A Boy & His Kite Lyrics

The Holy Gasp

If I was going to fly a kite
I’d fly a kite right by a tree
And get my kite stuck in that tree
Make no attempt to set it free
And wait there ‘til I die

I would not tug or yank or twist
The string tied tightly to my wrist
I would sit down and wait and see
My own unfolding destiny
And wait there ‘til I die
I’d like to wait until I die

I would not let my family know
I would not pack a change of clothes
My boss, I’m sure, would go berserk
I would not call in sick to work
I would wait there ‘til I die

And when the day had turned to night
For when has day not turned to night?
Into the darkness I would sing
Of my desire to be nothing
And wait there ‘til I die
I’d like to wait until I die

Oh, plеase don’t look for me
Asleep by a tree
A string ‘round my wrist
And my head in my knees
And don’t try to find
Thе kite left behind
By me

Towards my lawful destiny
It is his lawful destiny
I seek the solace of that tree
It is his right, You must agree
And ‘til the day that tree is found
Around my wrist a string is bound
I’m waiting ‘til I die
He is waiting ‘til he dies

Oh God of Kites, attend my prayer
From God’s tree no kite is torn
Reveal the kite beyond repair
Best is the boy who was not born
Praise to the kite and to the tree!
The Lord shall come to sit with me
And wait until I die
He shall wait until he dies

I’d like to wait until I die
He’d like to wait until he dies
I’d like to wait until I die (He’d like to wait until he dies)

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