Gotta Be Free Lyrics


1: Oddbrawl the Lyrical Juggernaut (AKA Kev)
Fuck clothes and kicks. It’s about homes and whips (Gotta get dough)
Stones and chips while we hustle when we plot to stick
Stack dough on the rest, only run with the best, keep a gun
In the vest (Uh huh) to block one to the chest. I’ma do it
I guess ‘til I hear you under arrest (Son, ?)
? smuggle ? (I’ma do this shit like that)
Badass chick with long hair and beautiful breasts (Bad bitch)
I’m faced with twenty-five years or more, cops
Screaming out a bullhorn outside the door
Stash in the floor, keep cash, rounds and raw
Rounds galore (Stop it), and you know I’m down to pour (Huh?)
Set it with the four-four (Come on), trying to drown the law. Against the
Criminal system I hold grudges (Stupid-ass judges)
? lawyers and backwards-ass judges
Twenty-five away (Get your shit right), ?
Catch me looking like a don body embalmed at my wake ‘cause three hots
And the slop in a cot? I think not, and if y’all
Know Kev, then y’all know I’d rather be shot
Dead instead, one to the head and the head (I ain’t going to jail)
Eternally getting ? by an angel in bed

Hook: K.A. the Verbal Shogun
Ain’t no holding me (Holding me)
Caged in, slaving, gotta be free (Gotta be free)
Ain’t no holding me (Holding me)
Caged in, slaving, gotta be free (Gotta be free)

2: K.A. the Verbal Shogun
Everyday life? I know the pain. Money is my only novocaine
With each step, I get closer to grab and hold the reigns
Each night, a soldier’s slain, no one knows his name, find out
A family mourns, the kids lost their Santa Claus
? reimburse what their daddy caused
Girls taking their panties off at younger ages for their
Summer wages, they just bust it down like it come in flavors
Brother can’t take it, mad a sister half-naked
With mad makeup, shaking ass and A-cup
Calling the trash a straight slut. Now she faster
On the strip, giving cake up, mastered
Taking the cash before the bastard wake up
Now she trapped with a one-year-old, ?
For his birthday, gave him chaps when he wanted ?
Paid her back, gave her claps when she wanted gold
Shots still glow, so unless them bullets
Is real slow (Real slow) or their skin made of steel-toe
Move your newborn’s crib away from the window
How it get this bad? (I don’t know) I don’t really know, but hear me though
It’s gon’ get worse long as niggas don’t have any dough

: K.A. the Verbal Shogun and
Oddbrawl the Lyrical Juggernaut
Many a mystery night
I risk my life
Selling that sniff-me white
Hope the next customer gets me right

Not D’s. To stay free, I kick and bite
No. Try and stay up out the heat

But I find myself drawn to streets
Try and stay up out the heat

But I find myself drawn to streets

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