that
line by the way I said it because I was
in 10 dog Patterson’s office
went Park when he called Puff on the
jack on the Star Tech razor jump and
puff answered the phone he was on the
speed boat and hypnotized it was on the
speedboat I heard the helicopter he said
yo baby I can’t hear you talk up he was
on a speedboat and he was like yo man we
too said we puffles Sykes man he was
happy he’s like yo man yesterday I was
driving backwards in the drop e __
wait till you see it I’ll do 80 miles an
hour he was hyped right and he said yo
homie I’m gonna send I’m gonna send you
the footage so
I said and this is on my heartbeat
apartment for you I said
I said
that’s what I said to dog now remember
I’m just intern a man is Lost Boys
co-man is lost but I’m an intern dog
really listened to me he took the phone
tell him to come home
because it was hot at that time right
for him out there in L.A right and I see
a little time to come obviously yeah so
Daddy so look so we try to y’all got
like what one more day to shot it’s a
rapper said nah we got two more days in
the shot just Puffs in so he said all
right so look so after that y’all
wrapping up coming up after three days
he said nah __ we out here for two
so then dog was like two weeks it’s like
yeah we got Awards and __ to go
through all that I’m sitting in the room
yeah me man I’m looking at them old ass
phones with the intercom __ right puff
used to throw a lot of those against the
wall you know saying so the temp dog
__ get angry right and I said I said
so I stopped saying anything
I wasn’t saying that no more like a week
later a couple days later what happened
I said it because of that that’s why I
wrote that line because it was just so
close to home
you know a woman you’re on the speedboat
and you in LA and everything’s good and
then the next minute you know what I
mean the whole world is going crazy
because you know what I mean it’s like
over he had to pop
so I saw how it goes too far right and
it’ll be brothers into being like
I’m one of them __ I’m still that
guy right tell him to come home man tell
him to go ahead and fix that up you know
and smooth that out fix it up you know
what I mean and I know that there’s
there’s there’s things that is trying to
prevent Brothers like me like how you
got to this you got to this first down
touchdown really Super Bowl kind of
thing from from from being that that
different Wing it’s an option it’s an
exit on the highway that __ get on
the highway and can’t get off you gotta
provide that for them
yeah you gotta provide it for them a
little time out for roadside assistance
yeah you know what I’m saying yeah I
ain’t gonna deviate no more but yeah
well I gotta I wanted to talk to you
about something
that after you know smoke cleared
I can see how
the industry and the experience that you
had in it
was really conflicted
how did you get to the point where you
I’m going to join the Army
the towers happened
changed New York forever yeah
even though
that listen to rap music who’s able to
escape the reality of what happened in
New York and what how it was going to
change both the USA and the world
was able to escape through rap some
people probably don’t even remember
you know the towers and how that changed
America and the rest of the world
forever because they were busy doing
something else rap music was one of
those you know distractions
I was in the in a situation where
you know I had to be kind of serious
because I used to live right over there
across the across the water Jersey City
the place called Avalon Cove
65 55 Avalon Cove not too far from
Newport Mall
in the gym over there in the treadmill
not like I needed the cardio but I go in
there because I was paying like 3 400 a
month and I was I figured why not if we
go in the gyms think up the equipment
for a little while right when I used to
jog I was looking at Windows of the
world the towers
you know what I mean so and I I did for
the Spin Magazine I took a shot where I
flew around they took the door off West
Side Highway that little helicopter
joint I had to take the door but they
took the door off and I was hanging out
the __ Chopper in front of
the towers so I took all that serious
and in my mind I was thinking to myself
you know what
I need to do something else before I get
too old
I at that time I thought that this rap
thing the issues with the institutions
was never going to go away it was so
heavy I was like you know what I’m still
young enough I can still Sprint I can
still you know what I can still get busy
a little bit like physically and what
have you so I said man I’m gonna I’m
gonna go ahead and take this little
ASVAB test you know and I want to fly
Jets I was so serious about it I went to
Westchester New York Westchester Yonkers
men to go get laser surgery for six
bands you know I mean three bands I I
was so serious right about a second
best doctor in the world he had the
steadiest hands in the world eye doctor
cut the corneal flap over peel it back
you know you take a little eyeball
pretty ass nurses rubbing this nicotine
or something
numb it right and then they take the
clip and they pull the eyeball out and
then they take the laser things
and you can smell the Flesh of your
eyeball burning
it’s all burnt the cones and I could see
I could jet ski without glasses do
whatever you know salt water jet ski
into Miami I could do all the contacts I
could do all that right because those
are clear friends yeah right did that to
go to the service
come to find out 27 28 is the cutoff
date for you know any type of jet flying
any Jet flight school all that right so
then I was stuck with so then at that
point I’d done all that work and __ on
myself I’m like I’m going somewhere
anyway right I would have went to
Ukraine back there right you know I was
trying to get away and go do something
else to Define myself to myself right
and so
I did I followed all the way through
with it
I was a striker driver you know what I
um troop transport you know used to
carry Marines we used to you know a big
man Striker is a eight wheel
vehicle 40 tons it’s got eight wheels
four on that side rabbit mold Turtle
mold you know what I mean cheap
transports live 25 like a serious piece
of equipment right I’m probably the only
one in the room that could drive it yeah
except for my man over here that’s a
decent and then Cali Rex like you drive
everyone Abrams right so this is
something that like we can do
