Killed in the Ratings Lyrics

North Of America
The executors of the estate ordered the prices raised
The intuition fails again
Avoiding the seizure and the sequel rescinds to the past
The judgement was levied by the tower of the jury mast
And it died

Museums in a series on the basement room floor
Towered misgivings about the way that they are
But no one consults with the rеgistrar
Everything secret is coming around
Topography and lеdgers are apt too profound
But everyone thinks about the way that they are

Reclaiming the rights to the estate after the price was raised
But it’s a victory plane, victory plane
It hits the ground, and don’t you know the sight
When everything you answered was right
But intuition fails again, appease their false origin
And they know how it goes
My friends said there are ways you’ll never know
It’s hidden under the rocks and stones
The museum’s undercover, let’s let it stay low

Well it’s gone

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