Slime Belief Lyrics

TJ Holland
: TJ Holland
Mmm mmm mmm
Uh huh hum
Aye yay yay’s
Aye, look

: TJ Holland
Hello, my haters, I’m back from the bottom, I hope you remember me
Now you’re the one losing
Back then you did nothing but doubt so I don’t owe you sympathy
I tried to come help you but you did things everyone else do and don’t do no differently
Man, you niggas especially, you wanna be dumb, I’ma let you, I’ll catch you eventually
Hey, when I look back, what you did for me?
Hey, nothing’s the answer, I don’t have no memory of it
Been cutting the ties, you fuck up the vibе
I’m done with the fire, I’m rеkindling nothing
You can’t be the nigga I fuck with, not trusting the way that you are
Aye listen, don’t take it too hard
You ain’t the only one that ain’t what you thought
Man, nowadays everyone wanna get on with this friendly shit
But I cannot call y’all, what if I fall off?
Which one of y’all gonna give me shit?
But I ain’t gon’ call and say “Give me shit”
‘Cause I came with a plan, I’ma ride ’til it crash
I’ll take all the pain in my mind to the pad
The things in my brain, I could run to the stash
You don’t know what things you may find in my bag
I started seeing all the visions the world didn’t want me to see
That’s when I said fuck what they say, I be what I want, not what they want me to be
I’m tryna see how much my dream worth
I’m tryna see me on a pedestal looking at better views, not on a T-shirt
I’m feeling like that’s what I deserve
Hey, you don’t know what I done been through
And you don’t know all of the obstacles, all of the problems that I gotta tend to
Hey, out of options, gotta bend rules
A lot of clock that I done misused
Nigga, everything has been a waste of time
I got a goal, a nigga chasing mine
I’ma set up while y’all finna stay behind
Huh, yeah, and you way behind
All that capping getting outdated
Rapping niggas getting outrageous
Love to see each other out-hated
Don’t nobody get the bigger picture
Nigga, they don’t wanna see us out cages
Dirty money put in our faces just to get a glimpse of y’all tasting
News wanna slander our faces, we learned everything the hard way
Aye, niggas run my way and getting it
You know they flipping it, kicking shit broad day
I spit what the raw pays
The type of lil nigga that get instrumentals and have them deliveries sautéed
I like my man Kimpy, he cope with the business decisions
The clip is the bald-fade
I guess what I’m trying to say is we getting it some way
The system make getting things difficult
That’s some shit they don’t admit on the front page
I’m willing to work and I’ll die with the gift I was given
I’ll get the shit one day

: TJ Holland
I’ll get the shit one day

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