Unique Lyrics

In the A, boy I keep it on
With the drank, I’ll sip all night long
You is not hip, get in tune
I hit a jugg with my goons
These lil boys not fuckin’ with me
Drop a bag in NYC
Off the gas, boy, I can’t see
Makin’ hits off the 30s
You boys broke, bummy, dirty
And yo’ ho hella flirty
Kick shit with lil’ thrty
Remember hoes used to curve me
Now I got these bands on me
And I walked in hella geeked
And I count up like a geek
Yo’ shit seven days, boy it’s weak
And I kick shit with a freak
Big Glock, make that lil’ boy leak
Feel like Jeezy, boy I’m servin’ tweak
And the fans sayin’ that I’m P
Off the OG, boy I reek
And I drip hella unique
And you can’t find this in the store
If I’m broke, then I’m kickin’ doors
I can show you, lil’ boy, how to po’
I can show you, lil’ boy, how to flow
I just flied in like a crow
Gettin’ money, not a average Joe
Yah, yah
Yah, yah

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