Enough Lyrics

Soap. (Rap)

Echoing my thoughts
Put ’em off
Til I throw ’em up
Stuffing ’em in a box
Hit the lock
Til I’m going numb
Looking at where it got me
Staring oddly till I know to trust
Hoping you still beside me
When I finally can find enough
A lotta pain
Changed my relationships
A little
Like I’m not the same
Hate this shit
Impatiently I widdle
At the wall I made
Paint a bunch of pictures
Tryna distract till I find a way
Hanging my depiction of the prison
Thats inside my brain
I fade away
Then I turn to ghost
A waste to wait
What you saying
Never gave me hope
My ball n chain
It ain’t a phase
A weight I cannot hold
Its all a shame
But all im saying is
We all alone like
I’m not a sentimental man
But I done learned it early
When I depended on the friendships
That would end in hurting
Turned me to a beast
And now im beating down the rest
Imperfect me
Destroying you
I hope I get it right before you
Let me learn my lesson
You probably better off with doing so
I truly grew into concluding
I’m delusional
From my exclusion to the cruel shit
Every time would show
Turned my intuition
Into giving up and chemicals

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