BAR FIGHT™ – Lil Dee Vs. Nikmoody | S1:E1 Lyrics

Team Backpack
Round 1

: Lil Dee
Everybody know it’s round one
By the end of round three, I’mma make ’em sound dumb
I’mma leave the crowd numb
When I’m done with the slaughter, you could see the album
Call me Danny James Bond with a napalm
‘Bout to leave Nick rocked like he’s Aesop
He could never see me, word to Ray Charles
Put Nick in a cage, I’mma rip his face off
What? Y’all forgot how nice I was?
Only difference is, now Danny twice as good
Punchlines really hitting hard like the Cubs
Like Tyson’s glove, like Isis was
When I drop thе bombs, I’m the nicest one
Yеah, he twice my age but he like my son
I’mma school him good, in this fight with bars
Maybe next time, he’ll come at me twice as hard
Tell this kid to come and hit me, ain’t nobody wanted nothing with me
I’mma keep this shit a hunnid, so homies coming with me
If you really want the smoke then hit me up and come and get me
But I’m Pun and Biggie level, yeah, that’s why I run the city, goddamn
He been getting salty, word to vinegar
I’m chomping on his dinner
Word to Pac, I’m gonna hit ’em up
16 but I swear to God, I’m getting rid of ya
If he was in the movies, I would knock him out the cinema
Back up on the roof top, throw him off the roof, make him do a 2Pac
Like Juice, I’m Q, thinking that’s my que, not
I’mma keep spitting heat ’til I make the booth pop
Grown man bars couldn’t do shit to me
Hit him like a car crash while his chick do me
Hope he know his bars ass like her big booty
When it comes to bars, I’mma leave Nick moody

: Nikmoody
You don’t know my name but you feel my vibe
Got a flow so tame but I’m from NY
Bring the boom bap back but I trap sometimes
‘Til the A-C-Ls like an MRI, oh my
Hold up, what did you say? I bite bullets like a gun in face
I might pull it if you get in my way
Then do it, you be reaching like an OBJ, okay
I just got an M-A double-O, I give her D
So every time I switch a mood, you add Y
I feel like the new Invader Zim, I’m in control
My skin is green so when you see me on the mic, hide
I just got a buzz, I met a hoe, she said “It’s me”
That’s how the bumble bee but I am more of an Optimist Prime
I don’t have the time, if you stutter, I’mma turn a dime
I’m up next, I’m on Dave East’s shoulders
Real good fella, call me Ray Liotta
She got jealous and I say “We over”
I’m the man to lure you in, call me Baby Yoda
I don’t smoke, you saline stoners
My potholes might take your motor
I rock boats, you’re Brady sober
Blue grotto to a lake house owner
Stop it! No drip, turn faucet
Let me pay homage, I’m sick, you’re Fauci
And it’s looking like another Toy Story
Your girl always screaming about the white claw, just stop it
I am from an era when we don’t know what’s on
I am from an island as strong as a single mom
When I go to Coney, I know that the mics on
But you’re only 16, man, why don’t you play COD?
Think I know why ’cause we don’t do no buffers
2 ginzos pinned against each other
So it’s a mob scene here, tell me what’s for supper
Cuz, if the sauce don’t hit, we might call your mother
No Cash App ’cause the bills is Usher
I don’t cap ’cause my mind’s in the gutter
And it’s on God’s home, are Lil Dee or Delia?
‘Cause I’m a lost soul, checking IDs like it’s Costco

Round 2

: Nikmoody
When I first met the devil, she had blood on her shoes
She has drinking a kettle martini and trying to switch up the mood
That’s the day I was born, that’s the day I improved
And started to drown out the rattle of death my echo
I knew I had something to prove
I wasn’t meant to be asking for nudes
Laughing ’cause you don’t wear pants in a zoom
Acting like you have to manage a life
Where you lie to yourself, it can happen to you
I’d rather pick up a pen and presume
Pushing the pendulum, proding the prudes
Polishing poems while punishing Putin
No leg I can stand on, I pull out the Q, ah
I’m on my Ps and Qs, I just refuse to lose
Know a W happens when you really meet you
I don’t want normalcy, the devil is calling me
I feel like I’m blue ivy, I know what I’m born to be
That’s right, I’m a young white kid
Bright, blue eyes when the sunlight hit
When the sun go down, the blood might spit
‘Cause I do not like all this tongue biting
Won’t hold back, your throat tightens
Take no slack, no, Joe Biden got no guidance
You know I’m in, remote island, you grow silent
I’m here, gone in a jiffy, I want results like I pee in a dixie
I do not care if your name Lil Dicky or
You’re Lil Dee or some dude hiding hickeys
I got more hits than accounts with the stimmy
Rappers is buns, someone get them glizzy
Your cadence is iffy, I’m getting busy
My city is long like the leash of a pittie
Up, down, yeah, they call me Moody ’cause I can get looney
And then I can flick up a switch like a Uie, Hideki Matsui
‘Cause I come in clutch, in a bomber, truly
When I C a K in a text, I go Louis
And turn up the bass when they cancel the movie
My logos, my bones, homie, don’t confuse me, I’m Moody