if something happened right now it’s
enough people in here to Fitness Striker
I know how to get in there drop the ramp
you know what I’m saying y’all jump in
there right you understand
rap to me was something that I knew that
if I didn’t get away from it and do
something else I’d have been stuck with
that forever so I tried to do something
else right and I did and you did right
were there any experiences over there
that you remember that made you feel
like this this is why this was worth it
now over there meeting over in
Afghanistan or Iraq I didn’t go
I trained with my troop
Pat Tillman Patrick Tillman I don’t know
if anybody remembers him you know he was
a ranger we used to PT on the same field
in Tacoma Washington and Pat Tillman
like you know died you know by fracture
side I mean it was a big thing for us
there at the I mean I know that
everybody in this room don’t necessarily
couldn’t maybe wrap their mind around
how serious that was but if you look it
up on the internet you’ll still see you
know crumbs and threads about it and it
was so Pat Tillman played for the
Patriots he was he was and he gave all
that up
basically he did what I did yeah
like exponential though it was
exponential he had he was a millionaire
he had the H2 Hummer you know what I
mean it was crazy but he went into the
Marines no he went into the Rangers yeah
on the first you know what I mean he was
there like we used to PT on the same
field I see him coming in and out of
Madigan gate at um
you know Fort Lewis
he had a H2 and for some reason
I had a I had a 67-68 Camaro it was
yellow with black Racing Stripes like
bumblebee you know what I’m saying you
know I got that
I got that because you know when you’re
speeding and you’re in a foreign you
know these Ivory boys not letting you go
when you got an American Muscle to say
hey son you know how fast you was going
son officer I apologize I just got out
the shop what you got under the hood you
know what I mean it’s American right
right I’m giving that away you know
because it’s true yeah you know you slow
down there son all right yes yes our
officer you know what I mean get my ID
and stuff so every single time going in
an automatic again
gentleman would see me and wave at me
because everybody wanted to know what
was under the hood it was a lt198 vet
engine in a 67-68 Camaro I used to spank
the Subarus all that it was a
seven-speed Richmond transmission
Five Point roll cage Five Point seat
belt harness stainless steel fuel cell
no AC just heat you know what I mean the
car was __ man shout out to David
curvature so
50. I was a good soldier man I was the
nastiest Striker driver like out so I
major always wanted to ride with me
because our major when I got to the
troop and I seen his picture on the wall
because when you get to your barracks
got president’s picture vice president
you know I’m saying uh Secretary of
Defense you know you have all right and
some major pictures up there and uh he
looked like 50 man you look like 50
cents right look like Curtis Jackson
look like 50. and from that all the
brothers would be like yo 50 coming you
know what I mean so it’s like the Army
the Army was
the Army is a complicated thing to
different Generations the armed services
is complicated for different Generations
but my time in the army in spite of the
fallen and what happened to America in
the world like how things turned out
um in spite of that I had a good time
there was a lot of great relationships
shout out to DJ Porter rock you know
what I’m saying Pablo Cruise when I
showed up to my Barracks he was playing
Wu-Tang man I was kind of nervous even
showing up there and when I heard hey
you you know Minecraft you don’t know me
and I heard the Russian you know what
I’m saying yo apologize
you know what I mean protecting like I
heard that coming out the barracks
window it totally broke that it’s like
when she said ah yeah you know yeah but
the Tillman thing I ain’t gonna front
man no chasing man when that happened to
Tillman somebody
friendly party
yeah and um you know I remember I
uh one one time when we were coming back
from from a job you know 1K job we’re
coming back and uh it was a gate out the
backs where they used to PT in the pool
and he was going down they were all
going down but it was Tillman’s turn and
he went down into the pool and um there
were scubas in the pool maybe about
three scoopers already in the pool and
you know he went down there he was down
there about a minute and a half right
maybe two minutes then he started coming
up because this is the drill so we stand
by the gate looking so then he’s coming
up when he comes up or trying to come up
they grab him
and he can’t come up and so he thinks
they’re playing and stuff you know it
feels like somebody playing you know so
he like stopped playing a little bit of
wiggling you see get more intense he’s
running out of air
then you just see he started throwing
scoopers out the pool this is from
underwater you know what I mean scuba
guys get thrown out of the pool so then
two more scoopers jump in and then and
then they trying to hold then another
two scoopers jumping it took about six
hold them down and take them to the
bottom he took them to the bottom all
then he pulled him right back up and
then brought him back right when he got
up he started body slamming him right he
spit out the water he got to be so body
slamming stuff and then colonel colonel
walls over and like you know
right to the chest
you you __ raise your what
gentlemen see your surgery did act like
one right when he moved his hand he had
his ranger tabs
so you know I saw that on my own too she
said now you know what it feels like to
Brothers will bring you back if they can
that kind of movie __ you know what
I’m saying like but I just look at that
and I’m seeing that’s at that moment I
was saying what the __ am I doing here
really though wow
yeah yo Talib kwali got a show right
shout out to Talib Talib made a verse
saying something crazy about cannabis
joining the Army right I could say this
with a smile because I love Tyler we
talked about it he was very honest and
he just kept it above it was like okay
because I didn’t know right but at that
I was in formation
so I made you the same one 50 hardcore
you do not want to play with 50. right
M7 Gucci seats interior you know what
I’m saying spit shine boots you did not
go to you did not want to play with 50
right right so now
