Danger Lyrics

Rob Gathercole

Skyler, spoken
Walt, what the hell were you thinking last night?
God knows how much you had to drink, and then…
All of that Heisenberg business with Hank?
I think you’re scared. I think you wanna get caught

Walter, spoken
What are you implying?
Maybe I had a little too much to drink because I was happy about the car wash!
Not because my very soul is quaking in fear at the prospect of being taken out by my sadistic cold-blooded boss

& Walter, spoken
You know what? This stops here. I’m calling the police

Oh, so we’re just gonna call the police now?
I know it sounds drastic, but our family’s safety has to come first!

You’re out of your mind, Skyler!

& Walter
Walt, we need to get out now
The timе has come to stop

We’re just gеtting started, Sky

I’m gonna reach the top
What if someone comes around here
Starts knocking on our door?

We’re not the ones at risk now

We’re not small freight anymore

& Walter
Walt, you should be scared

Who do you think you’re talking to?
Walt, you’re unprepared!

Why don’t you let me walk you through
Now listen up, you’re not some hardened master criminal

There’s so much you don’t understand

Your assessment’s minimal

& Walter
Are you in danger?

Did you say danger?

I am the danger
I am the one who knocks
Tell every stranger
They better change their locks
I’m not in danger
I am the danger
I am the one who rocks!

Guitar solo

& Ensemble
I am the one who
The only one who
Yes, I’m the one who

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