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TJ Holland
: TJ Holland


This for the ones who…
Aye, this for the ones who used to tell me I was worth nothing
Ain’t that something? Now the words I write are worth checks
Look, alright, look

1: TJ Holland
This for the ones who used to tell me I worth nothing
Ain’t that something? Now the words I write are worth checks
Don’t give me shit my nigga, really, I prefer nothing
Her coming in the verse, coming from the worse stress
They showing all that fake love, I ain’t gon’ fall for
Hating, that’s uncalled for
I play with the words bеst
So a dollar sign the only thing he ’bout to call for
I’ma take it all for it, that don’t mеan I work less
I just wanna maximize the future
Not just sit around here acting like I do shit
They gon’ show me love if I start rapping like the cool kid
But, I ain’t never like to act, I like to prove shit
Naw, listen, I do all the talking, you can never tell me “Listen”
Listen, I do what I want and you can never tell me different
I remember I was broke, you never helped me get it
Aye, so now when I get all I want you’ll never help me spend it
Nigga, oh, I know you hate that
And too many people wanna sign and can’t rap
I’m being honest nigga, you choose how to take that
Yo tape wack, my nigga, then it’s gon’ take racks
I need a common nigga lame she can minimize
Hey, I’m on some rig-the-game shit to win a prize
Hey, I’m tryna make a lane switch without changing
But I cannot do the same shit at different time
And you be on same insane shit
Right now you know money is the language
So what you tryna say then, okay then
You just in the way when
Anybody come by you and they win
Never grind ’cause you ain’t go the patience
I don’t wanna make friends
I don’t wanna do no entertainment
Ain’t really took ’cause I’m related
I don’t wanna make it
I just wanna get some money, save it
Maybe if I’m lucky I could stay rich
Yeah, but hold up, let me talk about this rap shit
I barely understand your talk, I need some captions
Quote off my old shit, killing yo shit
Nigga’s atrocious, hope you focus, I think you need some practice
Still writing, I just-I don’t feel like it all the time
Skills ripening my bars, been hunting dollar-mind
Making sure the bar I need, a second, hating all the time man (
I swear that shit get heightened all the time man

: TJ Holland
Our Lord, please forgive us if we forget, make mistakes, or fall into error. Our Lord, place not a burden upon us like the ones you placed on those before us. Our Lord, place not a burden upon us greater than we have the strength to bear. Pardon us, grant us forgiveness, have mercy on us, you are our protector. Give us victory over the disbelievers

2: King Jaf
(Yeah yeah yeah)
Now here them lightning bolts come
I got some fire in this cannon
Can’t handle a hundred mighty Joe Young’s
I’ll work every day for my mu’fucking name
So put some respect on it, hoe, I’m demanding it
If I said it’s beef, not no more, ’cause I handle it
Put it on West is how you get yo candle lit
Ashen this beat while I spazz on this beat
Clutching on this beat, Billy jackets gon’ eat
Looking like cheese then the mice gon’ eat
Real Gs move in silence, so I don’t hear a peep
I’m in too deep, looking at the company I keep
Most niggas follow like sheep
Got me peaking out the window ’cause the city don’t sleep
Riders Milli Vanilli and you can hear it when they speak
Motherfuckers try to tell me I was worthless
I had to take all that energy and reverse it
I cut myself, not realizing I’m perfect
I woke up every day of the week I was lurking
I was a work in progress, I’m still working
I needed some kind of confidence, I was nervous
And now when TJ came back to me from the factory with verses and new instrumentals that we could murder
Tightening up my turban, now I’m going insurgent (Hey)
One tank, jet, with Jägerbomb like a surgeon
It’s that simple, I’m mad gifted with words man
I’m putting cases in all you bitches, for certain (Blaow)
On purpose, but now I need my crew good
I don’t gotta speak on the track, booty too good (Yes)
And making sure that we see everybody president
We fuck it up and get physical with the evidence (Hey, hey)
Hey, get the fuck out my face dude
I don’t need your gas, I don’t need to spazz
Right before your trash
Plus, they be eating ass
So, fuck it, give me the highlight ’cause my pilots in the bag
But old Java got it like the bitch is the hottest in the land
Fuck them liars in the night
They ain’t spite, so they mad
Say my name and go running just to fire in yo ass (Bitch, bitch)
They try and turn you to a monster
Already know you have problems
So now they try and throw ’em on you
Then get your pads, drag, taunt you
They hope a ghost will come and haunt you
Hey, don’t let ’em bust you in the corner
Take it and throw it right back from like
They fight the ones who used to tell me I was worth nothing
Saying and he good with Dizzy, and my birth coming
Was that really two CDs like a re-sentence
You need to be coming out soon ’cause I’ma merk something
You’re not committed to using me, you better work some
My squad really truly leaders, even worst of it
You wanna answer me you better hit the first button
Your grand-daddy let me choose no matter what you’re saying

: TJ Holland
Oh, bitch

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