the song I didn’t even know it came out
right I’m in formation
so I made the screams out there out
Williams get the __ in here
all right in front of everybody
as I run in there
double time in there
you know stay in that formation so he
sit down
you know what I mean that first of all
says no I want him standing
so so now I stand __ did I tell you to
get that rest Eddie’s go back to
formation right right so then he goes
goes over to the record player on the TV
versus play on his own and then he says
you know they I don’t know if Madison
has cannabis manager you know I want to
join the arm yeah and was management I
don’t know what the __ that __ was
that I heard yeah but he said who the
__ is Taliban quality
does that sound like I made that up
I hope so
at that moment I realized that
I abandoned hip-hop
but not that’s our wrong reasons but
that’s how we felt but when he said that
I realized I also realized that
even then I just needed a hug and he was
talking about something that we all got
somebody in the service right right that
I just related to us that lives in the
home with us right or you know
that we you know children we sent off
right but it’s so it the odd the culture
Black Culture in America is so immersed
in service Armed Forces service right
that is no you cannot get it you can’t
even deny that when he said that in my
mind I’m like damn __ you just dissed
an entire you know
a population you know more than you can
just to get that cannabis and make me
feel like silly or stupid or whatever
yeah and you cost me a whole lot of
issues standing there with sergeant
what was that who the __ is Taliban
I love you that’s why you’re a pro so
he’s a rapper you couldn’t really do
that with all sort of major but but tell
me like like he’s a rapper he’s a rapper
wrong answer
I looked at him with the most puppy dog
eyes ever man
some major I don’t know what that is
I’ve been here training with y’all for a
I don’t want to know Taliban
I do not want to know him you would have
got smoke bro for that you would have
got smoked yeah because you trained with
these guys right and then if that
narrative slits into just the wrong
aloof mind
I think that I’m near to like you know
go create mute me or go left or I’m not
really there for the reasons I’m there
for which is to like yo I want to add on
to what you know the hearts and Minds
that’s when we were trained right right
and so
I was so __ angry
about that a telephone quality I was so
angry and I just said him with hip-hop
in general because it’s like that’s how
they look at me man that’s what they
would do for no __ reason it’s like
was the line the you know I never had
nobody come to me and say the line was
hot I love Talib now we talking now but
at the time it’s like what did you get
for that at least young Z
I love young Z let’s give it up for
Young G
young Z came to me and Rod __ yo GK
to me and said one time we went to
Shaq’s crib that young G straight up
just told me man it was like one of the
first things he said to me said yo you
know me you got the perfect on the same
day right I said no I didn’t know that
say come on __ I love you say yo I
did Eminem I made 800 000 man for that
first check yeah it came out straight
out __ you know I made 800 yo you
can’t see my crib with binoculars
I started laughing Young G told me that
he did the child you know I got 800 000
for that __ like yo those you know
what I mean yeah just because
he was being scared though just coming
straight to it like let’s get out that
that out the way right
you know that’s what I enjoy man I’m one
of those guys just talk to me right I
can handle it if you talk to me right if
you tell me the truth I could really
handle it so you know you know what the
beauty of today is
Holly squash that by the way right so
I’ll let squash that he said to me yo
man I didn’t know cannabis and we hugged
because he he said that if he didn’t say
I didn’t try to say what you said was
like yo you know he’s a rapper like all
that type of __ if he would have said
that my dudes we were standing there it
was going down I had never been so angry
man because they knew about the story
right okay solo brought him in the room
he said hey __ look what I got man I
got that here
you hit me and I was so angry because
what happened behind that right but he
cleaned it up real fast and I was right
there with a mop in the floor with him
because I was mopping fools behind that
stupid __ right you know what I mean
here’s the thing the beauty of today is
for you to address or for people to get
to know you had to go through
platforms of places
would be more interested in what they
could sell
than what you’re actually saying
you know what I mean so you it’s hard
for people to get to back in the days I
felt like there was a real gap between
fans and artists because other than
their music you didn’t know much about
it you know unless you knew somebody
that was in the neighborhood or grew up
with them or a family member or whatever
so you were left to the imagination or
the Publications that spoke on artists
and if they put something out there or
they make made something look a certain
way that’s what it was because we didn’t
have the connection to say yo is this
you know what I mean it’s why I say
people say to people if you if you feel
a way about a story that’s out about you
unchecked lie becomes the truth
sometimes you if it if it bothers you
you’re not above it so you should
you feel me
so now when people watch this they’ll be
like oh I I get it now yo
yo y’all made polo made the call
did I go back right
you responded man made it happen right
that’s what our people need to do
so y’all are a shining example of what
needs to be done I couldn’t have done
with the two you did
I couldn’t have made it happen all by
right but you dance with me about things
you didn’t put me in no thin Eyes by
but you made sure that
you were conscious of knowing like yo I
did __ with You Chris I listened to
your __ maybe like you you inspired me
to do not even knowing that I was a
spying all I was doing was present my
resume to the hip-hop World At Large
you know both in America overseas I’m
Jamaican I should be doing reggae music
rat dance but I just loved it rap right
I loved what rap was doing how the slang
how he was able to do things I just
wanted I chose rap yeah but I’m Jamaican
like Cali Rags do reggae rocker but he
switched it over to he could we could
