Going Bad Lyrics

TJ Holland
: TJ Holland
Yeah, yeah
Aye, one-two
Uh huh
Aye, look

: TJ Holland
Look, I quit with all that showing love
And you say you got a show, look, I ain’t showing up
Aye man, it’s funny how a hater won’t be homies, bruh
Aye, why don’t you run that paper that you owe me, bruh?
Man, you spend all your time talking, that shit has to get you paid
See, you broke but say you balling, this ain’t accurate today
Man, that’s why I never listen to that capping shit you say
I just laugh at shit you say, you don’t do half the shit you say
Man, it’s 2019 and niggas still lying
Am I the one? I might be, just when I feel like it
Hey, think this heat, wait ’til you hear the shit I’m still writing
You wanna see it, I can read your mind, a real psychic
Aye, I remember when I almost had to beg you to listen
Now I feel like almost anything I say, you would listеn
Made a lane, made a way, that shit camе with the. business
Situate, did my thang, been maintaining the distance
Oh, yeah
Got a squad, don’t need no back-up clique
If you fall then you got people to get back up with
If you ever get behind, you better catch up quick
‘Cause I’m the type of nigga you can never catch up with
Aye, what I’m saying is, look, I’ve been too gone
‘Cause when these niggas show all they true colors then they two-toned
Hate when they say you ain’t gon’ do nothing, nigga, prove wrong
Then get to throwing substance, I’m the one tryna put you on
You fucking dummy
Like I’m trying to get rich-rich
You do all that whining, get to crying like a bitch-bitch
You do all that lying like you grinding, boy, just quit-quit
Man, I don’t wanna be by him, you hear sirens and just snitch-snitch man
Okay, look, how you put the work in and you never lift a thing?
Look, I don’t need nothing from you, you could never gift a dream
Want some more though? When you solo you can never switch the team
Aye, when you solo you can never switch the teams
-up the loyalty, get with the royalty
I wanna know what it feel like
Kick in the door, you see, ain’t no ignoring me
Boy, I’m just hoping you realize
Don’t wanna team up, don’t really need none
I got ’em running for dear life
We are the dreamers, anything we ever dream up or wanted in real life

: TJ Holland
Aye, on-two

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