Blood On The Leaves Lyrics

: Nina Simone
Southern trees
Bearing strange fruit
Blood on the leaves
And blood at the roots
Black bodies
Swinging in the Southern breeze
Blood On The Leaves
Breeze, breeze (strange fruit hanging)
Blood On The Leaves
Breeze, breeze

1: SevenR
Ecstasy, i’m leaving
Leaving cause you think conceded
At the time i was thirteen
Thinking I could do more then breathe
Why do you keep shooting if I’m aiming at the (leaves)
I only dropped new style when i turned thirteen
You know that love and hate at the same time is called “Jealousy”
But never set someone up like a trick up my sleeve
And i’m never ever scared to get some blood on my jeans
It’s like how marvin and lou and raq did scrappy
It’s sad to see all civilians say goodbye to their career
And after they don’t got enough to keep their wheel steer
It’s like rap now it’s just very scary unclear
And rappers don’t grow cause they just got fear
I will never ever pick cash over a homie, that’s said
Said i rather to be left on read then be dead
Dead cause if i ever tell then i would end up left
Left, cause this knife right bouta be taken off my chest
If you ever catch her cheating don’t get mad at dude
The women is the one who ain’t screwing you
Cause while your out there making records
That’s mad very cool, make records that she’ll play
While she’s doing it with her boo
Then you’ll creep up in her mind with some trouble
Never run back, this ain’t a running track
Cause if you do, they’re be blood on her cap
Sixteen running backs, This love cycle won’t crack
The randoms has been saying that it’s all love
When in reality they don’t got they money up
808s, heartbreaks, I can relate, that I made mistakes
I cannot put back that broken plate
And it’s all on the face
And it’s hidden by shade
Seven dark lights of grey
Seven shaded with paint
Don’t say you’re love ain’t fake
When i’ve been reading you’re plays
They’re going to be blood if we race
And then it’ll be seventeen nights with pain
Don’t get phased by hate only if they attack your state
The More I record the more i just enjoy
I just want the smoke even more
I’ve here for anything, even here if you want war
Let’s enter the zone and see who’s up for sure


2: SevenR
I wanna be on forbes list, with a house real gorgeous
If i take the risk then my brothers can get out the fortress
And then make these rappers some little tiny orphans
And build a legacy off my artistic platinum recordings
I will always describe myself as good kid mad city
Cause i was the one in my hood who never got turn up
And everyone else started putting they mouths to cups
And even started using with stuff like guns
Then ended up being wanted on the run
Then you got me always in white cities having fun
And in the rise you can hear i was taking styles
From listening to trav so much i just put it in my file
Of those six songs that were beautifully piled
Recording on the mic with a beautiful smile
I was always ahead before making my next album
The Fall After The Monster that’s just how they did mufasa
After this ima start writing my next well
‘Fore take a break so my writings can get better tell
Hopefully this will get my guys out the shell
This is end for real
Heaven or Hell

: Nina Simone
Blood On The Leaves
Breeze, breeze

Piano : Pyano

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