dance right but rap man and
I was like a part of all of this what
rap turned into and to see y’all doing
what y’all do like I wasn’t ready for
the Battle With Disaster
you know aside from the fact that my
shoulders ripped out the socket you know
but at the same time I wouldn’t have
been ready anyway I could have been able
to dance a little bit better but I
wouldn’t have done much better because
y’all that needed training training
coach what y’all do like you say yo this
is why I got it I tell any artist that’s
gonna get into that yo sit with a battle
rap right for like a week two weeks I
start the school man that’s what your
career needed early on too that’s what I
keep hearing you know that’s what it is
you needed somebody back in the day when
you first got started to really walk you
through what was about that __ where
were you at man when I knew
not far away I hear you hear your
interaction with L the right A and R on
your team would have told you look this
is what’s about to happen don’t take it
personal it’s fine go in this room you
just want to we leave we’ll take care
don’t express nothing out there you know
I’m saying there’s a lot of things that
you went through I hear a lot of
through the circuit of your career a lot
of things that could have been easily
corrected with a couple of conversations
um a heavier hand on your on your house
making process no bro you need a hook no
I have to teach you how to make an album
for for the radio because your
competition lives there and he’s going
to stomp you if you don’t know how to
play Mecca you need to learn how to play
you know I respect you back up just
because of how I’ve been paying eye
contact with you and attention to you
you’re 100 percent
I just don’t want it to turn into
something where it’s like cleft didn’t
do the best that he could have with me
because of why I cut from the foods
Jerry won the fries you know what I mean
like you know John 14 at the time the
band I want to send a shout out to the
Whole Foods you spending about the key
band the other the instruments the
instrumentalists geniuses
clap was the only one that introduced me
to the world all this Talent you’re
talking about that y’all be talking
about y’all be coming to beat me in the
__ head and I have whatever cleft
was the only one that said uh yo listen
I need you in the studio right now I was
in Justin’s to open the grant opening of
justice for Jay-Z you know was there
right and he he said to be cannabis he
said canvas I turned around and I only
knew of him I knew of them from you know
souls and Mischief JJ got busy with it
man come on ain’t no __ you know what
I mean like you know what I’m saying
maybe Reasonable Doubt like come on you
know who Jay-Z was right but the thing
I didn’t know anything about him like
off duty Clark told me that because
Clark is worth clocking shout out the
clock yeah shout out to Clark and Peter
panic and Peter Panic triple OG he’s got
to that status now yo Peter Panic he
said uh
he said uh Clark was like um Club was
like yo Jay-Z is going to be God
cannabis j-hope
you’re gonna be Jehovah and he used to
say this to me I was younger I’m
thinking it had to do with Rhymes and
I’m thinking it had to do it yourself I
didn’t understand business you know just
playing I had no idea you know an
intellect you know I mean it’s reboot
Acuity I had no clue all right so Jay is
that opening the grand opening of
Justice he says this ribbon cutting this
is the grand opening but puff happy you
we all happy man he goes uh
I think like Donald Trump used to come
through man and like see drinks on me
and like dude he used to do stuff like
that for the like the rappers that was
out there getting it that’s how we knew
like Trump and stuff we didn’t see
things get political and get thrown out
the window and so like man we was just
we was coming up and coming through a
type of thing where the only color that
matter was green yeah that’s all that we
were seeing right so anyway hoe was like
no canvas I turned around yeah he had on
all white I don’t know if it’s around
herself I can’t remember
I can’t tell the difference
yeah he had on uh yeah he had he had the
uh wine glass in his hand white wine
from Cannabis you ready for what this
game gonna do to you man
so me thinking it was just rapping and
Rhymes I said hell yeah I’m ready
looking at this __ man like like I
didn’t know what he was talking about
what he meant at the moment that I said
you know hell yeah I’m ready
actually angles they just turned me
around clefty goes you know a little
dresses she said
cannabis he said yo where you been man
I’ve been looking for you man listen man
I need you in the studio right now man I
got this going to November record I need
you in the studio right now so me
knowing that y’all this is crap from the
foods he’s like I bought Brandon on
reality but the fujis went somewhere
else so let me tell you they was like
the Beatles man or overseas man people
could say whatever they want but when I
was able to go from like the Indie right
Universal put me in some good Studios
but Sony started taking care of
everything and I started going to the
Hit Factory Chong King you know it was
neither quiet no better than any Factory
Sony yeah big rooms John King right the
big houses
getting on presidential class you know
what I’m saying version you know what
I’m saying all that stuff I think I
might have done the Concord I can’t
remember right when I started doing
stuff like that
he introduced me to the world going to
November like video Single made it a
single let me rap put the chain around
my neck with the __ stones in it
you know what I’m trying to say like
people say what they want and there was
no funny business going on right like he
did that as a you know I’m saying
Caribbean you know what I mean like if I
don’t it was a Caribbean connection
stuff like that he did that to basically
say look man they trying to cook you if
you don’t know yo but but look he didn’t
say that to me but it’s like he felt
that in his arm like y’all ain’t gonna
cook you man let me take your ass
overseas man and show you some stuff and
calm you down right and his process of
calming me down was records like let’s
ride and what’s going on and you know
what I mean the problem was
I didn’t have somebody like you that
could have been like all right listen
y’all want
five second round Knockouts with just
different people yeah put that on the
