What’s Beef Lyrics


: Potter Payper
Yo, what’s beef?
Beef is where you can’t step nowhere without your gun
Beef is when you go to his mums, nowhere to run
Beef is when IC won, you don’t wanna see this IC1
One more time, what’s beef?
Beef is when you got to move your fam, shit is peak
Beef is what’ll make ’em speak to the port, man are weak
Beef is when IC won, you don’t wanna see this IC1
Beef is when you thought about the burdens, still creep
Gotta burn your clothes and sneaks in the heat
Beef ain’t for the internet, beef is for the street
Beef’ll have you livin’ like Sully by the beach

1: Potter Payper
Ain’t nobody tryna hear you talkin’ ’bout, “It’s played out”
You gotta stay to the ends, see how this plays out
Wherе’s your block? Where’s your family? Wherе’s your mates now?
Where’s the one that said he had you with that fake smile
I got snipers on the roof like King Charlie
Used to sling Charlie and sell dope to your bitch aunty
Oh, you think I came to party, it ain’t that party
I did a one-man step, fuck it, kamikaze

: Nines
Uh, what’s beef?
Beef’s when Kevin can’t walk in the streets
**** got a tuck in a bust down piece
B-Beef’s when this shit’s on sight, like, fuck peace
Show-show up to your concert, a hundred niggas deep
B-Beef’s when niggas violate
You can’t sleep outside their mums house in the bushes with the heat
Beefs are nice, see your IC3, see your pussy dead on ITV (Uh)

2: Nines
Let’s go
He was in the circle before I clapped him
Told-Told him I was gonna murk him, they thought I was cappin’
I’m rich, and they poor, so they hatin’ (Uh)
On the floor, I leave these bitch niggas shakin’
I-I remember,I was searchin’, I was fiendin’ (Let’s go)
Hopped out with that burner, heard them screamin’
I’m always on the other side, push bike
Kevin don’t even know what my hood looks like (Pussies)
If I die, Jaz’s makin’ sure they comin’ with me (Free Jaz)
Free my nigga Keyz, that’s my fuckin’ killy (Free Keyz)
Ca-Can’t fuck with me, if you fuck with killy
And way before this rap shit, I patched the milli’
Wh-Wh-Where I’m from, they be typed ’round the pum
My shows, might as well strap a bomb to your bike
Fans chattin’ shit, but they don’t know the half of it
Icity boy, but the CSB part of it

: Nines,
Potter Payper, Kano &
Ricky Smart
Zino Records, hahahahaha

Beef ain’t for the internet, beef is for the street
Beef’ll have you livin’ like Sully by the beach
You know never even seen the sea before?

Yeah, it’s not really that much of a big deal
Obviously I seen it on TVm and that, but, never been on a beach before

What, not even on holiday?
Never been on holiday before
I never left the fuckin’ country, ah-ha
Thirty-five years old, I never left the country, imaging that

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