Beatbox (Freestyle) Lyrics

Prince Dre

? up and blow
Shawty when we sip
What we do ?
They gon’ up and roll

I’m high as tree tops (Ayy)
Bitch I’m goin’ up out my mind (Ayy)
Tony Hawk bitch we do Tris (Huh?)
Make ’em flip, when we slide (Huh?)
5.7-Ruger (Ayy) got no kit
Clicks, bitch I’m shit (Boom)
They like Prince Dre goin’ crazy (Ayy)
Wilidest they know from the WIC (Huh?)
Ain’t with that beatbox (Huh?)
Investigation, I don’t know shit (Ayy)
Keep yo’ teeth locked
Von he came home and he got rich (Ayy)
Bitch we rockin’ shit (Ayy)
No soldiers chops ain’t in (Ayy, ayy)
Draco be my good time (Huh?)
A star, I be rockin’ it (Huh?)
Guns they be loud, audience, bodies get to roll
‘Plause get to clappin’ at the crowd
Please do not approach me (Ayy)
I got killеrs with me (Huh?)
And they be killin’ killеrs (Ayy)
Please don’t be no victim, where they hit him, right there in his tip (Boom)
Bitch I need endorsement, with Glocks and Timberlands (Ayy)
These glizzys stay on beat like Missy and Timberland (Huh?)
Hunnid’ round drum, I bet this choppa gotta titty in it (Rrah, rrah)
That is not a real switch, why that bitch be glitchin’ then? (Grrah)
Don’t tell me be safe, safes be gettin’ cracked (Huh?)
Boy you try to run, you turn yo’ face
Hit him in his back (Boom-boom-boom-boom)
Soon as he hit the flo’ gotta get close
Hit him in his neck (Boom)
Chop up off his head (Ayy)
Ayy, we like Mexicans (Huh?)
Trappin’ like Chapo ‘nem (Ayy)
P’s gotta lotta them (Ayy, ayy)
That’s in my partner ‘nem (Huh?)
Get Back ain’t no stoppin’ ’em (Huh?)
Ayy, bitch I’m really dangerous (Ayy)
They gon’ need someone to tame (Ayy)
Murder ? (Ayy)
Jaydo jump outs, hop out leave you brainless (Boom)


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