album cleft was trying to get me to you
know what I mean
it sold 20 million albums Hoffa you know
what I’m saying at that time I
understand my label was doing anything
for I understand
for who you were
to the people who was going to stand
online outside of Virgin Mega at six in
the morning and get your album that
morning true
you know you know what I mean didn’t
translate in that project
that’s the only time I ever met Nas what
did Big say Big __ was here he we
asked him why he why he didn’t work with
you he said she went on tour with the
Fugees and never came back yeah he said
he heard yeah he’s like oh he want to
talk with the food
there’s nothing wrong with it yeah like
I was 18 20. what I’m saying he was like
I meant Nas for the first time because
of with the Foodies and Knox told me
that when he heard the you know DMX you
know what I’m saying Nori candy up at
Flex he pulled over the car on the on
the turnpike
and listen to the junk and was like
he was like yo what you drinking
cannabis said grandma yay right because
that’s what you know what I’m saying
that’s what I had started with and um I
left that alone but yeah but uh snap he
said he said yeah right he said um
he said uh
he said I pulled over cannabis he said
you know I ordered that it came he was
he said you know Kansas man I got to I
had to turn around and go back to the
crib God
like what I was going to do in the
studio that night it wasn’t gonna make
it man I went back to the creek no I
said that to you you didn’t have to I’m
telling you what I experienced because
of Club when I came out of the room with
knobs little Lounge area stepped on it
Maxwell’s cannabis
hey Maxwell
I’m like yo mama there’s a lot of this
__ yeah when you believe me if I was
sitting in front of this guy right one
time I saw Haley Berry hold on it was
Eric Benet I came out the studio I
didn’t I knew the name but I didn’t know
who he was exactly right and um he was
like yo canvas man I really like your
music coming out of the Hit Factory he’s
like I’m living like a music your
brother said he was talking and I see
the Haley coming down the behind him he
said while I was looking right behind
him feel the vision she was coming down
the sidewalk so I was just looking at
her yeah I didn’t know they was together
because I’m trying to tell you how crazy
it was that Eric Benet was talking to me
I didn’t know who he was really and
because I was hearing that all the time
I didn’t care I saw Halle Berry
she’s coming down
so she walks up behind him I don’t know
she grabbed his booty or something and
she you know she holding on to him and
then I realized like oh she with him and
I just felt so stupid because then I was
like oh yo yeah we can work together
you know but it was that kind of stuff
was happening right clef was made or he
opened on the doors for me but I don’t
yo I love cleft for that man Jerry I
love playing they opened me up yeah yeah
so so look even if things went sour cold
Sour Whatever I got those memories man
do you understand now the guy that you
know does the Thousand mixtapes and you
know gets the album that what I mean
look can I bust this Platinum it’s not
gold no more right I think it’s double
double Platinum 25th year anniversary
nice cleft didn’t do a bad job the way
that hip-hop went a little bit too hard
they never sat and thought for a second
everybody said what cannabis could have
been but wasn’t none of them trying to
help accept clef
you see the ones that the producers
that’s probably slamming this is not
__ that I thought I was trying to say
you scared too many people bro yeah
you scared too many people you scared
the __ out of __ you just heard
did you hear what Don’s just but you
just said how many other rappers you
think felt like that when you came
around that was Major too help this
__ help me
he’s a threat now help me
give me Halle Berry and leave me alone
it wasn’t just the battle rap right I
was really interested in other things
right you know what I’m saying for young
men yeah yeah I was trying to I was
trying to navigate through all this and
then I had this monster on me did you
know that the institutions on me was
like and I yeah I jumped out the window
with that because that’s because I was
trying to get Grandma cribs you know
what I’m saying I’m trying to hold my
brother and I’m assuming yo yo I’m gonna
do it man watch you know what I’m saying
all the dreams we had right you know
what I mean trying to prove to my father
that yo I can do this right you know
what I mean I remember my father he’s
Jamaica I’m gonna say this shut up you
got in the car he’s like yo so yeah man
what’s up I’m coming this see up on MTV
I’m from your activity like it’s a
process right you know what I’m saying
like I had I had a lot of other things
on my head right so when faced with any
opposition like how you’ve been through
it right
you go through that wall man you don’t
have a choice yeah and I did it but I
didn’t do it knowing the collateral
damage right I was I was young and I was
trying to go with the culture I was
doing it the best way I knew how and I
know there was wise Elders man that
could have I’ma say this shut up Biz God
Rest his soul rest in peace but if you
did a show okay solo Sean P was dead you
know I’m saying eventually like you know
would you help whatever podcast I was I
could give you the footage you had to
footage all in the in the session The
Green Room together Biz goes business
tells me the story about
as he’s talking because we held him down
uh he was headlining the show Copenhagen
Joel Ortiz was there yeah Copenhagen so
um uh Biz Biz started having difficulty
halfway through his set you know we
jumped to the stage we started holding
him down right when he got to you got
what I needed man he didn’t have to say
a word you know what I’m saying I know
we held him down yeah I’m talking about
instinctively because he was having
trouble not to say he can’t do it but
just that night yeah it was on the nose
for him right we jumped on the stage we
had we already had our bikes like yo yo
yo my man go cool rock V and what you
know what I’m saying and we held him
down then it was over he was happy we
jumped to the rescue without a word made
of the show everybody then we got back
to the green when we sweating he’s like
yo man yo he’s happy you know what I’m
saying his was like being said uh he
said you can’t miss it he jumped right
