What’s Going On Lyrics


1: K.A. the Verbal Shogun
I’m from where life
Ain’t taken for granted. Won’t make it if you panic, crimes
Committed run the gamut. I’m from the wrong side of the tracks
South of Atlantic, niggas hustle or become mechanic
Every summer, I wonder why another of my mans vanished
Can’t manage, moms found out and ran frantic
One detail: couldn’t tell her he got set up by these females
Found him on the tree hanging by these three nails
Where did we fail? Kids don’t know the poem “Sally Sells Seashells”
But they know when Daddy call from the cell, he need bail
So tonight, they pull their belt tight ‘cause most like
Won’t eat well. Holidays ain’t fun
Kids gotta dream. Every Halloween, block’s
A homicide scene, Eastern Christmas release the misfits
Streets are listless, full of these drama-wild teens
Mobsters deal in the projects, the monsters real
Not the Loch Ness, crack merchants from the black churches
Trying to get their Glock blessed, everywhere liquor stores
Niggas licking fours, hit the floors. That beautiful comb
I’ll catch you while you’re glued to your phone, two in your dome
Four days later, we at the funeral home

2: Oddbrawl the Lyrical Juggernaut (AKA Kev)
Yo, whatever happened to a kiss and a hug?
Bowl of oatmeal, Swiss Miss in a mug. You got kids
Identifying who addicted to drugs
No positive role models, just chicken and thugs
His nine with the rubber grip, who he gon’ hit with the slugs
Her mind on money grip, who she gon’ hit at the club. Wow
Look how the world done turned so foul, child
Runs and prowls, happy that they’re learning their vowels, ma
(A, E, I, O, U) And, sometimes, “Why
You bothering me with that homework while I’m trying to get high?”
This is how an ignorant parent choose to reply
That’s the reason why they don’t care whether they live or die, so I
Been writing things uplifting, enlighten those that are
Dazed in the dark to the ways of the smart
Get it back the way kids could play safe in the park. You’re not
Ready for that, you cats still intrigued by the gat
How a 40-50 holds inside the fist in your back. Instead of
ing for quotes, y’all need to sticker my notes
And refer back before you pull the gat that you tote

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