: Lil Dee
I’m bout to hit Nick with the cannon
I’m wildin’ out, they gon’ call me conceited
They call me the demon, they him Nikmoody
But after this battle, they’ll call him defeated
You can’t compare us, the king of this era
When it come to bars, I’m a god, you a fetus
In fact, take it back, you ain’t even a baby
You semen that’s still in my balls and my penis
I’m on his ass, fake Marlon Craft
Said he dropping merch and he got the bag
We comparin’ merch? I got a lot of cash
You prolly made enough to pay the dollar cab
What you wanted, man, I ain’t wanna have to kill you homie
‘Cause I’m rockin’ with you
But the bars popping like a clock, they know I had to cock it
Now I’ll take this shot and hit you
Yeah, that’s how I do things
Always in the mood, Nicky got mood swings
Punch him in the face, fist full of mood rings
What’s a Nicky to a Drake? What’s a peasant to a king?
This a bar fight, see him step into the ring
I’ll get the drop on you, you need a cop or two
This rapper, Nick a bird
What’s a cockatoo to a monster? He gone the hospital
I would pay to F him up like a prostitute
I’m 16, Danny doin’ the impossible
Homie, this is my house, mi casa su casa
Leave him with scars, Mufasa who?
King of this hit rap stuff
If I get knocked down then I get back up
Pull a Pop Smoke, I’mma tell him “Get back”, what?
Watch a teenage kid kill Nick? That’s tough, what?!

Round 3

: Lil Dee
They said I’m just a kid, I should be watching Nickelodeon
Instead, I’m washing Nick like a custodian
Bars dynamite, know the flow could go retarded like Napoleon
From Coney, I’m Montana, they all thought that I was Tony when
I told your girl to say “Hello” to my little friend
Undefeated, I’m catching bodies, I’ll kill again
That means you and your whole possie, your fam and the middle men
When it comes to your career, you should know that this the end
Have ’em scared of the mic for the second half of his life
Have him Hannar Baker inside of the bathroom slashing a knife
Through his hands, sad the fact this battle ruined his life
Walt Disney him, I’ll have his head standing in ice
Chop his organs and sell them to markets blacker than night
And his bars whack, so I’ll slice him and sell at half of the price
And make more cash than he ever had in his life
When this round’s over, he’s dead, so he’s getting packaged tonight
He don’t know jack, he think he cool because he rob and sin
But these the major leagues and you could never dodge the pen
I was kinging y’all at 10, I am Biggie born again
I am Michael Jordan when I ball and win the tournament
I am coronavirus, Ebola, cancer and malaria
Rabies and hepatitis, the plague and the mass hysteria
Bombing your areas, I’m living back in Syria
Spreading my bacteria through all the cafeterias

: Nikmoody
Man, where I come from, we rap for sport
I’m KD, you’re looking a little like Michael Rappaport
That’s your homie, right? I’ve had enough
If he’s in your corner, you gon’ need to pad the gloves
Your punches, they ain’t hitting and you’re like Ben Askren
But I’m not Jake Paul, nah, I’m the ref and I say “It’s done”
I ain’t rapping with no Elvis, that shit is dumb
I’m like Calvin Cambridge, I’m like Jordan to all my foster sons
Your attitude is a bald McGregor, I don’t talk though
I just give the ball to professor
I’m clearing out all the double crossers, all of the beggars
Oh, I’m a joke? Nah, I’m jokic fadeaway one legger
Man, how you guard that? Throw up your hands and then applaud that
Moody’s got a point Nickelodeon, I want all that
All cap, this dudes fire but there’s a small catch
He’s 16, homie, all he knows is a tall frappe, facts!
Too short, stand on a haystack
They don’t want beef with a giant, you can’t shake Shaq
You fakes act like you ASAP in a Maybach, I’m laid back
But my mind’s laying on train tracks
A grazed cat with a soul old as an 8 track
So, face tats are looking like fake ass, it’s the same act
The pay’s fast but you gotta know it’s a racetrack
You may crash when you get some traffic, I use the Waze app
No one’s touching my drive, man, take the train back
Wine about it, I’ll pour you a cabernet glass
I got scars that karma could only pay back
So, I can’t let you in on my business without a facemask
It’s Moody

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