into it I was really just kind of
enjoying the moment Sean P was dead Okay
solo and he really jumped right to the
Cannabis man the Beats man
yo you just needed the producers yo he
jumped right into it I said this come on
man he said no I’m telling you I said
well __ where were you
because I got Biz to check for the um
Take This Job and Shove It John right
the check was like a heavy check 50
pounds that’s not sneaker money right
you know what I’m saying I got Biz that
check you know what I’m saying and it’s
like where were you when all that was
going on where were you right I didn’t
go that way with it that was in the mind
I did ask him once like the Bears like
where were you
when I needed the Beats what you talking
about but there’s nothing
you’ll be he understood what I said
business was always Fair he looked at me
blings like this he said yo cannabis and
he started explaining something to me
you know what I’m saying like with him
and Cain and he wrote some John and and
he had to come out with it but then he
had to wait and sup with him and Kane it
was something that y’all would love to
know right but Biz had to he went
through a similar situation and told me
I had to push through it and everybody
was like this it was something serious
not serious come to blow serious but it
was something that damn I didn’t know
King wrote that forbids or I’m not gonna
say Biz Road for King cause Kane didn’t
need nobody help right but it was
something with a beat or a Jack and a
hook and Biz had something he was
telling them right and um and it was
like if he would have listened to Biz he
would have been able to do that because
remember Biz was doing when we was in
Copenhagen doing I don’t know Biz was
doing it but last time I saw Biz
business had like the Tesla Jones look
good he was he’s fake he looked great I
was happy for him right I got out the
car with got out the Panama Johnny
business over there by the time he said
your cannabis sucks
rest in peace man I just want to say
like for a lot of the what the message
I’m getting from your journey
is and this is the message for like
young artists right that’s coming in the
game is that number one is to not be
afraid to embrace your talent right
that’s number one embrace your talent
um and Propel that __ to the furthest
extent past the Pinnacle purpose right
and don’t and don’t don’t ever inhibit
yourself from what you can really do
also understanding who your influences
are right when you whoever your
influences are and you meet them
right understand that there’s always an
agenda going on right always understand
that somebody who’s in the Ivory Tower
and you’re where you’re at and you’re
trying to get to the Ivory Tower there’s
always a gen an agenda between those two
points of Steel you’re 100 right right
so now so now what happens is like you
said with that first meet of you and LL
Cool J in that handshake and everything
this is my personal opinion
there’s a threat coming
it’s just like the Army is just like
whoa there’s a threat approaching boom
we can see it coming up on the beach you
see it two miles out two kilometers out
is a threat coming how are we going to
combat that
right not saying anything against LL I
love LL he’s a legend but this is the
thought process with these institutions
we have to protect we have to protect on
that it’s a business it’s a business you
know I’m saying so for all the Young
Artists out there understand who you’re
dealing with keep on like working on
your crap only never forget that at the
end of the day it is a business somebody
keeps the lights on at their
institutions that you might be trying
yeah not not on top of that
I think um
I think I just think a lot of people
wanted to see you fail
and and there’s nothing
there’s something wrong with a person
someone else to fail they didn’t do you
don’t know but it’s like you don’t know
right it’s like it’s like stepping on
the court with uh with Jordan
you know what I mean Ron artez
accidentally snapped a couple of
George’s ribs I mean do you know what
that happened no it happened you know no
I know
the ball players no right he
accidentally snapped a couple of his
rigs on a like a uh like a scrimmage
right and you know everybody was there
was Matt because I did a like an album
was wrong Ron’s meta World Peace
shout out the meadow world please shout
out to Jordan right
it was an accident he got excited then
he snapped a couple of his Meadow World
Peace was like Dennis Rodman he was
solid like like one of them freight
train type guys where he don’t really
know his strength all the time right
accidentally injured him stacked a
couple ribs
the hate that came his way after that it
was just like me with second round
knockout and y’all didn’t even know that
but that’s what happened so I don’t know
everything about Metta World Peace and
with stats or whatever like my brother
knows the Game Craze he could tell you
all the stats everybody’s stats but I
can tell you this after that
play the tape Meadow World Peace World
kind of changed whenever y’all saw his
stuff changing a little bit because he
was still that guy he was after that
little scrimmage that accident right
that’s what happened man well sometimes
he he just he can’t say that because you
that’s how you see yourself and then
it’s how people see you and as much as
everybody wants to be real
you have to pay attention to how other
people see
because then you’ll understand
motives and and the way certain people
move you’ll get it you know what I mean
like I used to wonder why the __ every
time I go out and I meet __ they
want to tell me all their War Stories
why these things
over here
I started to realize oh
these __ see me as Dad so they wanna
they wanna impress me receptionally you
know what I mean that’s why they keep
talking about Halle Berry man don’t talk
to me
talk to me about that kind of stuff man
because the rap stuff I’ve done enough
of it been around enough of it I really
could just add on to somebody with rap
dealing with rap that’s all I could do I
never got to the situation where I had
like why cleft power or mobile power
where I could like sign an artist and
put them on you know I helped a lot of
artists get on feature on records my new
record man I got Master Nisa you know
Cali’s already established but you know
Marco Polo like we doing things to where
you will I know we’re gonna do jumps
together but you know got to joined with
