Penthouse Views Lyrics

Prototype & Lazarus The Kid

Back in the motherland and I’m coming up
Penthouse views before the sun is up
Father a G but now his son is up
Going for gold I’m never runners up
My circle is smaller, than it used to be
She getting entitled she getting used to me
I never had money this shit is new to me
I spend it on her she like a muse to me
Life in the city is like a rollercoaster
Government tiеs we like the Cosa nostra
Thе syndicate moving like we in Italy
You talking mob ties I’m talking literally
And all these of niggas I know they pay for views
The clout isn’t influence don’t you get confused
And all of my favorite girls wish they came in twos
I’m laughing with mama because we made it through like…

Back in the city I’m here to claim my throne
I need me a wifey for now I’ll stay alone
The nights that I needed you and you prayed for me
I hate that we fell apart shoulda stayed for me
My angel my beautiful you a flower child
I give you my patience I got the power now
Your body is looking just like an hour now
And all them that lost you is feeling sour now

Hate when we argue don’t gotta raise the tone
Hours together we used to speak on phone
Your body a one of one need to make a clone
Stay after midnight you know I’m in your zone
Fuck buying houses I wanna make a home
Spirt on empty I need to take a loan
No other woman I wanna take alone
Inshallah I leave it up to God alone like

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