Come back, a nigga just chasin’ waterfalls and shit

Crop Circle came out, then my life changed
Copped my dad a Benz off the lot, I copped mummsy a nice Range
I-I-I was movin’ boxes everyday, my music took off, so I stopped sellin’ Yay
I came Medgy, my weed line
Now, I can go studio more with this free time
Mind goin’ jail ’cause I ain’t sellin’ Coke, just a little weed every week
Medgy dropped me off a envelope
COVID came,we ain’t gettin’ packs in, but fuck it
‘Bout to drop my new album,
Crabs In A Bucket
My instincts are tellin’ mе to leave the gamе while my guys on me to import Kis from Spain
There’s no shows for these rappers, I’m barely gettin’ funds
And what’s worse is these fans tryna compare me to these bums
Them envelopes started gettin’ thin like a check
So, I flew me out to Barca to link the connect
He’s showin’ me Tenco packs, I’m like, “Cool, fam, my partner gonna hit you on the encri’ chat”
Lucky they got intercepted on the test run
Twenty-eight kis, but it would’ve been a hundred on the next one
Quittin’ when you’re ahead ain’t the same as quittin’
Wish I realised that before I came to prison (Uh)
But I ain’t helpin’ anyone no more
‘Cause most my biggest haters are niggas I did the most for
Fresh home and I’m already beefin’ with my chick
I’m gettin’ dough, but shit’s slow, fam, I need to hit a lick (Uh)
Why you don’t fuck with me like I fuck with you?
Thought you was OTF, you got a whole ‘nother crew
These niggas will never get my respect ’cause they ain’t got no morals, they do anything for a check
I still get them packs, they love me when they drownin’
These youngins don’t want money, the new currency is clout
It’s worst than the streets, the industry full of vultures
I go gun shoppin’ and give them all to my soldiers
Go-got to thank God for blowin’ air into my lungs
We’re blessed, still ain’t goin’ anywhere without these guns
I ain’t blow up overnight, bitch, I had to move patiently
I put in ground work, still got these fools hatin’ me
‘Cause they see me buzzin’ like a beehive
Wanna see me back on the block goin’ halves on a 3.5, nigga

Yo, bro wanna see me back on the block goin’ halves on a 3.5, nigga
You get me?
(Pull up, Show N Prove with my producer)

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