names like we I’m doing things that are
working with artists it’s not my stuff
it’s just I’m doing that all the time
but when the __ see me just don’t
talk to me about that like that’s all I
care about because you got to be crazy
man like I’m a captain I’m a captain I’m
not talking to you I’m really talking to
them I’m a captain you know I mean I you
know what I mean a captain a 50-foot
yacht you know what I’m saying I have
certifications for you know what I’m
saying he’s the ventilation and AC you
know I’m saying I could drive strike his
live 25s you know what I mean I get busy
with five tons as well you know what I
mean like I’m like two weeks to get my
CDL like there’s so many things I can do
would you want somebody to run up on you
while you’re out there about that no now
though this is now I’d Rather somebody
talk to me as a as a human that has
skill sets that’s trying to be human you
know talk to music sorry
I’m sorry you signed up for the wrong
__ yeah
all the way through Bruce Lee’s Hedges
to talk to him about bonsai trees
this was your metaphor from earlier on
people used to going to Bruce Lee’s
house and tell them nobody’s going into
your house to talk to you about my man
hands you know shout out to Coney Island
went out of state
you’re tempted living a normal life
from the stuff that we did in battle rap
I would tell them all the time
are you trying to be
you trying to be Douglas
you got a million people know you as
Brooklyn hands um
okay all right
it is what it is bro you accept that it
comes with it you
you’re the one that’s going to start
this school and give them that time-out
safe space man somebody’s got to do it
you’re most equipped to do it start the
school get these people that that
you know that intermediate they call it
like a it’s intermediary you give them
that place to be to learn these things
what you telling me man look I’m already
kind of like past the gamut like like I
told you man look
Moon Cruise outside like Rakim loves the
moon cruises right Moon Cruise outside
right I’m saying I got my keys on me now
you know that’s coop in the airport
garage when I go back right 50 foot
yacht in the marina right I’m the
captain you understand I’m trying to say
like I’m already past all that when I’m
doing it for a reason that’s superficial
not doing it to try to get on no
sometimes a lot of people think because
of what happened to me in my career that
yo man I missed out on something
I had it all not what these the mega
mobiles got but who who else has had
with the mega movies gotta set the mega
mobiles Right double OG situations over
here trying to get the triple OG the
school school will get us there school
will get it we’re talking about school
that’ll get us there talk about it what
all right
what what can we expect in the future
Mickey facts started the school yeah
shout out and uh Mickey Mickey did a
joint where he had a course he had the
course of his hip-hop course your name
came up in the course you also got one
assignment that he gave out and asked
the question about you know default
Master Flex with X and cannabis and Nori
and he just asked about X and candidates
he said yo okay I need y’all to describe
the difference between
imagination and realism and realist
imagination and then they went to it and
he showed me footage of and I couldn’t
believe my eyes man people you know what
I mean really go to this course to take
it on the sensitive he was like yo man
cannabis talking about __ that ain’t
even real you know what I’m saying this
__ talking about he hit you make your
shoulders touch and that __ ain’t real
mad DMX he always coming with that yo
don’t want you no get up 10 __ on
them oh god with him like yeah the other
guys like you know man cannabis crimes
it’s just so ill man all he can do is
just make up stuff to try to tell you
how ill he is
it made me so happy you know like in my
mind like I can’t believe somebody doing
this I love Mickey facts for that yes
and not not being not being to you about
rap that’s why they talk to you about
well but look not be in vain
only was trying to put my resume and say
can I rap with y’all that’s all it ever
was I just wanted to get off the benches
and play with the with the dudes that I
liked red man and you know what he did
he let me wrap my 50 bars now that the
fans will never forgive me if I don’t
ask you about that cycle as well
wow big pun Mike Geronimo at the table
wow and Jimmy’s bronze careful yeah
what do you want to know if I can
remember everything I can’t remember
again because I was really in this much
I know about it I had the Cartier’s on
with no frame
so it was just the junk and then holding
on to the lens I don’t know them people
were like twenty five hundred dollars
man I just bought them how did you how
did you get it look it wasn’t a problem
either I had to chain on I was chilling
how did you get it
how did that happen you heard about the
cipher you just pulled up like I think a
guy called Toray who ended up doing a
lot of things had set that up because we
knew he was all there for Taurus my good
twin brother Victoria you know
where the royalties off
I’m so trying to find out where the
royalties are for that __ round
definitely a different tour
that’s like a Tory set it up he said all
I know is when he was getting was like
what’s it for like Torres he’s the guy
he’s on CNN and all that all the time
all I knew was we was there for Tory bro
that picture and then Rhymes just
started breaking out who who rap first
who said it everything was Satori Tori
was handling the whole thing he was his
camera it was it was we was there for
him he bought the the he was sitting at
the table with food coming when he went
to eat two guys did you guys have
conversations Toray had us all sit there
and spill our guts man food was coming
drinks he did he was the drink Champs 95
what was that 96 97 he did the drink
Champs 97. drinks coming the herb was
going you know what I mean like you know
what I mean all we wanted to do was rap
now if I said anything cocky listen man
the second round knockout verse that I
know I rhymed there I kind of wanted to
just rap and get out of there I wanted
to go see something that looked like
Halle Berry you know what I’m saying I
didn’t want to be there I didn’t want to
be there so so what happened no no just
something like that yeah right so so so
so I’m trying to make it understandable
right so so but what happened was
