Devil’s work ( The build up ) Lyrics

Tobi Smallz
Back when we did everything for Facebook likes
Took a minute to imagined what the devil looked like
Coz this days Niggas feel they god on earth , why this food for thought  ,  got me wondering ,  if heaven was a cooked lie

But I’d rather fly , I’ll never learn to sky Dive
Now I could tell why Pelepele let his guard down
They say fame is expensive, though mama could price that
Coz this days , niggas only show love for a price tag

Yeah I don’t see your comments , not a like back
If I blow and you in my Dm , I’ll never write back
God be the alpha , but I’m a lone wolf, and that be the reason , you only find me in the right pack

This niggas showed me less love and more ego
They claim they at the top, but want you at ground zero
Its why I laugh at most of this nigga you call hero
All they showed me was Pure evil , they sub zero

Me and Kabex cool but we never talked though
But one thing sure , I’ll never be on his talk show
We both Arsenal fans but I’m a top gunner
And if that nigga cross me he go be in galguther

Pull up in a ghost , your girl , I comfort her
I’ rather you make make a toast , and then I pen further
Any of my peers , still rapping ? They all fall out
I’m on my 1st goal , you niggas on your 10th corner

Still, peace be unto you if you want peace
I still go to war with my brothers , till their blood spill
I’m my brothers keeper for sure , I know that
But when you took a shot at him, you know I never pull my glove still

Be This same niggas , that call on me when they need dough
But when I hit ‘em up they ghost me , they know my shit dope
And I could Hand you my dealers number if you want smoke
080 I hate when this rapper fake it and they still broke

God god why do most of you niggas do that
Most of you niggas think you gangster like you Tupac
Forcing punchlines and wordplay ,and your shit wack
I know your fans are gullible , coz you speed rap

And yeah yeah you prolly broke too
What will most of you nigga do when you in 02
Eyin otu , alaimokan claiming they pro too
I been spitting rap , before blackberry came in bold 2

Greatest of all time , I’m the goat, suiiiii
Why you niggas don’t fuck with me like my hoes do
I spit the same shit ya all can’t decode too
Been down below, but you might Catch me on the road soon

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