Motherduck Lyrics

1: Tart
Motherduck this lil nigga 2fordog
Ill snap his moma in 2for pieces
That lil nigga bout to get knockdown
Take a second who the fuck bout to get shot down
2: Pop
Niggas talk bad bout the bop (You get popped)
I see niggas get shot everyday
Me and tart hit the studio spying on cutieos bootyholes
Its like spying on some nice bootyholes saw her pussyhole
3: Mat
Gimme that (What), Gimme that (Ahh)
Gimme that (Shit), Gimme that happy pussy
Now gimme that shit, Gimme that shit
Gimme that shit, Gimme that shit
4: Autotune Ash
I don’t give a motherducking what the fucks going on
New party in the city me and my niggas forever
This pussy changing the weather make is better
Take a second make sure its wetter
5: Ooha
The big o, Don’t give a fuck what you talking bout
Gottieworld, Lil fox, Fuck lil fox this pussy nigga
ped out of pre k, From sucking dick
He got folded by this motherfucking stick
He put his bitch infront of his family
This lil nigga be sucking dick
Sucking this error101 shit, He was sucking his own shit
Sucking like a vampire but he got hit with a blick
I don’t fuck with niggas who say 2fordog
More like a 2forhog
You don’t like it well suck it up
Fuck you scrubs
6: LilDimond
Motherduck 2
Motherduck Error
Motherduck 8040
Motherduck Kool
Motherduck Outt
7: Outt
What the fuck did you just say my name
Just kidding we cool bruh but anyways
We on that outt shit
No more clout shit, Choopie pass me the clock
Got more views then your entire account
Thats right you better just shut your mouth

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