I only said that because I said that
rhyme because it was easy for me to
remember I had so many I was recording
and and pun was nasty and so was X and I
wasn’t trying to go through no __
Funk Master Flex 145 minute rap so I
just wanted to do something definitive
and get it over with
I I did that wrong at the at the House
of Blues and Shaq almost fell over the
second floor when it when it when it
happened Rock Kim was performing that
night and when I did second round
knockout on stage of the house it was a
rocket launcher basically you come in a
room __ just fronting this __ the
second round knockout was like yo clear
I cleared a room out with that right so
at House of House of Blues Rakim was
supposed to perform he did perform but
you know when I when I did that and the
crowd went so crazy anybody who’s there
tell you tackle Shaq almost fell over
the second floor junk because he was he
was into it and he’s so big and so tall
yeah did he lean and his mans you know
had to grab him but put them back that
really happened and shout out to
Shaquille O’Neal right right one of the
Mogul guys he wanted the triple ogs all
right so Shaq so
did what I did was or what happened was
so crazy yo man it was like a haunted
like a an hour and a half intermission
before I came to us the stage man
he didn’t go on like five minutes after
what I did it was so much energy
in the House of Blues it was an hour and
a half and I love rocking right and I’m
telling you at that age I wasn’t even
able to take that in I can only say that
to you now because it really did happen
you know what I’m saying
let’s just keep it all the way up bro
Tim didn’t touch the stage for an hour
not because of me but because the people
left man __ wanted to get you the
__ out of here
__ wanna get get this __ the __
out of here man this chick is killing
everything dude what we gonna do about
this __ __
yo yo we need somebody to just get this
__ out of here
y’all remember you saying on the radio
nah I don’t go nowhere dog come back
with me
he’s just trying to just ease their way
out the sight for life where did that
um who was you talking what was it it
was either Nori or or X you said is one
of the dope
__ is my favorite if I ever get my
hands on that instrumental okay yeah I’m
going to Yellow Tape it there it is I’m
going to Yellow there it is there it is
yeah it is yes it is
that __ that got you in trouble your
career no I love the chat I understand I
understand I understand but that those
words from you if I ever see that __
I’m a yellow tape that’s like a __
coming home from prison talking about
you if I ever catch that yeah that __
is scary yeah you know I love nobody
know me saying it because she ain’t
nothing right no no no no no no no no no
nobody said nobody it’s just
we all
see what I’m saying cannabis you don’t
see how other people see you you like a
friendly Grizzly like who expects the
grizzly not if a Grizzly is running up
on you like oh __ I’m gonna die
meanwhile he just wants to come up in
what you guys doing over here
so what did I do what did I do to dance
in the battle after it was all over
I’m just saying I know it was this
moment you know it was about a record
yeah that was his moment right I didn’t
try to step on on it did I I gave it up
I literally was trying to like all right
man passing the torch in a way if it
meant anything yeah I don’t remember
nobody’s questioning
I am a teddy bear yeah nobody’s no yeah
but you present like a Grizzly what do
you want me to do but but this is what
I’m telling you you gotta be able to
pick up on how other people see that’s
what we want you I’m going to go to your
school when you build it okay I’ll let
you know I just wanted to say this at
the beginning
like the one of the best battle rappers
in the world told you he was influenced
to come in to the place and stand
outside the battle
Eminem from my experience because you
know we are the same age so I grew up
listening hard Eminem looked up to you
you know what I’m saying and I heard you
say um
things about like I think M was coming
from a point of trying to make you rap
again and come out and get you back in
that light I don’t think it was like
malicious malicious I think he looks up
to you and
LL Cool J so are you coming so
LL is you know people are arguing you
know but the best rapper you know the
best rapper that’s ever been Eminem has
is arguably the you know another best
rapper that has ever been he one of the
best battle rappers that I’ve ever been
in all three of these people like the
greatest rappers
so are you as something that they needed
to be aware
that alone speaks of your greatness
it’s just for the acknowledgment like yo
I’m a warrior
I look at you as a master Warrior
you know I mean Here Eminem
worms behind you I mean if you know
hip-hop you listen to Hip Hop
lies in it he listening to a lot of
cannabis right you you and M collabing
early in the game would have been
__ thing like __ yeah but I’m
still there you know what I’m saying
it’s still here Eminem
allowed to you could be a phone call
tonight your career is we our career is
going to go as long as our life goes
yeah because we’re in the space now
where you can just do what you want yeah
it’s not over we gotta think about radio
records we got to think about unless
that’s the packages
none of that __ just be an artist just
be the artist I would just want to hear
you got men my age is age that followed
you that we have kids you know what I’m
saying so if you influence me right now
with a new album
what you think you just did to my future
hold on baby
what you said it was real too Amy Chan
she’s talking about with that okay I’m
putting that out there listen smack the
hell he helped me out with you all right
sorry man
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
Mecca bigger right KO you see I’m trying
the level
every now and then there’s a there’s a
unique talent that raises the bar
we saw it with Rocky
we saw it with knives
saw it continue on with big
cannabis is in that list
cannabis is in that list believe it or
not whether you admitted enough
you’re in that list freestyles
how hard __ going with them
shits you definitely inspired a lot of
now I’ve said it himself the __ out
vote that night wasn’t gonna make it I
had to go back you raised the bar
you feel me
and I thank you for your contribution
absolutely absolutely

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