Drumboe Martyrs (2020) Lyrics

The Irish Brigade
‘Twas the feast of Saint Patrick, by the dawn of the day
The hills of Tyrconnell stood somber and grey
In the first light of morning and the moon in the sky
Four brave Irish soldiers were led forth to die

Three left their loved homes in Kerry’s green vale
And one came from Derry to fight for the Gael
But instead of true friends, they met traitors and foe
And in coffin were laid to the woods of Drumboe

Four Republican soldiers were draggеd from their cells
For months they had suffеred by traitors they’re held
No mercy they asked for from their pitiless foe
And no mercy was shown by the thugs at Drumboe

The church bells rang out in the clear morning air
To summon the faithful to penance and prayer
When a crash from the woodlands struck terror and woe
‘Twas the death of four martyrs shot dead at Drumboe

Let Tyrconnell remembers and honours their names
All the waters of the Finn could not wash out her fame
While the Finn and the Swilly continue to flow
That stain will remain on the name of Drumboe

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